Welp, it looks like there will be yet another record-breaking nomination for Ms. Streep as the August: Osage County drops. Two words: Benedict Cumberbatch. Thanks to Tero.

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  • Yabby

    Love Meryl’s accent. Sounds a bit like Cher in SILKWOOD.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    Gotta say it is a bit underwhelming (compared with – say – Gravity), but I blame marketing. Or applaud… as they probably didn’t want to reveal much at this point.

    Meryl will get her 18th nomination, for sure.

  • CMG

    Lawd, I hope that tone in the trailer is misdirection.

    But why are so many scenes moved to exteriors. I know they do not want to come off as too play-ish but I liked that when Friedkin adapted Letts’ other plays he respected the material and really contained it by ratcheting up the drama and intensity for both Bug and Killer Joe. I am worried about moving that many scenes outside. I liked that the house was sort of the ground zero for all of the drama and revelations under one roof.

    Also, I HATE that this movie’s first reminder amidst a stellar cast of A-listers and a universally celebrated stage play reminds us who produces above all else. If Clooney is not directing or starring, I don’t really care about his involvement much less Grant Heslov.

  • Free

    Eh. Not sold yet.

  • Sharon

    So does Roberts go lead and Harvey tries to pull a Thelma & Louise or does she go supporting and wrestle with Oprah for the win under the patronage of Blanchett ?

    I think Streep can win her fourth with this. I think the two princesses (Grace and Diana) will cancel each other and I can’t think of anyone else winning Best Actress this year except Streep or maybe, maybe Naomi Watts (a reporter for the Daily Mail claimed he saw a footage of Diana and thought Watts was spot on).

  • Mathew

    Really excited for this one, Meryl looks unstoppable.

  • Liyah

    I think Julia looks better than Meryl here. It’s not that I don’t love Meryl, but I can see a lot of her mannerisms and tics, even in this trailer. The accents sound good though (everyone’s surprisingly). They made the trailer far more lighthearted than the movie actually is but I know they need to sell some tickets

  • Matt

    Meryl, she’s looking great. Julia, coming off too soft.

    I want more Margo Martindale.

  • I completely agree with Liyah. Julia looks incredible here. Hard to judge these performances based on the trailer. These characters are way too complicated for a couple of minutes.

  • CMG

    Now listening to the trailer (first saw it with the sound off), I actually think Roberts comes closest to her character in the stage play. I know, that reads as remarkable but Meryl is not entirely free of misreading a character (flashback: Sister Aloysius in Doubt). I like Juliette Lewis and Margo Martindale a lot, but did not see a lot of them to judge but they do come across as people who could actually be part of the Fordham-Weston clan. Ewan comes off too meek. It doesn’t help we see so little of the dinner scenes because that is when it becomes a show for everybody. Also disappointed to not see the character of Johnna at all.

    Cumberbatch’s Oklahoman accent sounded a little off but then again, he was heavily emoting.

  • filmboymichael

    wow – looks like they nailed this….

  • Zooey

    Meryl = Oscar!
    It looks good!! She looks fantastic!!!!!!

  • Christophe

    bla bla blah

  • Zooey

    Julia looks typical Julia. Meryl looks hilarious. And it’s the part. It simply needs that.

  • Jian Hui

    omg. omg. too much to handle πŸ™‚

  • Trafe

    This looks like absolute garbage. Sorry. Sick and tired of Meryl Streep. She is a good actress at best. Her Julia Child was comparable to Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire. There are FAR better actresses out there.

  • Is anybody SPOOSED to smoke?

    Maggie Thatcher can suck that bitch’s cock. Or she could, were she still alive.

  • They somehow made this story look light-hearted and funny. The real deal is gonna be a lot darker when maybe a second trailer or the actual film premieres. Suppose it’s marketing strategy with it so far out.

  • CMG

    Okay, show of hands. How many of y’all saw this play, know this play, read this play? Because this is not the play being advertised at all. Like this is Drive-levels of false advertising.

  • Saw the play, read the play. Evidently the film is supposed to adhere closely to the play, but yeah, the trailer makes us think otherwise. Gotta get butts in the seats.

