Mondo designs are always impressive but a couple of these are especially breathtaking. They go on sale later this week.






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  • Kane

    Amazing shit…but nothing for The Master?…


  • Bryce Forestieri

    MAGNOLIA’s is my fave, but wouldn’t mind getting HARD EIGHTS’ either

  • Boogie Nights is like WOW!

    There Will Be Blood is dang cool too.

  • Marco G.

    These are all really neat. But the poster for Punch Drunk Love…BA-ZING!!!! WOW!!! Absolutely amazing. I can not wait for Inherent Vice. The casting sounds like it’ll take him back to his Punch Drunk days.

  • steve50

    These are fantastic! They actually capture the mood of each film. Amazing.

  • Jpns Viewer

    Beautiful posters.

    I like the notion that frogs *a kind of animal* have been used rather than a simple vista of magnolia-like circular lineup of the main cast members a la real-life Magnolia film poster. People who have never read the synopsis, let alone the film itself, might need to see the piece to understand what it has to do with frogs (frogs). So, to me there’s a level of nuance here — which is sweeeet.

    And I find it interesting besides the obvious, that, for instance, H. Graham has been featured twice in the poster *another* yet, matter-of-factly speaking only, +J. Moore is nowhere to be found. No sarcasm, just some observation.

    (+If the one with head shot-only is Moore’s representation, then in my opinion for that part, it didn’t work well because they both of them look like the otherwise real-life beautiful, voluptuous H. Graham to me. Just say’n.)

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