…Is a moving painting…it is as though you can take it in with all five senses. A work of art.

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  • Radich

    Damn that was pretty!

    Seriously, does anybody know any news about the sequels for the Millennium series? Last I heard Fincher brought in Se7en’s scriber for rewrites. I know, I know, I’m in denial. But it is so sad to think they are not going to finish the whole thing…

  • Joao Mattos

    Agree with the work of art. Really liked but probably because I’m biased against Fincher and Mara. Cant’t understand what kind of gifted filmmaking people see in his banal efforts (and, yes I debate that, reading and listening, millions of time). And about her, to me she is just a young actress with a looooooot to do before she could be called great.

    But in terms of “director with a lot of fans shoot commercial”in recente times, I prefer James Gray and this:

    And I’m wrong about something: David Fincher, once, did a masterpiece: his clip for Madonna “Oh, Father” (1989). F…… awesome.

  • black and white and quicksilver

  • Devon

    For Fincher, this is a giant bore.

  • Manuel

    Stunning! Fincher in the play-creative-mood

    I hope they continue the Millennium triology!

  • julian the emperor

    I don’t see anything special here. It’s the same old glamorizing of the star lifestyle. It doesn’t ring true. It brings no fresh ideas to the medium (commercials) or add substance to the theme of portraying stars in the midst of their whirlwind existence. This is lazy-pretty or just pretty lazy.

  • murtaza

    it’s a stunning piece of work beyond shadow of doubt, i loved it…

  • lenka73

    Icon Mara!

  • Watermelons

    Can’t wait to purchase this advertised product or service. Love this Brand of art. I’m running to the mall right now!

  • Bryce Forestieri

    I liked her in THE SOCIAL NETWORK. Maybe she’s just not a leading lady. Her sister is one of the weak/boring parts of HOUSE OF CARDS. Let’s see what she does in AINT THEM BODIES SAINTS.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Also can we have a sweet ass Fincher thriller again? Like in the old days.

    Fincher Rank

    1. SE7EN
    2. ZODIAC
    6. ALIEN3

  • AD

    Pretty but I can’t really say what it is about! I love the Yeah, Yeah Yeahs track though! 🙂

  • Adele

    I agree, and I’m looking forward to the Dior Homme ad with Robert Pattinson in September. It was directed by the edgy Romain Gavras, son of Costa-Gavras, From the stills they’ve released, it looks very cool.

    Still love the Charlize Theron Dior ad where she looks so old Hollywood, and the Gaspar Chanel ad, even though it’s a rip off of the last scene in Notting Hill.

  • Jason B

    It’s refreshing to see her cheerful for once! She is one of my favorite upcoming actresses. There’s something about her when she appears on screen that’s instantly captivating.

    Can’t wait for “Aint Them Bodies Saints” and the Untitled Malick Film Set in Austin. Her and Ryan Gosling together might explode the screen.

  • It looks beautiful, but it seems to be pushing her to smile all the time. It doesn’t look spontaneous.

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