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Meryl Streep to go Supporting for Osage County


Gold Derby is reporting that Meryl Streep has agreed to go supporting for August: Osage County. Of course, we know that only suggestions can be made and if that the Academy decides to put her in lead they can. Presumably this is to clear up the field for Julia Roberts to go lead, also for August: Osage County:

Two years after winning Best Actress for “The Iron Lady,” Streep has agreed to drop down to the supporting race for her role as Violet, the pill-popping, booze-swilling momma in “August: Osage County,” a Weinstein Company source tells Gold Derby. That means Streep will compete against Oprah as the hooch-guzzling wife of the title star of “The Butler,” which is also a Weinstein flick. Hmmm … what is Harvey thinking?

But I have a sneaking suspicion, and I could be dead wrong here, that Oprah will not go supporting, but will go lead, opposite the film’s other lead, Forest Whitaker in Lee Daniels’ The Butler. Should Oprah win she would only be the second black woman in 86 years of Oscar history to do so. That would be fitting both the role she plays on screen, and her position in the world.

Both films are being handled by the Weinstein Co. Don’t expect to see Meryl Streep win against Oprah in supporting, however. Let’s say Streep gives the best performance of her career (topping Sophie’s Choice) well then, sure. If you are going to pick between Streep and Oprah you ain’t picking Streep, just saying.

As for lead actress, Julia Roberts will have to stare down Cate Blanchett, who has only won in supporting and is way overdue.