Gold Derby is reporting that Meryl Streep has agreed to go supporting for August: Osage County. Of course, we know that only suggestions can be made and if that the Academy decides to put her in lead they can. Presumably this is to clear up the field for Julia Roberts to go lead, also for August: Osage County:

Two years after winning Best Actress for “The Iron Lady,” Streep has agreed to drop down to the supporting race for her role as Violet, the pill-popping, booze-swilling momma in “August: Osage County,” a Weinstein Company source tells Gold Derby. That means Streep will compete against Oprah as the hooch-guzzling wife of the title star of “The Butler,” which is also a Weinstein flick. Hmmm … what is Harvey thinking?

But I have a sneaking suspicion, and I could be dead wrong here, that Oprah will not go supporting, but will go lead, opposite the film’s other lead, Forest Whitaker in Lee Daniels’ The Butler. Should Oprah win she would only be the second black woman in 86 years of Oscar history to do so. That would be fitting both the role she plays on screen, and her position in the world.

Both films are being handled by the Weinstein Co. Don’t expect to see Meryl Streep win against Oprah in supporting, however. Let’s say Streep gives the best performance of her career (topping Sophie’s Choice) well then, sure. If you are going to pick between Streep and Oprah you ain’t picking Streep, just saying.

As for lead actress, Julia Roberts will have to stare down Cate Blanchett, who has only won in supporting and is way overdue.

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  • Jordan

    Clearly, Harvey is terrified of Cate Blanchett. Can’t say I blame him. A pretty genius move, even if it is blatant category fraud. Still, the academy could pull a Whale Rider/The Reader on us and it wouldn’t be surprising in the least.

  • jorge

    good harvey efforts will go to nicole for grace…

    im not sure if roberts can make it to best actress, i dont see america´s sweetheart gettin in for gravity and america´s ex sweetheart for osage county…

  • Robert A.

    Wow! Even if it’s true that Streep will be campaigned in supporting, I agree with Jordan that it’s possible AMPAS will ignore that and still vote Streep in lead. Didn’t the actress who played the Streep role on Broadway win a Tony for Best Lead Actress?

    And Oprah in lead? I love how in flux everything feels right now. I’ve also read that Amy Adams for American Hustle may campaign in lead. All we know for sure in this category (at the moment) is that Cate Blanchett has one of the five slots reserved in her name.

  • Bball_Jake

    This is so stupid. You dont put MERYL STREEP in the supporting category! Especially with a role this meaty. Harvey thinks that if Meryl is lead, Julia wont get nominated. If Julia deserves a nod too they’ll do double best actress nods like in Thelma & Louise. Is Harvey that desperate for nominations jeeze?

  • Jordan

    Agreed Robert, what an exciting year for the women! Love when this happens. And yes, Deanna Dunnagan did win Best Actress at the Tonys. It is in no way a supporting performance at all. Word is Adams is going lead for American Hustle.

  • Lee

    Cate is way overdue for a Lead Actress Oscar. I hope she wins, her performance is outstanding.

  • Kev

    This is ridiculous, Weinstein is smart enough to know that Meryl whether leading or supporting will not win (Iron Lady 2y ago 3wins)
    Oprah has her last shot here, everybody knows that (Network, comeback in movies …)

    But only if she goes supporting. The Acadamie loves black supporting actresses (sadly a fact).

    The “leading” race will be between Cate Blanchett and Naomi Watts. I adore Cate and she’s without a doubt one of the best and got snubbed by Gwyneth (dont even go there) but I’m feeling it will be Naomis’ Year -rightfullly so!
    BUT the game changer will be Amy Adams (Supp. or lead)

  • Robert A.

    Kev, I love Naomi Watts, but I really have my doubts about her even getting nominated this year. The movie was passed over by a lot of more high-profile distributors and was finally picked up by Entertainment One, which is considered one of the lesser places for a movie to end up. The trailer didn’t look great (not that you can always tell just from a trailer)…I guess I’m picking up signs that the movie won’t be making much of a splash. I’ll be happy to be proven wrong on this one, though.

  • Tye-Grr

    Sasha, how would you figure that Oprah will be going lead? She is no way a lead. And personally, I don’t see how Oprah can be considered the end all in either category- if Streep really goes supporting, and so does Winfrey, Streep can definitely win. But I guess we’ll see.

  • applesauce

    Kris Tapley at Incontention reports that a TWC rep confirms that the category placement is not yet finalized. I will wait for TIFF/ critics’ reviews/ thoughts on the film before concluding on this.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Don’t expect to see Meryl Streep win against Oprah in supporting

    Amen. Anyone who does is a fool.

