Matt Zoller Seitz and Leigh Singer have compiled this video essay with a funny opening:

Oh, hello there, reader.

I know why you’ve come. You’re here at Press Play to watch Leigh Singer’s awesome supercut of fourth-wall-breaking moments in cinema, aren’t you?

Yes, of course you are! Fess up. Don’t be shy. So saucy! Just look at you, with your bashful, “Oh, dearie me, I just popped over to see if anybody had a new piece up, and oh, look, eye candy, I guess I’ll stick around and watch a minute or two.” Very convincing! Are you a professional actor? A model, perhaps?

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  • Eladola

    Liked it,

    Missing Burt reynolds in smokey and Maggie gyllenhaal in the secretary though …

  • hi Eladola,
    thanks, glad you liked it! there are SO many more clips I’d love to have included. Probably the biggest disappointment was not managing to fit in Sam Elliott at the end of The Big Lebowski. And Jason Statham reading the subtitles in Crank. And Pacino at the end of Cruising. And more Mel Brooks. And Monty Python. And…

  • Loved it. The best, to me, was the use of Frank n’Furter and that you remembered that classic Spaceballs moment, plus that you included Maribel Verdú’s dance in Y tu mamá también (that was a subtle break of the 4th wall).

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Why do I keep forgetting how un-fucking-believably perfect Brad Pitt is in FIGHT CLUB.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    I was waiting for Funny Games (either version or both) the whole time. I mean, one of the main points of the movie is interaction with audience.

  • Natasha

    I’d stick in Nicole Kidman’s character in TO DIE FOR when she is filming herself—telling her story.

  • Kevin Spacey in “House of Cards”. <3

  • CMG

    Technically, that is TV. But Richard III would have to do.

    There is a distinctive lack of Jonathan Demme movies in this montage. While not too fourth-wall breaking the close-ups directly to the camera are one of his biggest hallmarks.

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