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Jim Sturgess on Cloud Atlas

One of the biggest disappointments of last year was how no one really seemed to get or appreciate Cloud Atlas. It was written off as “bad” but I’ve got a feeling one day those reviews will be laughable. Jim Sturgess was disappointed, too, in how it turned out.

On why it did better overseas and especially in China:

The Asian culture, it’s an idea they’re much more familiar with, the afterlife and life rippling through time, that kind of thing. So it was interesting that they really connected with the material. It was a shame to me that maybe American audiences didn’t pick it up so much. It wasn’t a surprise, but it was a shame

Back in the day, when there was a cinematic event, something that was new that you could all go see and watch and have an opinion on whether it was good or bad. It was a shame that people didn’t even get to have an opinion, it didn’t really get kind of distributed in a way that people were even able to know it was on, I guess.

It was a movie you either went with fully or it left you behind. But it will go down as one of the year’s most ambitious films.