  • Bball_Jake

    This is how I see the Best Actress race right now:

    Sandra Bullock-Gravity
    People who arent predicting her are crazy. The film focuses on her. Its a great role to show Sandra Bullocks acting chops. I think this will be a dramatic, emotional and intense role that could win an oscar.

    Cate Blanchett-Blue Jasmine
    Still havent seen this, but she has been praised by every critic and filmgoer out there for this, and I’m sure she is as amazing in this as everyone says. And shes overdue. She just might go all the way and win.

    Kate Winslet-Labor Day
    This will obviously have really strong direction and writing, and with Winslet leading a drama with so much potential, its a fact that she will be nominee or win worthy.

    Meryl Streep-August Osage County
    The Academy will put Meryl in lead. Im forgetting that this supporting campaign is even happening. Its the Oscar god, in a role that screams Oscar. I’d like to see Meryl win again. She deserves it.

    Naomi Watts-Diana
    Biopic. Academy likes Naomi. Nuff said.

  • Mark

    Streep vs. Oprah. I would go with Streep every time. Sasha, why so sure of an O win?

  • JP

    I think its not only Cate Blanchett. Amy Adams is most definitely going lead for American Hustle and she will likely be the only nominee without an Oscar. For me, it would be just like The Devil Wears Prada, with two leads but considering the high competition in the Best Actress category and the presumable weakness of the Supporting one, Meryl could easily win there, what she would have easily done 7 years ago for The Devil Wears Prada, beating one of the weakest performances I’ve seen taking an Oscar, with all my respect to JH as a singer and the great person she looks like.

  • JP

    ” Should Oprah win she would only be the second black woman in 86 years of Oscar history to do so. That would be fitting both the role she plays on screen, and her position in the world.”

    Oprah’s problem is the same as Robert Redford’s and also Meryl’s. The first two already have an honorary Oscar (and I could think of dozens of actors and actresses that are more deserving of that than the two… Redford is a legendary star but isnt taking Martys Oscar for Raging Bull enough? And why Oprah and not Cicely Tyson, for example? Oprah is an american culture ícon but, as a movie actress, why her and not someone like Tyson?). Meryl won just two years ago.

  • Billy

    it seems that Julie Delpy has been forgotten…very sad, if true.

  • Sasha,

    I had the same feeling about Oprah and possibly going Lead. If the rumor is in fact true, and Oprah goes Lead, that would explain everything.

    I think Oscar could get on board with that.

  • brandz

    It just goes to show you how the Oscars are full of category fraud. It’s all politics, like most things in life.

  • Luke

    Sorry but I don’t believe this one bit.

  • SallyinChicago

    Oh no, not Meryl AGAIN!

  • Devon

    Oprah’s position in the world? She’s a television host. It’s like giving Barbra Walters the title of world leader. But I dislike Oprah for her dishonesty. Gayle. I also think that the Academy will do whatever they want, like nominating Nicole Kidman for best actress in The Hours. Harvey has to answer to a lot of big stars’ egos, their teams, and their agent. Many of these women are represented by the same man, Kevin Huvane.

  • Sam

    I’m not big on the whole Blanchett being “overdue” for a lead Oscar. It cheapens the beauty of her performance. That being said, I like the idea of Streep being Supporting. The play has basically 2 leads with Streep and Roberts. But Streep just won her 3rd Oscar after 3 decades of not winning, versus Roberts who hasn’t been nominated in a decade. People love both, and this would seem almost like a comeback for Roberts in terms of actual critical acclaim.

    Then again, nothing has been seen yet.

  • wilson

    Hey Sasha, since you’ve seen The Butler, is Oprah THAT good? I sure hope so, but I kinda thought of her role as stunt casting, having not seen the film of course. It’d be great to see the queen of the world take on the crowned queen of acting.

  • h

    I think Berenice Bejo (The Past) will be nominated. And I truly believe Brie Larson (Short Term 12) and Greta Gerwig (Frances Ha) should be recognized by the Academy.

  • Steven Kaye

    This is good. Very good. It just increases Cate’s momentum.

  • brendam

    well, they put meryl in the supporting category.

    the same thing could happen with kate winslet for ‘labor day’, no? many who had read the book say that her character is supporting and not leading. and if this happen, we will see a WINSLET-MERYL BATTLE AGAIN, like in 2009’s oscar, when english rose won for ‘the reader’,

    I honestly hope for Blanchett-Winslet-Bullock-Streep-Watts race on best actress in next march.

    and, for oprah: still make tv darling. let the movies to the greats.

    (My english is not very good, and I don’t use Google Tranlator to do it, so, sorry for my mistakes!!!! ;))

  • SeattleMoviegoer

    saw the play on Broadway. it’s all about the Streep character (Estelle Parsons was in the cast i saw—brilliant). this would be like putting Vivien Leigh as Blanche DuBois as a supporting character. doesn’t make sense…even for Oscar politics.

