Also the esteemed Lynne Ramsay!

Full list, per Steve Pond at The Wrap:

Vidya Balan (Indian actress)
Naomi Kawase (Japanese director)
Nicole Kidman (Australian actress/producer)
Lynne Ramsay (British scriptwriter/director/producer)
Daniel Auteuil (French actor/director)
Ang Lee (Taiwanese director/producer/scriptwriter)
Cristian Mungiu (Romanian scriptwriter/director/producer)
Christopher Waltz (Austrian Actor)


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  • Data

    Clever girl, Nicole Kidman. Never wastes a moment to promote herself.

  • Wow.
    This has got to be one of the strong line-ups of jury in recent years.

    Some of you may not be familiar with Vidya Balan, but currently she is the best actress in Bollywood film industry. She doesn’t settle for weak roles, but she constantly pushes boundaries whenever she gets top billing. I was in awe watching her in “No One Killed Jessica”, “The Dirty Picture”, and “Kahaani”, three of her must-watch films.

    I have to say I’m surprised with the inclusion of Daniel Auteil. He has been steadily working in French cinema for decades, so I guess this is a good recognition for his longstanding career.

    With the mix of Kawase, Ramsay, Miungiu, Lee and Spielberg (all of whom differ greatly from one another in directing style), it will surely be interesting to see how they assess the competition films. Can’t wait.

  • Mr. Pricklepants

    You know it’s one of hell of a jury line-up when Ang Lee is a only jury member and not the jury president. I mean, he has won two Golden Bears and two Golden Lions (and two Best Director Oscars, of course). Has he ever been jury president at Berlin, Cannes or Venice? He definitely deserves that honor.

  • fake

    It’s CHRISTOPH, not ChristophER.
    Learn it!

  • Christophe

    it sure is fun to see spielberg and lee on the same jury, btw I guess Spielberg asked for it, but it could also be seen as a poisonous gift: how many years until Lee can preside a Cannes jury now that he’s on one? Unless he presides another festival which is fine too.

  • He beat him earlier this year. I think we all know Ang ought to be President!

  • Bridgie James Rosenthal

    Definitely the most English-language and Hollywood-dominated jury in decades… All eyes are on the jury, and not the movies sadly.

    Two time Cannes winner Naomi Kawase (“Shara,” “The Forest of Mogari,” “Hanezu”) and 2010 Best Director honoree Daniel Auteuil seem to be “out of place” in this English-centric jury panel. (Kawase “does not speak good English,” given her interviews in the past including when she received the Grand Prize of the Jury in 2007.) At least, they can “use” their awards history in evaluating their choices.

    But at the end of the day, the jury should “maximize their artistic clouts, critical expertise, and individual over group preference” in order to choose the “best” among the competing films (Official Selection – In Competition). “They have to make the most of what is in store for them.”

  • Bridgie James Rosenthal

    “…2010 Best Director honoree Daniel Auteuil”

    It should be 1996 Best Actor co-winner for “The Eighth Day”.

    Naomi Kawase also made Cannes history for being the youngest Golden Camera winner in 1997 for “Suzuku”.

  • steve50

    The jury may have higher public profiles for N Americans than is usual for Cannes, but being capable of speaking English or having worked for the Hollywood machine in the past does not make it “English-centric” or “Hollywood-dominated”.

    Only 2 jury members are from English speaking countries (3 counting Spielberg), and all except Spielberg march to their own drum with regards to selecting projects. Actually, you could say Spielberg always has, too – Hollywood jumps into the conga line behind him, not vice versa.

  • MoMo

    I believe Nicole Kidman is invited to be a juror, not as if she is offering herself.

  • MoMo

    I hope this gives Nicole Kidman a chance to work with Lynne Ramsay, Steven Spielberg and Lee Ang

  • The Dude

    Lee was Jury President in Venice in 2009,

  • Joao Mattos

    Ramsay (!, hooray), Kawase (!!, ten times hooray), Waltz, Lee, Auteill (best movie french actor since the mid-90’s), etc, etc…… F…………..AWESOME line up of gifted artists!!!!!!

    And mark my words. USA will win a lot of oficial prizes (I guess, Gosling for Actor, James Gray for the Grand Prix), but not the Palm D’Or. The president of the jury does not own the jury, but has significant power. My bet is that Spielberg will do a lot of effort not to be call a hollywoodcentric president of the palmarés. And the members of juries had themselves a international-let’s-spread-the-love-around-the-world- design.

    My bets: Abdellatiff Kechiche or Jia Zhang Ke. Ohh, it’s crazy to predict that so early… probably yes. But my psychic powers are always working and telling my things. Too bad never the numbers of a lotto ticket.

  • Jimmy

    Nicole Kidman was invited by the Cannes Film Festival commitee. Apparently, some Kidman haters still refuse to accept the fact that she’s a highly respected actress. Crazy.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Hahahahahaha (i laughed hard) love that it’s the first comment

  • Bryce Forestieri

    If you missed it I recommend you go back and look for Nicole Kidman’s op-ed for THR on the time she and Tom Cruise spent with Stanley Kubrick, must-read. She is a clever girl.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    We’re in good hands. That boy has good taste in cinema:


  • vitamin168

    If my memory is correct, Ang Lee was selected as President of Jury for Venice Film Festival in 2009.

  • matt

    The Lee-Spielberg bromance continues!

  • So happy to see Lee, Kidman, Mungiu, Ramsay, Mungiu for the obvious reasons but damn it… Vidya Balan 🙂 She is my favorite Bollywood actress and you guys got to check out her work.

  • GoOnNow

    Take a look at Kidman’s filmography and you’ll see why she’s invited at Cannes 🙂

    If I were an actor I would absolutely annoy directors, auteurs especially, should I stand even the slimmest chance of working with them.

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