Star Trek Into Darkness, trailer #3

star trek

“Gentlemen. You can’t fight in here. This is the War Room!”


star trek into darkness

and more overtly


  • Those comparisons could potentially qualify AD as a pro-anorexia site cos they make me want to #barfmybrainsout

    I can hear the nerdgasms from here.

  • Natasha

    There’s nothing left to say, at least for me, except bring on the movie itself……

  • Bryce Forestieri
  • Jpns Man of Steel

    [Bryce, thanks a lot for the OT link – Man of Steel trailer 3.]

    [OT comment (Man of Steel)] Seeing the number 2 be one of the best trailers I have seen this and last years, I still prefer No. 2 to it. But both of them are beautiful.

    And obviously the film — this version — is in good hands.

    I am looking forward to the producer Chris Nolan and the 300 director’s take on this new version of Superman — Man of Steel.

    [Slothful for now, I quote part of my previous comment in another Man of Steel teaser thread as shown below.]

    “(I’ve almost given up on the franchise considering the amount of letdown yielded by the […] Suspects director Bryan Singer’s version Superman Returns despite no high expectations in first place.)

    PS: Someone’s already mentioned Michael Shannon. I’ve seen some of his stills and the poses; in short, I am very excited – I’ve got a feeling he would be as great as the magnificent Terence Stamp.”

  • Holden

    Nice callback to the war room from Dr. Strangelove.

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