  • CMG

    The distributors of Naomi Watts’ Diana are glorified straight-to-dvd distributors. So many distributors passed, specifically ones who are strong campaigners with a lot of money.

    Naomi Watts is not happening.

  • A.J

    People who don’t predict Naomi Watts has a little bit of an IOU from the Academy because they finally saw The Impossible and realized how great she was.

    Streep won’t win again and I have a feeling Roberts will be snubbed.

  • CMG

    We’ll all look back at this crazy time that is the intense heat of a lousy summer movie season we actually thought The Butler was a contender for any awards and laugh.

  • brendam

    in what place I (we?) sign to:

    Liv Ullman and Max Von Sydow winning the Honorary Oscar this year?

    And Vanessa Redgrave for the Humanitarian Award?

    And Kathleen Kennedy for the producers award (Thalberg?)?


  • Evan

    Oprah won’t go Lead. The whole reason for switching Streep to Supporting is to free up space for Dench (or possibly Kidman, but I think that movie is DOA) in Best Actress.

  • Bob Burns

    take your word for it….

    Harv will do what he always does… throw a lot of product at the wall to see what sticks.

  • superkk

    all i know is if octavia spencer doesnt get nominated in supporting i will seriously cry…her and michael b jordan amazing, he was better… but she deserves to be nominated too<3

    ill judge oprah this weekend but spencer was fantastic, just sayin.

  • PJ

    Is this Weinstein committing hara kiri?

  • Camila

    Blanchett sucks, worst actress ever

  • newyorker27

    In what universe is Violet Weston supporting?

  • JP

    Well… there’s one person that could really destroy the Weinstein’s plans here: Amy Adams.

    Putting Meryl in supporting, TWC virtually puts Best Supporting Actress in the bag considering it also has Spencer and Oprah. Unless… Amy Adams goes supporting. If the awards buy Meryl as supporting they can buy Adams also. If Adams goes supporting, I’m absolutely sure the trio Oprah-Streep-Spencer (who all won an Oscar just 2 years ago) can’t beat her.

    Harvey probably thinks that the only antidote to Cate Blanchett-must-win-lead meme is Judi Dench-must-win-lead + Judi is older. But here she comes again. If Amy Adams goes lead Dench and Blanchett can cancel out each other.

    In the male acting, I think the only viable Weinstein player for a win is Idris Elba in Lead if his film gets outstanding reviews. Just like Amy Adams, I think Bruce Dern has it in the bag regardless of the placement. For me, TWC has no shot at all at Best Supporting Actor.

    In the end, I think in any scenario, TWC will win only one acting award and only Osage has a shot at winning Best Picture and putting Meryl at supporting and Julia as lead probably puts Julia in trouble giving the hard competition there and makes things hard for Margo Martindale… if Meryl is supporting, Margo is what? Cameo? Given the presumable weakness of the best supporting actress field, it would be much easier for Julia and Margo there if Meryl was campaigned lead. This Meryl decision could have cost two precious nominations for the film.

  • JP

    Basically yes. They are probably thinking that Cate Blanchett must win lead can only be stopped by Judi Dench must win lead (since Judi is older). But Amy Adams can destroy everything because she never won, is a hot star and lost 4 times. If she goes lead she may let Dench and Blanchett cancel each other and win.

  • Karl

    Marion Cotillard for The Immigrant right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert A.

    Apparently Dave Karger just tweeted that he’s been told Oprah will be campaigned in the supporting category.

  • John

    Right? Its freaking Meryl Streep in a potentially amazing performance, Lead or Supporting. Who says Oprah is a definite win? Anything can happen. It is August.

  • John

    Sasha, is Oprah really THAT good? Win good? Lead or Supporting. ???

  • JoanOfSnark

    Clearly Streep’s motives are based in racism. Poor Viola and now poor Oprah.

  • Jordan

    Oh Lord. Here we go again. It’s 2010 all over again. Everyone start throwing around your “Racist!” accusations.

  • Jordan

    Haha. LOL. Haha.

  • Alex

    Sasha, what about Julie Delpy in Midnight, or Berenice Bejo in The Past and Lea Seydoux in Blue? Is there room for them with Oprah (who you say might be nominated in Lead), Blanchette (basically a lock), Amy Adams (I’m skeptical) AND Julia Roberts (again, also kind of skeptical – I feel that play-based performances have fallen out of vogue with the academy, for good reason)? Winslet and Watts are also hanging in there, though I suspect that at least one nom will go to an actress who hasn’t been nominated before – also, obviously too early to tell, but I can’t picture NO nominees under the age of 30 …

  • Alex

    Not to mention Sandra Bullock, Judi Dench in Philomena, Rooney Mara for Aint them bodies, and Kidman in Grace of Monaco. Also I meant Adele rather than Lea for “Blue,” and I also doubt that Cotillard will get a nomination despite The Immigrant looking absolutely beautiful in its trailer …

  • steve50

    Oh, Yay! Meryl, Oprah and Harvey will be part of the same topic post this season. I love threesomes.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Are they here already? Lord Jesus, and it doesn’t open until Christmas, so they have a long way to go. I hope it deflates already at TIFF.

