Willkomm. Bienvenue. Welcome. The Tony Awards show how to go big because they know how to go big. How is it the bloated Oscar production numbers can’t ever get this right?

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  • filmboymichael

    He absolutely nailed the whole thing. Brilliant opening, kept things snappy throughout. He should be the Bob Hope of the Tony’s.

    He will definitely garner an emmy nomination and probable win just for the opening alone.

  • That was insanely good!

  • julian the emperor

    “Willkommen”, rather. German IS tricky…:)

  • Ryan B

    The Tonys is a celebration. The Oscars won’t be as good as long as they think it’s cooler to be a roast.

  • g

    Wow, what a great opening! Neil was fabulous!

  • Marcelo

    That was phenomenal!!!

    Who staged and directed this?

  • Armando

    Oscar tries too hard.

  • SeattleMoviegoer

    he should get the Emmy just for jumping through that hoop.

  • john oliver

    It was a faboulos opening to an entertaining show. I wish some of it would rub off on the Oscars.
    It’s as if Neil was born to host this show.

  • Rob Y

    LOVE the Tom Hooper slam

  • Me too, Rob. This was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

  • Oscars: Seth MacFarlane mocks gays with clumsy punchlines.
    Tonys: Neil Patrick Harris celebrates gays as essential headliners.

  • steve50

    The Tonys always come off as a celebration with winning treated as an attraction – almost an aside. It’s fun and it promotes it products superbly with extended presentations of most of the nominees.

    The Oscars presents itself as a competition for the so-called final designation of “the best”, which everyone with an IQ greater than that of a squirrel knows that it is not. They spend much time focusing on celebrity and far too little on the movies in the running.

    When was the last time you saw a clip from a nominated film that was as long as a Tonys’ production number or that even hinted at the context or uniqueness of the film itself? Easy answer…never.

  • Pierre de Plume

    A great opening! Sorry I missed the show.

    Thing is, the producers of the Tony show focus better on its narrower demographic. They seem to gave a higher regard for their audience while, on the other hand, the people behind the Oscars seem too concerned about pleasing their broader demographic while being “hip” at the same time.

  • the Oscars seem too concerned about pleasing their broader demographic while being “hip” at the same time.

    well, there’s the tragic oxymoron.

  • AJ

    With NPH hosting the Tonys and Emmys this year, do you think there is any way he could be asked to host the Oscars. He’s just such a natural host. Who cares if his only known movies are The Smurfs, Harold & Kumar films and Clara’s Heart. Seth McFarlane only had Ted…

  • keifer

    Agreed. The host doesn’t need motion picture credentials (Johnny Carson is a good example) or even be GOOD in the chosen movies (Bob Hope could hardly be considered a serious actor).

    So NPH would be a natural excellent host for the Oscars.

    AMPAS: Lock him in now and hire the boy!

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