Sent to me by reader John but I couldn’t confirm whether it’s an official poster or fan made – either way, it’s cool.




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  • Kane

    I hope this isn’t the official poster. It’s a nice headshot but that’s all it looks like.

  • CMG

    Whoever added that tagline should be open-hand slapped. That is as pronounced as the rat at the end of The Departed.

    Leo still looks very J. Edgar in that poster but upon seeing behind the scenes unofficial shots, that looks like him in character.

    I wish in the Scorsese-DiCaprio collaborations that the people who promote the movies also acknowledge there is using a deep bench in the ensemble- at least they did that with The Departed. Frankly, I’m interested in seeing McConaughey (who is earning a lot of critical goodwill of late), Jean Dujardin (you know, the Oscar winner in the group), and Jonah Hill working in this kind of movie. Have a poster of all four of them just for the WTF? reactions from people.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    For those who’ve read the book, are we looking at Jonah Hill’s second academy award nomination? Or is this McConaughey’s chance? I don’t remember sight unseen who are the big names for Best Actor this year, but if WOLF is THE AVIATOR good I think it’s his year.

  • Banjoman

    That’s gotta be fan-made.

  • The Pope

    I’m with Banjoman. I don’t buy the tie or the shirt. The jacket is too dark to see how wide the lapels and strong the shoulder pads are; they would be the giveaway for the 80s.

    @CMG, I agree with you in terms of the supporting cast but maybe it was in Leo’s contract that his name stands alone over the title. A pity because it smacks of Tom Cruise. No one else is allowed to occupy the space.

  • The Pope

    On closer inspection, this looks fan-boy material. When was the last time the composer of a film occupied the second to last credit on a poster alongside the director. For a second I thought that there was a producer out there called Howard Shore.

    Leo and Marty are two of five producers; Riza Aziz, Joey McFarland and Emma Tillinger Koskoff. None of whom are listed on the poster. However, Irwin Winkler is. But he’s an executive.

  • The tie looks to be legit. In the brighter shot we can see the telltale ’80s peak lapel of the jacket.

    I have trouble swallowing that tagline though. There was a UK movie last year called “The Rise and Fall of a White-Collar Hooligan”

  • Marco G.

    No freaking way! It HAS to be fan-made. There’s no question. It’s an absolutely terrible poster.

  • Jpns Viewer

    “The Rise and Fall of a White-Collar Gangster”

    “The Rise and Fall of a White-Collar Hooligan”

    Japanese [fan-made?] poster in an alternate universe, possibly translated like this: “The Rise and Fall of a White-Collar Yakuza” xD

    Fan-made or not, if the poster was meant to give a retro-80s/early90s feel, then it worked to me. Perhaps because of the black suit and white shirt (as well as that tie). Hoping it has got something to do with the film context should this be studios-produced.

  • CMG

    Also Margot Robbie has a higher billing than McConaughey and Hill.

  • MMB

    I can confirm it’s fan made (even if I didn’t make it). The picture is a real one from the set though. A guy posted it on IMDb.

  • Heeeextreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemely fake!

  • Fan made, definitely. Fuck that tagline.

  • lazarus

    Scorsese’s name being misspelled at the bottom is a pretty glaring mistake.

    And the one pointed out by The Pope is the first one that caught my eye.

    Nice quality control here, putting this amateur hour shit on your site.

  • Nice quality control here, putting this amateur hour shit on your site

    we don’t only post things that studios force-feed us intravenously. we post things we think are interesting.

  • The Pope

    Obviously I was wrong about the tie. I was thinking more along the lines of big and loud, a la Oliver Stone’s Wall Street. Leo’s tie looks almost tartan… which I reckon would be more in keeping with Ralph Lauren’s faux country club look, you know the one you had to come from a certain school to get into… but since you have the tie to the (fake) school you never went to…

  • The Pope, I wasn’t sure about the tie either, because to be honest I bought a tie just like that from Macy’s a year ago. I think that tartan pattern has been so ubiquitous for the past hundred years it can’t be pinned as a signifier of any particular decade.

    I only went in search of a publicity still that was definitively from Wolf of Wall Street to be sure that shot wasn’t from another movie. I lucked up finding verification.

  • Jason B

    Definitely seems inspired by Scorsese’s ’90s film posters.

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