  • steve50


  • This is one crazy curveball that I don’t believe for one moment. After TIFF we’ll see where we all are.

    “Blue Jasmine” is too early for Oscar. SPC shot their collective Oscar wad AND wallet on a summer release. Too much, too soon, and Jasmine in the end isn’t likable.

    Violet Westin is a tour-de-force bravura role. When I saw it on Bway THREE times, I kept thinking, “But of course, Meryl will do it in the movie.”

    The surprise would be if Julia Roberts is as good as she needs to be. THAT’S the 64 dollar question. She and the director are question marks. Toronto and possibly Telluride, too, will reveal all.

  • Manuel

    W.O.W so my Great Cate is that powerful? Making Harvey do some switch and try to act cool about it? Never thought about Harvey as weak

    1) IF Streep goes supporting, which is cathegory fraud numero uno, who is Streep supporting in the movie? Julia? Who is Juliette Lewis, Margo Martindale, Julianne Nicholson supporting in the same movie? And Streep is getting the top bill here as well. Look at the poster!

    2) Streep should have said N O Harvey. N O. Streep has been rewarded with 17 noms and 3 wins. Let other actors shine and get their career launch with a nomination

    3) IF Streep wins critics and at TIFF as best actress, that will bite Harvey in the ars. Will hurt and make him look stupid

    4) The good thing is: Welcome Julie Delphy, Berenice Bejo, Judi Dench, Marion Cotillard, Naomi Watts and Rooney Mara. Kidman, Winslet and Roberts have less of a change to get nominated. Bullock if she is really strong in Gravity, may get in

    5) Cate Blanchett is the one to beat

    6) IF Amy Adams go lead, that will hurt Adams chance to win an Oscar. In supporting she will go head to head with Meryl and probably win. Adams doing career best with 4 noms and 0 wins versus Streeps doing career best with 17 noms and 3 wins. The math says it all

    7) Best Actress is much more dramatic now!

    8) The Academy Awards should have rules against cathegory fraud

  • Cyrus


    -Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine
    -Sandra Bullock, Gravity
    -Emma Thompson, Saving Mr. Banks
    -Judi Dench, Philomena
    -Meryl Streep, August, Osage County

    alt: Berenice Bejo, Le Passe

    Winner: Cate Blanchett, hands down, but Academy in the past has love to give the American the Oscar in these scenarios (a la Helen Hunt and Jane Fonda). Cate deserves it, it IS overdue!

    -Octavia Spencer, Fruitvale Station
    -Oprah Winfrey, The Butler
    -Margo Martindale, August, Osage County
    -Amy Adams, Her
    -Sally Hawkins, Blue Jasmine

    Alt: June Squibb, Nebraska

    Winner: Amy Adams, Her will finally win on her 5th nomination. I do not think American Hustle will be a good film. It looks silly and overdrawn.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    I can only talk about shit I’ve seen. So far I’d nominate

    Best Actress in a Leading Role (as of now)

    Julie Delpy – BEFORE MIDNIGHT
    Cate Blanchett – BLUE JASMINE
    Saskia Rosendahl – LORE
    Mia Wasikowska – STOKER
    Shailene Woodley – THE SPECTACULAR NOW

    Most Anticipated [Leading?] Performances

    Sandra Bullock – GRAVITY
    Kirsten Dunst – THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY
    Berenice Bello – THE PAST
    Marion Corillard – THE IMMIGRANT
    Kate Winslet – LABOR DAY

    Has any of the French readers here at Awards Daily seen GRAND CENTRAL? What’d ya’ll think? Take into account I’m in love with Tahar Rahim so please be kind :”>
    Was the Lesbian girl from WARMEST COLOR good is that too?

    Finally, has anyone from Israel seen the homosexual flick OUT IN THE DARK? Anyone’s two cents on that one?

  • Josh

    I agree with the comment above about predicting Adams as a possible double nominee though the comment above doesn’t predict her getting nommed in AH).

    Everyone is saying American Hustle is her time to shine and win her first but she could get Best Actress nom for American Hustle and Best Supporting for Her, which some are saying she’s even better than in AH.

