Johnny Depp as Tonto


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  • SallyinChicago

    I hope this gets good reviews; if yes, then I’m in.

  • smoothcriminal

    Wait a minute, Johnny Depp is wearing makeup and speaking in a funny voice? So glad to see him branch out.

  • Kane

    As much as I want to see him do something more traditional (actually Johnny Depp in full makeup is traditional for him) and move away from stuff like this, the dude is pulling probably 20 million per picture, probably more with how much of the earnings the film makes.

  • Andrew

    Another white guy playing a Native American. Kool.

  • Kane

    Depp isn’t 100% Native American but he does have a distant line of Cherokee. Plus if you were making a film on a high budget, wouldn’t you want a bankable star to make money back?

  • Ryan Adams

    Johnny Depp and I are from the same hometown in western Kentucky. 150 years ago, it was as common to see full Cherokee people everywhere throughout the region as it is to see recent immigrants from Mexico today. I know dozens and dozens of people with Cherokee heritage because many are my relatives.

    A lot of people around here overestimate the percentage in their lineage because the physical characteristics are dominant and easily identifiable in old photos of great-grandparents. That’s where rumors of Johnny Depp being 1/8 Cherokee come from, but he openly acknowledges that he he hasn’t traced it. Although that’s really easy to do with courthouse records.

    The full Cherokee individuals in families from around here is usually a generation or two further back, which would make the percentage 1/16 or even 1/32. But since it’s such a distinctive phenotype, the features still emerge strongly in descendants of our Cherokee ancestors. It’s not likely Johnny Depp’s great-grandmother was full Cherokee but it would be really common to find people from Owensboro with a great-grandparent who was half or quarter. And that easily observable percentage would have been enough to get you labeled as an Indian in the eyes of local rednecks 3 generations ago.

    At any rate, no matter what the percentage, Johnny Depp has more justification in playing Tonto than Ben Affleck had in playing Tony Mendez. Affleck’s percentage of Mexican heritage is zero and he looks it.

  • Kane

    Though Affleck barely resembles the real Tony Mendez, the big difference between Argo and The Lone Ranger is that it matters that Tonto is Native American. In Argo it doesn’t matter that Tony is Mexican. Argo is based on a true story but it’s not a biopic. We don’t get inside Tony’s head too much and we don’t explore his background or why he is the way he is. With Depp as Tonto it’s clear half the fun from his performance will be because of who he is. In Argo it wouldn’t have matter if Tony was played by Affleck, Denzel Washington or Jimmy Kimmel. Mendez’s intelligence and quick thinking was more important to the story than his race. Sally Field was in her 60s when the real Mary Todd Lincoln was in her 40s during Lincoln’s assassination. Forest Whitaker is certainly not Ugandan yet he played Idi Amin. Resemblance is certainly important but, again, I feel Argo is not a biopic and Tony’s race wasn’t as important to the story as his intelligence was.

  • This just smells like a bomb to me.

  • brian

    this movie smells like a giant turd baking in the oven … don’t open the oven door

  • Ryah

    I have to agree with Kane & Ryan…. Johnny Depp is a box office draw–investors in the movie are looking for a return on their investment–bottom line !! The area I am from (where KY, OH, and WV connect), if you are from a bloodline that has been been from that area for 100-150+ years… it’s pretty much a given that you have Cherokee and/or Shawnee blood in your veins. You can’t generalize as to “look”–as many Cherokee have blue eyes, and some are quite “light skinned”. My Mom was full Cherokee/Shawnee… my Dad was full Danish…. making me 1/2. …and I don’t have a problem with Depp playing Tonto. It’s a Disney flick–not a documentary.
    Acting is just that…. ACTING. Many other have played characters that “they are not”…..

    Ben Kingsley as “Gandhi” — British, not Hindu or East Indian
    Sean Penn and James Franco in “Milk” — both “straight”… played gays.
    Al Pachino– played gay “Sonny” in “Dog Day Afternoon”–he’s straight.
    Charlton Heston–(so NOT Hebrew) played “Moses”
    Liz Taylor– (lily white Liz) played Egyptian “Cleopatra”
    Eddie Murphy (black) plays white, old, young, female, “you name it–he plays it” !!
    Patrick Dempsey plays a Doctor on “Grey’s Anatomy” — surely a REAL DOCTOR would have wanted that role !!

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