  • Joao Mattos

    I’m huge fan of Letts plays adapted by him and directed by William Friedkin in “Bug” and “Killer Joe”. And “Bug” was staged in my country. Both plays/movies are pure dynamite, nasty, mean, and provocative.I know almost nothing (I will make a research, of course) about “August: Osage County”.

    It’s correct to say that “August” is a more mainstream/easy going/soft play from Lettts, and also will be a more “normal” movie?

  • Hi CMG, I tend to agree with the previous posters who suggest it’s marketing strategy. I’m in complete solidarity with you that the trailer’s tone is way off from the play’s, but it sounds like the producers were just getting their feet wet and didn’t want to scare anyone away, but ease people into letting them know that this film is coming without being too abrasive and shooting their load. I also noticed that there are A LOT of trailers coming out for Fall films (Captain Phillips, Gravity) before attention turns to Cannes.

  • Watermelons

    Love the look of this stage adaptation, even if the tone has to be a marketing mislead. Honestly, though, imagine if within this trailer the name and visage of another Oscar champion, Kate Winslet (Sense & Sensibility, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), had popped up: now THAT film would be set to win awards… daily!


  • CMG

    Osage County is in no way soft. Softer in the context of Letts and his other plays (Superior Donuts is by far the most mainstream and softest play written by him, however) but still a hard bill to swallow.

  • Sonja

    I think the priory of this trailer is to sell Julia, because so many people said: “I won’t watch this movie because of Julis Roberts.”
    Does Meryl need to be sold? Not really.
    I know a few people who had seen the film already and who are NOT fans of Meryl said she absolutely is at her best there. So…. I don’t mind if the trailer didn’t show any extrodinary yet.

    You know, compared to the “OSCAR! IN YOUR FACE!” trailer for The Iron Lady, Harvey might go now another way with this movie and it’s not the worst.
    Still I doubt it’s the last trailer. Most people didn’t like the first trailer for Lincoln, mind you.

  • Paul

    I miss Julia having a lead, meaty role. I really don’t care who is anointed this year – it’s a stupid little game. I’m just glad that Hollywood is still making movies like this.

  • Daniel B.

    Well, the trailer looks a little underwhelming but I still believe it will be one of the finest movies this year. Great cast, great play, let’s see what the director has done.
    At the beginning of the year I thought that we are going to have a great year for movies but now with the trailers of The Butler and Captain Philips out, the dreadful Iron Man 3 and the supposed weak Great Gatsby, I am wondering of the quality of Into The Darkness, Man of Steel, The Way Way Back and Twelve Years a Slave. I hope they turn out fine movies but I believe that it will be August’s and Gravity’s game this year.

  • Daniel B.

    I forgot to say that I am worried that it may turn out a mediocre year with a lot of hopefuls falling aside.

  • Mike

    In a way I like that they are not giving away some of the best scenes, after all I think it’s a hard film to sell on a trailer since the dialogue it’s on the strong/bitter side, so I don’t mind the trailer, especially since it’s the first one, Streep looks like a lock for a nomination and Julia looks… normal I think, can’t wait to see people’s reception of the movie once it’s released.

  • I think it looks phony and overblown. Streep is really laying it on thick, it’s getting tired. The play is nothing more than a stale, turgid, cornpone soap opera and nothing here looks to change that.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Now the most important question is who will the other 4 Best Actress nominees be? And will they come from movies that are actually good/great? Or once again will it be an irrelevant category when one talks about the year’s great movies? I read the play and agree that Clooney and Heslov must have cut the trailer and Harvey gave it the final touches like that music. Wish we still had a Gordon Willis to shoot this kind of shit.

    Oh boy how I’d loved to see Meryl completely unleashed. I think it was Tarantino who said he’d love to work with her. That’d be a sight to behold provided Meryl went with it without reservations.

    McConaughey does get all variations of southern right!

    Sam Sheppard and Chris Cooper are legends!

  • AdamLL

    This trailer is very different tonally from the play, which is a harsher pill to swallow and less of a passing summer breeze. The song choices and montage ending seem fit for a different family drama.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Disingenuous trailer aside is it just me or is the sun way too much in this trailer? And all that sunlight lol

  • tr

    I never could figure out why everyone was high on this. Streep fans won’t let her be, will they? She’s not winning a fourth, especially not so soon.

  • gigi

    Meryl wears a wig again = another nomination, maybe even a win if no one due to win appears!