  • Aaron

    This is ridiculous. In what world is Violet Weston a supporting player in August: Osage County? I don’t think the Academy will buy it, especially considering its their favorite actress of all time. And it will really piss me off if Margo Martindale loses out on a nomination because of this blatant category fraud. Her role is a true supporting character and she’s such a great character actress that deserves more industry recognition.

    And what is with this obsession with Oprah Winfrey in The Butler? Is she THAT good? I’m not even predicting her for a nomination, although maybe I should reserve judgment? Regardless of her status as a world icon, in no way has she ever been a prolific screen actress, so the “overdue” card will not work here. Plus, didn’t she receive the Thalberg award just two years ago? Speaking of supporting actresses, am I the only one who is uber excited about seeing Cameron Diaz in The Counselor? For those who have seen test screenings, she supposedly has a fascinating character and really nails it.

    But right now Cate Blanchett has the performance and the narrative to win in lead. Judi Dench and Naomi Watts are wild cards for me and I just cannot fathom Amy Adams winning in the lead actress category. Supporting, yes. Lead, no.

  • Tero Heikkinen

    Based on early word and the trailer, I can’t believe that Meryl would go Supporting. That’s all.

    Amy Adams is definitely a big question mark. Her time must come very very soon, but I feel like her chance to win will be easier in Supporting category. People don’t really see her as a lead actress so much.

  • julian the emperor

    Is Oprah really a “world icon”? I’ve never seen a show of hers, because I live in Denmark and I don’t think most Europeans care about lousy American daytime-tv! Just saying… The only interview I have ever seen her conduct was that Lance Armstrong thing (now, THAT’S a world icon, if a disgraced one!).

    I don’t want to come off as an anti-American, but the message is basically this: You can keep your icons to yourself (at least, don’t try to apply what’s huge in America to the rest of us).

    About the category fraud thing: I’m tired of these discussions year in and year out. Maybe it should be up to some committee within the Academy to decide whether a part is supporting or lead and then the distributors just have to abide. It is a bureaucratic process and it might create a cesspool environment for aggressive lobbyism within the ranks, but it should be possible to create a system that works, right?

  • julian the emperor

    Just a couple of weeks ago (before everyone had seen Blue Jasmine) you were highly enthusiastic about Cate’s prospects, Stephen. Now it’s “too early”??

    I just think you fancy predicting parts that you know you’ll have a chance to see before the rest of us…

  • Aaron

    Well, considering that Oprah’s lousy daytime talk show is the most successful of its kind and is syndicated all over the world, plus she is frequently touted as one of the most influential people in the world and she is the world’s first (and as far as I know, only) self-made female African-American billionaire, I still feel pretty confident in saying she is a world icon, albeit your position is different it appears because you personally have never watched her show.

    So us Americans can keep our icons to ourselves? Great! So I guess that means we don’t have to share Meryl Streep, Marlon Brando, Bette Davis, Gena Rowlands, Jack Nicholson, Marilyn Monroe, Francis Ford Coppola, Stanley Kubrick, Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro, or Sissy Spacek with the rest of the world, because obviously none of them are “big” in Europe? Do you realize how silly this sounds?

  • julian the emperor

    Ok, I admit my reply had a snarky edge to it that wasn’t wholly intended, but still you misunderstood me some: I don’t think of Oprah as having global significance (or I like to think that she has not), but I might be uninformed about the scope of her powerfulness, sure.

    What I tried to say was this: Of course, there are global icons that are American! You are the most powerful nation on earth (not least, in a cultural sense), so there are numerous American world icons (I’m sorry, but I don’t think Rowlands and Spacek are among them, I don’t think 2% of the world’s population even know these two!), and I’m not here to protest that fact, I love numerous aspects of American culture, including many of those that are forced down my throat every single day of my life.
    All I said was this: Don’t ascribe an American icon the status of a world icon. There is no necessary correlation between the two. To be a world icon you have to be ascribed some significance in the lives of people all over the world, and maybe I’m being naive here, but I suspect that Oprah is a VERY American icon with very American traits. She means a lot to Americans in particular (whereas I think a guy like Gandhi or Mandela has a truly global reach, because the symbolism of their struggle eclipses national boundaries). Btw, the fact that you mention she’s a billionaire as a reason for iconic status, is, well, very American… I mean does money make you an icon? It’s a sad world if that’s true.

  • SallyinChicago

    I’m going to write something that will probably get stones thrown at me. But to the Academy and voters: Meryl and DeNiro are not the ONLY actors in Hollywood who give good performances. Can you look around a little wider and find up and coming actors that give good performances and nom them instead? I mean, the picture may not be the best, but certainly the actors deserve some kind of recognition. If Meryl is nom’d again, I can hear the collective “yawn” around the world.

  • julian the emperor

    Yup, I for one, am yawning already. It’s increasingly difficult to take the Oscars seriously if Meryl is guaranteed a nomination everything she takes on a baity role.

