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Ben Affleck is the New Batman


The news traveled so fast that Ben Affleck was taking over for Christian Bale for the Superman vs. Batman superhero movie — the kind of movies Hollywood just can’t seem to tire of making.

it almost broke Twitter. At the same time, on NPR, John Horn took over for Kim Masters to talk about what a crippling failure this summer has been for many of the Big Dumb Movies that are supposed to bring them in in droves. The story? Many adults turning out for better films like Mud, Fruitvale Station, Before Midnight, Blue Jasmine (might be the highest grossing film of Woody Allen’s career), and The Butler. Will the studios take notice, they ask? Doesn’t look like it. Superhero movies now more than ever!

From the looks of it, Affleck is winning all of the important players, and the pawns too, on the chess board. Best Picture Oscar, Gone Girl with Fincher, and now, giant superhero movie tent pole?