  • knee play

    This looks profoundly annoying. I love Meryl but I really wish she would take a risk some time soon.

    Also, is it just me or does “Benedict Cumberbatch” sound like British slang for anal sex?

  • FiveEasyPieces

    I am baffled by the people who think Julia Roberts looks “amazing” or Oscar-worthy in this. She looks like typical Julia Roberts. The trailer is pretty corny and underwhelming. And John Wells is not a great director. But hopefully the actual movie is better.

  • Manuel

    hmm well Im not sold.

    I would have preferred:

    Susan Sarandon – the mother
    Toni Collette – the daughter
    Luke Wilson – the husband to the daughter

    the rest of the cast is fine

  • Bryce Forestieri

    I still have wet dreams with
    Written by Peter Morgan & Oliver Stone
    Directed by Oliver Stone
    Starring Meryl Streep as Mags
    Photography by Robert Richardson
    Music by John Williams
    Run time: 3h 14m

  • Andre

    My hunch is that TWC dropped trailers quickly for AOC and The Butler in order to play with Summer films. It’s very hard to get the eye or attention of adult movie audiences.

  • Joao Mattos

    Thanks for the info.

  • KT

    God, did The Iron Lady do anything right? I mean, I don’t think it investigated Margaret Thatcher more than a surface level understanding, trying to jump from bullet point to bullet point of her life rather than through the director’s perspective of the big picture or a very narrow period. For me, that made the performance less convincing and more impersonation/mimicry than acting. Having rewatched JFK in the last few months, I had a good laugh when I saw this, especially the runtime and John Williams scoring.

  • Kelly

    My boyfriend, who doesn’t know the play at all, just watched this and said, “I want to see that movie! Looks good!”

  • CMG

    Bad news: If they stick to the play this movie is actually not like the trailer at all or should not be like the trailer at all.

    The level of family dysfunction and betrayal is not even touched upon in the trailer. I can at least take solace in the fact no major plot points to the family aside from the fate of Beverly are revealed.

  • Winston

    Actress predictions so far…

    Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine
    Marion Cotillard, Blood Ties
    Julie Delpy, Before Midnight
    Michelle Pfeiffer, Malavita
    Naomi Watts, Diana

  • Bball_Jake

    I’m getting mixed feelings from this trailer. I’m sure its great, but this trailer is Far from great! Meryl looks flashy, and ready for another Oscar.

  • Houstonrufus

    That’s kind of a strange observation. The two films are nothing alike whatsoever.

  • Houstonrufus

    Obviously, I’m intrigued. Big fan of the play and the cast is outstanding. I was nervous about Roberts, but she looks good here. I just wish I had more familiarity with Wells. Most of his work seems to be in television, which is great. But I just haven’t watched much of his work.

  • Jpns Viewer

    Meryl Streep looks promising for a hopeful contender *but I need to see the whole movie*. Good luck, Ms. Streep.

    In my opinion, if Streep and Roberts prove so great in terms of chemistry, they both of them is most likely to hold hands laughing all the way come the Oscar days for the Lead and Supporting noms, respectively, at least a la Washington-Hawke couple.

    Personally, I am also hoping to see more of the amazing *talented* yet underrated Ms. Juliette Lewis, as well as her meaningful screen time and good script on her part in this film. *Don’t let me down, Harvey xD*

  • christiannnw

    I expected the trailer for this film to be heavier than this, much like the subject matter of the play it’s based on (suicide, alcoholism, fragmented family). But I’m actually glad the trailer is pretty gentle in regards to these themes, gently introducing them to viewers rather than overwhelming them, consequently allowing the final film to be that much more affective.

    But the acting looks terrific (Streep, Roberts, and especially Lewis and Cumberbatch).

  • Jpns Viewer

    Self-correction: β€œ. . . they both of them is most likely to hold hands. . . .” = β€œ. . . they both of them are most likely to hold hands. . . .”

    *Apologies for being a bit redundant and specific; it was too obvious to ignore in this case. Cheers.*

  • Christophe

    I totally agree with Tero! The Osage trailer would be much better if they showed the scene where Meryl’s wig is sucked up to the ceiling and they all jump around trying to catch it…

  • julian the emperor

    For the life of me, I cannot bother with this. ANOTHER showcase for Streep’s mannerisms (“Is anybody S’POOSED to smoke?”). Ugh. Retirement. Now. Please.

