Guaranteed to be the most popular movie about desolation ever made.

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  • GoOnNow

    1) Thranduil speaks! -> The world is happy

    2) Cannot, I mean it! CANNOT WAIT to see Galadriel attack Dol Guldur!

  • James

    Exciting trailer, but I can’t say I’m too excited for the actual movie. I still wish we got 1 and only 1 film instead of 3. I also wish Del Toro directed it instead.

  • Henrik

    Looks to be better than part one.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    people best start hiring Lee Pace for all kinds of shit!

  • Natasha

    What you seek may already be happening….with significant roles in both Lincoln and (for better or worse) Breaking Dawn Part II

  • Tye-Grr

    He owned this trailer, absolutely. I even loved him in ‘Part 1’ just looking down on the others disdainfully in one brief scene.

    And he was great in ‘Lincoln’. Glad to see him getting work.

  • Banjoman

    Loving the bright colors here. Psyyyyyched.

  • Aaron B

    I actually think Del Toro may have ruined it. Most of the parts I didn’t like about the first (mountain giant fight, goblin secretary on a zip line) seemed like his handiwork. I’m not sure about Radagast covered in bird crap, though.

    Regardless, I really enjoyed the first one and can not wait to see Smaug.

  • moviewatcher

    You and I both!

  • Oh gosh that man is #everything in this trailer.

  • Iktriad

    I really liked the first part. (The LOTR movies are among my all time favorite), so I can’t to see this.

    Looks more then promising to me.

  • lenka73

    not a great fan of THE HOBBIT but I’m very curious about Cumberbatch’s capture motion perf as Smaug

  • Luke

    The Hobbit has set my expectations so low that I’m bound to love this. Can’t wait.

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