Behind the Candelabra Trailer


Just in time for Cannes – Steven Soderbergh’s Behind the Candelabra — though it’s getting a TV rollout on HBO since it is showing as a feature in Cannes we’ll post it here. If this film were being released theatrically there would very likely be Oscar nominations all around.

  • Jay

    Completely sucks that this film will be ineligible for Oscar consideration. It would be a real contender.

  • Cyrus

    Reminds me of how sadly Linda Fiorentino who gave an amazing performance in The Last Seducation was ineligible since it showed on HBO first. I recall she won the national board of review, New York film critics and indie spirit award and had a bafta nomination.

    Curious also what part Debbie Reynolds plays. I miss her in movies !!

  • It’s so weird that this has been picked for Cannes. Like, it just looks so unlike anything that they ever have in the Official Selection. It looks like a HBO film through and through! This isn’t a negative critique, just an observation.

    Cor Michael Douglas isn’t half bad at the piano!

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