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Bradley Cooper takes Jude Law role in Jane Got a Gun

cooperMeanwhile, back at the ranch… Bradley Cooper is the new bad guy in Jane Got a Gun. Cooper is stepping in to fill the role of outlaw gang leader vacated by Jude Law. You’ll recall Law had stepped in to fill the spot left open when original villain Joel Edgerton was promoted to play Natalie Portman’s ex-lover — after Michael Fassbender dropped out of that role in mid-March. I’ve honestly forgotten who’s playing Portman’s husband, if I ever knew. Might help simplify things at this point if he’s dead already. Jane has enough problems.

Gavin O’Connor came onboard two weeks ago to replace director Lynn Ramsey after the project began to unravel for reasons that have never been adequately explained. Jane Got a Gun has been in production for over a week now. Cooper is finishing up work on David O. Russell’s untitled Abscam film.