  • julian the emperor

    everytime, that is…

  • Kev

    I’m absolutly with you that the movie is probably going to suck. It will be Iron Lady all over again (hair, make up 3- 4 meaty scenes).
    But there’s one big difference, people LOVE Diana, Thatcher … not so much ^ ^
    Therfore, many people will go and see the movie dispite the quality-quite shure about that.
    AND Acadamy + Audiences will love these re-enacted images everybody knows (Diana on the boat, Diana in the minefield) U know it, they love that shit! Her nom. is a lock for me!

  • GoOnNow

    x 5

  • Luke

    I don’t believe this because Streep is not that hard up for an Oscar anymore. Why would she embarrass herself with this category fraud? The role is obviously lead. More leading than One True Thing and Prada.

  • Sonja

    Only half of the world, darlings.
    She wasn’t nominated for Hope Springs, so just leave it.
    It was last year ago, before the Oscars, that Weinstein announced A:OC and we all know Meryl will be nominated for Violet Weston.
    Now her WIN situation is definitely better in supporting than lead this year. And I’m sure Harvey wants her to win again.

  • Roberto Andres Lemos

    A lot of people are tired of Blanchett exaggerated performances, maybe her style is good on the stage but in movies she looks superficial and false

  • TOM

    Meryl Streep could play Oprah’s role better than her and still win. Yet to see MS play African-American, but she’d pull it off.

  • Steven Kaye

    Yes, they’re way too early. They did the same thing with Midnight in Paris; in fact they released it even earlier in the year and completely scuppered its chances of being an awards contender.

    Oh, wait…

  • Tero Heikkinen

    “World Icon” also caught my eye. They tried to air her show here in Finland for a year or so (a while back), but they cancelled that due to lack of viewership. Her power ends after crossing US borders.

    I would say that if I asked a hundred people on the street here that if they know what Oprah looks like or what she does for living, 90% would know what she looks like, but I’m not sure if everyone would know what she does. Her face is just in magazines everywhere. Just because she’s recognisable, doesn’t mean she’s an icon – outside US (where she most definitely is). Compared to someone like Martha Stewart, Oprah is huge. I’d say 3/100 have heard of Martha here – ever – and isn’t she an icon in America, too?

  • Jim

    Even if Meryl campaigns for supporting, the academy has a track record of making up their own minds.

    I can think of Kate Winslet for The Reader and Keisha Castle Hughes for Whale Rider. There has to be other examples of actors campaigning for one category and getting another.

  • Robert A.

    According to my trusty Oscar book, back in 1981 Susan Sarandon was campaigned in supporting actress for Atlantic City but was nominated as lead actress for the same film. Everyone was surprised, including Sarandon, since even she had voted for herself in supporting.

  • Christophe

    Oprah is so much greater than Meryl in everything. She’s the queen of Earth and she can literally BUY Meryl if she so desires, have her covered in gold and use her as a coat rack! She doesn’t need no stupid Oscar!

  • rAr

    Supporting? Ridiculous! Both Violet and the daughter’s roles are equal in size, but since Roberts is bound to ruin the power of this character Streep will be nominated for actress. Laura Linney should have gotten Roberts’ role. Or the great Amy Morton.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    That’s pretty neat to know, thanks! And she should have won Best Actress for an unforgettable performance that, unlike the other nominees’, was part of a masterpiece.

  • Manos

    To me this news means only one thing.
    Harvey will push Oprah in the Leading Actress category.
    I don’t think that he is that afraid of Blanchett or that he believes that Dench is unbeatable. Nor he is that stupid to place Streep and Winfrey in the same supporting category. I soon expect to hear new rumors that Oprah will be pushed as lead.

  • Bertie

    Could it be possible that Harvey agreed to put Meryl in supporting because Oprah is so sure that she is going to win, that she forced Harvey to do this, to only make her win that much sweeter???

    I also strongly hate when people say Meryl just won two years ago, or any actor just winning so that can’t win again. Or that people with no nominations should get in to launch careers. Thats total crap. Oscar nominations and wins should go to the best period. If veteran actors are better than tough, get over it. If Meryl gives another oscar worthy performance, than hand over another Oscar. Its about the best of the year. Many people forget that Katharine Hepburn won four Oscars, and that she won her third Oscar the year after winning her second. Back to Back people, tying Barbra Streisand that year, but the academy still gave it to her. It should be about the performance, not how many they have under their belt.

  • JP

    I dont know if I was the only one but in 2009 this kept coming to my mind: Kate Winslet was this short from being nominated for the same role for lead and supporting. And then who knows what could have happened?!

