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“If you didn’t recognize Carell at first sight, you’re not alone. “We just had our first test [screening], and not everybody recognized Steve. He is aged [for the film], and his face is changed, and his physicality changed,” says Miller, who explains that the unlikely casting of Carell as a killer is an important part of making the character feel authentic. “If I say I’m going to make a movie about a guy who’s a schizophrenic murderer, there are probably a dozen actors who would immediately appear on anybody’s casting list. And Steve would not be on any of those lists. And that’s a good thing. Because it’s unexpected… John DuPont was a character who nobody thought was capable of doing something as horrible as he did. And I did not want to cast somebody who would feel dangerous in that way.”


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  • Jon

    Nah Lead Actor.

  • JP

    I have it predicted as lead but if it goes supporting, looks like a surefire contender for the win. The lead Oscar I think already has Bruce Dern’s name.

  • Loody

    Brilliant decision on casting Carell in the DuPont role. This film has Oscar written all over it.

  • Bball_Jake

    I would love to see Bruce Dern win Best Actor. I thought he was great in Twixt.

  • Tye-Grr

    Judging from the screenplay, Carell could very easily go supporting. Channing Tatum has the true lead role.

  • Jerry Grant

    Good call from now. Carell will get a nomination in either category, and stands a good chance to win if it’s in Supporting.

    People love Steve Carell, and it’s because his talent is real. He’s capable of turning in an amazing performance in general, but as a murderer–yes the Academy will see it. Count this the beginning of a turn in his career (a la Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, etc).

  • Bryce Forestieri
  • I really hope this film gets here in Brazil soon enough after its American release.

  • Joseph

    He was also fantastic and against type in The Way Way Back. Though Sam Rockwell is the bigger play from that film – the diversity will help Carrell in supporting actor especially with critic citations.

  • lenka73

    I thought Carell was going Leading and Ruffalo/Tatum Supporting

  • Eoin Daly

    I think Redford is the likely winner and while Dern might have won the award at Cannes remember All is Lost was not in competition.

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