  • steve50

    A bit leery of this – great plays have about a <30% success rate when translated to the screen. It all rides on the director to keep it from being stagey and to rein in some potentially hammy performances.

    (Knee Play's "British slang" comment made my day)

  • Richard

    that’s hilarious!

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Can we make some predictions based one the trailer (nah jk lol no but serious!) Are we looking at 3 acting nominations? 4? Idk this but would 5 be a record break?

    Let’s permutate this bitch

    I) 1 Best Actress

    II) 2 Best Actress

    III) 2 Best Actress + 1 Supporting Actress

    IV) 2 Best Actress + 1 Supporting Actress + 1 Supporting Actor

    V) 2 Best Actress + 2 Supporting Actress + 1 Supporting Actor

    VI) 1 Best Actress + 1 Supporting Actress

    VII) 1 Best Actress + 2 Supporting Actress + 1 Supporting Actor

    VIII) 1 Best Actress + 3 Supporting Actress + 1 Supporting Actor

    IX) 1 Best Actress + 3 Supporting Actress

    X) 1 Best Actress + 2 Supporting Actress

    Those I see happening from this being the consensus “best movie of the year” by a country mile or “movie sucks and it’s Meryl’s boring show” but which?!

  • Christopher

    ….annnnnd…the Meryl Streep hating begins……Honestly I don’t know if I can sit thru another season of people bitching about Streep- and then when Streep fans get angry, being told how crazy they are.
    This is an ensemble film, not a “showcase” for Streep. Her character is ONE of many brilliant character in an amazing play. If she’s great in her part, then she’s great. People really need to start championing the films they love instead of trying to mount huge bitching campaigns against people and films they think are winning. (Lincoln, much?)
    Here’s hoping it transfers to the screen with as much power.

  • tr

    ^the problem I have with Streep fans is no matter how many awards she wins they still don’t think it’s enough. In my opinion no actor should ever win more than 2. There’s too many great performances every year for that to be acceptable.

  • Sonja

    Eh, I’m perfectly fine with Meryl having 3 Oscars. Finally.
    I would lie if I say it won’t be nice seeing her winning a fourth (and I think she will in the future), but if it stays like this in the end, it’s not bad.

    But judging her already because of a trailer…. That’s something where I see red, sorry.

  • TOM

    *It really would be great if Meryl was nominated alongside Viola Davis again and beat her. (Discuss with TWC)
    – I am interested in seeing this – the only factors that’ll really stomp money down are Oscar-worthy, Meryl and seeing Juliette Lewis. (Clooney & Julia Roberts are both factors to save my money.)
    – Do we get any rest from TWC? Already they’re shoving ‘front-runners’ down our throats. I could use some time away from the ‘Oprah is a revelation’ campaign…

  • Joe

    I think if people didn’ know Streep and they saw the trailer they would think she did amazing but since its not the case, people read to much into it, I do like what I see so far and based on the early comments from the screenings, I can’t wait to see the whole movie and make a proper opinion of it, besides, I’ve learned many times to never underestimate Streep, so we’ll see.

  • Geremy

    After the first time I watched this trailer, I thought it was one of those parody trailers, where they changed the genre to indi-comedy. Like this:

    After I watched the trailer a second time though, tuned out the awful soundtrack and accepted the fact that a lot of the movie will take place outside (probably making the town the character that the house played in the play), it actually looks rather promising.

  • JJ

    I think this play is completely overrated. It’s a tired bit of family dysfunction junction. Bug and Killer Joe had more energy and nerve.

  • Winston

    Don’t hype the default nominee yet!

  • Karl

    Julia Roberts goes to supporting role but she’ll not be nominated. Marthindale neither. Just Streep and with low possibilities to win in Best Actress. The Oscar is on between Watts and Kidman. I believe August will not have so love of critics the people expects.

  • mark

    5 acting nominations would tie a record set by The Godfather Part Two in 1974: Actor (Pacino), Supp. Actress (Shire), and S, Actor (DeNiro, Gazzo, Strasberg).

    Don’t think there are any others…

  • brian

    wouldn’t go see this movie if they paid me, lol …

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