  • Lisa Zhen

    The big wildcard of this race is Amy Adams. should she deliver I think it could easily be too big an opportunity to reward one of the academy’s current favorite actresses not to mention how consistent she has been since Junebug.

  • Zooey

    Sasha, you haven’t even seen Meryl’s performance. And even if it isn’t a Sophie’s Choice, it could easily be better than Oprah.

    Excuse me for writing that, but sometimes I get a real Meryl hater vibe in you writings. Of course you state that you adore her, which doesn’t mean it’s true.

  • Let’s just all start doubting each other. Let’s call in to question the sincerity of anything anyone ever writes around here. That’ll make discussions all kinds of chaotic suspicious intrigue for the rest of the year.

    I swear to god, it’s frustrating as hell trying to convince some people that A Movie or An Actress can be sincerely admired at the same time that Another Movie or Another Actress might possibly be even more admired at any given moment in time.

    It’s actually borderline sickminded to suggest that anyone who doesn’t believe Meryl Streep is ALWAYS THE #1 BEST OF ALL TIME FOREVER must somehow be a secret Streep-hater.

  • Robert A.

    Actually, an actor or actress can’t be nominated in two separate categories for the same role. Back in the 1940’s the rules were different, and Barry Fitzgerald was confusingly nominated in both lead and supporting for his performance in Going My Way (he won in supporting). Since then the rules have been changed, so that can no longer happen.

    Here’s an explanation of how AMPAS determines these things: “Ultimately it’s up to voting members of the branch of the Academy to determine lead versus supporting when they are casting their votes. If Academy members split their votes between lead and supporting for the same actor in the same film, whichever category first receives the required number of votes to be nominated is the one in which the actor’s performance is placed. If when the votes are tallied the actors receives the required number of votes in both lead and supporting categories simultaneously, then whichever category receives the most votes overall is where the actor will be placed.”

    In short, it’s possible and even probable that Kate Winslet had enough votes to get nominated for both lead and supporting for The Reader, but due to AMPAS rules she was nominated in lead and therefore couldn’t compete in supporting for the same role. Also, the acting categories do not allow someone to get nominated twice in the same category (unlike the director category, where you can get nominated twice for different movies–see Steven Soderbergh in 2000). So Kate Winslet could well have been in the Top Five in lead actress for The Reader and for Revolutionary Road, but she had more votes for The Reader, thus knocking out her performance in Revolutionary Road. I often wonder if during that year, Winslet actually finished in the Top 5 on Oscar ballots three different times–lead actress for The Reader, lead actress for Revolutionary Road, and supporting actress for The Reader–but given the rules, she was only nominated for lead for The Reader.

  • Ethan

    I beg to differ. Have you seen “Blue Jasmine”?

  • Yeah… Kaye nailed yo ass right there, Mr. Holt.

  • lucy


  • afijds

    Midnight in Paris made $151 million worldwide, $56 million domestic. LOL at anybody who thinks Blue Jasmine makes even half of that. Holt is 100% correct.

  • Steven Kaye

    So you think it won’t even make half MiP’s gross? Cool, you’re on!

  • julian the emperor

    Well, Lucy, dozens of actors give oscar-worthy performances every year, they just don’t get the automatic recognition that Streep does.

    Would it be a crime to nominate someone other than her?

    What is oscar-worthy, anyway? Your definition of any Meryl Streep performance or…? If that is indeed your definition, let’s hope there are plenty of un-Oscar-worthy performances out there who can buckle that trend.

  • TOM

    If Meryl ‘just won 2 years ago’ and delivers another Oscar-worthy (Lead) performance – then she deserves to win. This award should be the pivotal Gold Medal award for film acting. Sure, there are other factors that give people a win – but, if somebody should ‘win’ because they are ‘popular,’ give them a Golden Globe award. Olympic Gold should go to the best (unless you’re a steriod cheater) – so, if Meryl’s continuous training skills make her #1 – then reward her the gold. Michael Phelps is in the history books because he is #1.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    so, if Meryl’s continuous training skills make her #1 – then reward her the gold.

    Except only her loyal fan base continuously think she’s #1. Nobody else in the world does. That’s why she isn’t getting the gold. Even within AMPAS, it’s a rather large and loyal fan base, that’s why she keeps getting nominated for movies that only amount to forgettable showcases . She’d break that ceiling only if the front-runner, on second thought, makes Academy members nervous before filling out that ballot. (e.g. Viola Davis). So just keep praying one of these years it’s Meryl vs Jessica Chastain.

  • lenka73

    Could Winfrey pushed Lead actually win?

  • Bryce Forestieri

    lol the secret life of the american meryl-hater

  • Sonja

    Dear Lord, it’s becoming 2011 all over again, only in Supporting this time.

