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De Niro and Pfeiffer – The Family Gets Trailer

Thanks once again to ONTD.

From USA Today:

“They keep pulling me back in,” Pfeiffer says of her role in the Luc Besson-directed film The Family (out Sept. 20). “There’s something about that world that fascinates me.”

She’s in very good company. Pfeiffer plays a longtime mob wife alongside Robert De Niro, the actor who has played mobsters in everything fromThe Godfather: Part II to Goodfellas and Analyze This.

Besson compared notes with Tonino Benacquista, who wrote the novel Malavita from which the screenplay is taken, before casting the movie.

“Tonino said it would be so perfect if Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer played the roles,” says Besson. “It was like a dream.”

Besson say the script was an offer even De Niro couldn’t refuse, and the pair quickly jumped into the black comedy. Pfeiffer was especially excited since she has never worked alongside De Niro, even though they have been in different scenes from two recent movies, 2007’s Stardustand 2011’sNew Year’s Eve.

“This was a third opportunity to do a film with him and to actually act with him,” says Pfeiffer. “I didn’t want to pass that up. And in this, he’s terrifying and very funny at the same time.”