(thanks to Paddy M at ScreenOnScreen)

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  • As always, you iz welcomes!

    TY for the mention 🙂

  • Joao Mattos

    Very impressive and also very annoying. In both cases a vibe of “Badlands” for the new millenium, which no matter is the result is , it’s a compliment.

  • I thought the same thing, Joao. But let’s not forget that Badlands itself is a descendant of Nicholas Ray’s They Live By Night, Arthur Penn’s Bonnie and Clyde and Robert Altman’s Thieves Like Us.

    Young Lovers On The Run is a sub-genre of noir that has always been more poetically tragic because the doomed romance doesn’t usually involve betrayal like regular noir.

  • Joao Mattos

    Oh yeah, Ryan, totally agree. But something in the lightning of the scenes of the trailer, specifically remind me of Malick first work. And I like this movie mythology so much that I couldn’t understand why (at least here in Brazil) nobody made a retrospective of these films. Hey, wait a minute, I could try it 🙂

  • You should put one of those retrospectives together! Maybe include Marcelo Piñeyro’s Burnt Money just to mix it up.

    Just don’t quote me wrongly saying that Badlands is a descendant of Thieves Like Us. Since Badlands was 1973 and Thieves was 1974, at best they can be called cousins.

    Are there many Brazilian films like this that you can recommend?

    (Godard’s Bande à part !)

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Looong history! Fritz Lang’s YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE from the early 30’s and there’s another “interesting” one with my fling from another lifetime young Jean-Paul Belmondo with that god-awful collage filmmaker!

  • Bryce Forestieri

    OT: When is Sony releasing the AMOUR Blu-ray? As far as I know there isn’t even a set date!

  • Gun Crazy!
    The Getaway

  • Joao Mattos

    Not a great fan of Piñeyro, but Plata Quemada movie by him, probably because is based on a Ricard Piglia (cool writer). Eduardo Noriega should be more famous.

  • Joao Mattos

    The recente Schwarzenegger flick (“The Last Stand”) in which he was the villain was a delicious exploitation mess, but was a major flop.

    It’s curious: Brazil has some good road movies, but no Young Lovers in the Run, as far as I can remember, right now.

    Sugarland Express

    A polish movie that a saw 15 years ago. The name I can remember right now.

    Love and a 45. (a piece of crap, but it’s the first movie that I saw with Renée Zellweger)

  • “A polish movie that a saw 15 years ago. The name I can remember right now.”

    Joao, Was it an older film? Could be Night Train, 1959? Excellent!

  • Joao Mattos


    I’m almost sure that the movie came from Poland. 100% sure it’s from a Eastern or Central country.

    It was made somewhere between 95-97, maybe 98 (but not after that) and I saw one year after the release on a festival here.

    Other things that I’m sure about.

    – There is a girl, late teens, early adulthood years. Short hair, redhead.

    – A guy,bald, mid 20’s.

    – Other guy, late 20’s, early 30’s.

    I have doubts about it, can’t remember precisely:

    – If the dudes are a couple. I guess they were.

    – If menáge à trois between them.

    – The girl uses most of the time, during the road trip, a yellow dress.

    Goddamnit, right now I desperately want to remember the name. I’m spending a few days out of home, came back next Tuesday. Whern i return, will search all my catalogs to discover the title.

  • Andre


    though there are few plot similarities, I wholeheartedly recommend that you watch “Lavoura Arcaica” (“To the Left of the Father” in english).

    beautifully poetic film.

  • The 1959 Night Train is a Polish film. I can’t remember the Polish title. Pogliak or something. I’ll look it up when I am not on mobile.

    But that’s not the one you mean, so my guess is still wrong.

    Wait… Polish girl, yellow dress, menáge à trois… I know! Sophie’s Choice!

  • Mel

    At the very least, this is going to be beautiful to watch.

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