    What does it mean “That’s why she doesn’t get the Gold?”
    She has lost 14 times, but she DID get the Gold three times, the second win in lead only a year ago. (last year’s Oscar ceremony)

    Somewhere Harvey’s laughing right now. He created hyperbolic panic again. Oprah and Meryl are both his ponies, so if they are ending up being the frontrunners in supporting, where one of them will loose, it’s still a win-win situate for him, anyways.

  • julian the emperor

    … or they will cancel each other out, so that a third party can emerge as the winner..?

    I don’t really buy the Meryl as supporting thing, but let’s see. Since I don’t rely on Julia Roberts to perform miracles, it’s a shame Meryl can’t take the obligatory spot in lead actress (losing to Blanchett, preferably) instead of spoiling Margo Martindale’s chance to bask in the brightest spotlight of them all, The Oscars.
    Because that will be the consequence if Meryl goes supporting…no room for Martindale!

    A third option (not championed often enough, perhaps), is that A:OC is a stinker that is going to suffer a cruel death in the awards race…

  • lucy


  • julian the emperor

    In hindsight, how many of those four Oscars did Hepburn really deserve? She was a great actress, but she was awarded three Oscars AFTER her comeback in 1967 and some of her performances from that time seem a bit misguided or misjudged, I would say. The Academy surely felt a strong sentimental impulse when awarding her three Oscars late in her career.

    Meryl won for The Iron Lady… Is that a worthy epitaph? Will August: Osage County be?
    Just because someone historically won four Oscars doesn’t mean there should be a nature-given fourth or fifth statuette awaiting Streep, you know…

  • Robert A.

    I agree with you on this, Julian. I haven’t seen Morning Glory, and I have no problem with Hepburn winning for The Lion in Winter, but her work in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and On Golden Pond has never felt very award worthy to me. Of course, as people have already noted, the Academy has a long history for not rewarding great performances and rewarding lesser work for specious reasons (payback, sentiment and so on). Even Hepburn knew this. I remember the story of how Hepburn sent a telegram to someone who had just lost an Oscar, and said something like: “Don’t worry. Someday they’ll give you the prize for work that doesn’t merit it.” I feel that way about most of Hepburn’s Oscar wins. She got rewarded largely for the wrong movies/performances while some of her most stellar work was passed over (Alice Adams, The Philadelphia Story, Summertime, Long Day’s Journey into Night).

  • Sonja

    Well, I keep hearing from people who pretend having seen the movie at the test screening that Meryl’s amazing (call it even her best work to date), Julia surprisingly good and a sure nom for BP and best screenplay (adapted) also.
    TIFF is next months, so we’ll get many more reactions to the movie.

    But okay, if it fails badly you can post as many as “I told you so!” as you want. I’ll take it then.

  • TOm

    Re: Bryce and the Academy’s ‘loyal fan base’ – I wish these Awards were more in line with a legit Olympic competition where the best time wins. Ultimately – the voters make it more like a diving/gymnastics event where of course the (loyal) Russian judges will vote higher for ‘their country’ and vote lower for (maybe better) American/Chinese performances. Drop the 2 lowest scores and if the loyalists stick with their favorite – that person ends up with the Gold.

  • julian the emperor

    It’s not like I hope the movie fails, you know…I never deliberately hope a movie sucks (not awards contenders anyway). The more great movies in the run for the Oscar the better.

    I doubt A:OC will be among “the greats” this time around, but it’s not like I prefer this one to fail rather than, say, The Monuments Men, Rush or Gravity (ok, I want that last one to succeed badly).

    So don’t expect a heap of schadenfreude from me if A:OC gets a MC score below 60…;)

  • Cyrus

    Agree with some of the above posters. Katharine Hepburn deserved an Oscar for Lion in Winter, the other 3 she won for, honestly, should have been won by more worthy performances.

    May Robson should have won in 1933 for Lady for A Day, but I could see them giving it to Katharine since she was also in Little Women that year.

    Dame Edith Evans should have won, hands down, in 1967 for her brilliant and groundbreaking work in The Whisperers. Seriously, how she loss, is unfathomable. Dame Evans won the GG, NY Film Critics, NBR, and Bafta. All deserved! Her performance is one for the ages and one of the finest portrayals put to screen.

    Meryl or Susan Sarandon should have won in 1981.

    Katharine Hepburn should have instead been recognized for her performances in Bringing Up Baby (though not a hit at its time at the box office), and could make arguments for her performance in Suddenly, Last Summer, Summertime, and Philadelphia Story.

  • Alexi

    Everybody knows its her black actress fever again! You really shouldn’t take her seriously.

  • Sonja

    Well, I just have the feeling that A:OC will certainly do better overall than TIL and we all know how that ended up at the Oscars. 😉

  • lucy


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