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Prisoners Has Strong Buzz in Telluride


Prisoners and 12 Years a Slave hit the fest hard the last 24 hours, both being touted as possible Oscar contenders by those who like to splooge it out early and prematurely, as if they themselves have the power. Remember back when you had to wait? I guess that shit has sailed. Either way, splooge away there are great reviews for both films. Prisoners is reviewed by Stephen Farber for the Hollywood Reporter. I’ve heard people say it’s like Fincher’s Se7en (there is only one), or Fincher’s Zodiac (there is only one) but this graph makes it sound more in Mystic River/Changeling territory:

Can a superbly crafted film overcome audience resistance to an extremely painful subject? That is a question that Warner Bros. will be pondering nervously as Prisoners moves from its festival screenings during the next week to a wide national release later in September. The movie deals with the abduction of two young children and the havoc that this trauma wreaks on the families and police officers investigating the crime. While the subject has been in the news recently, giving the film undeniable timeliness, there’s a difference between following a disturbing news story and paying to see a similar drama unfold at the multiplex. In addition, the film doesn’t flinch from graphic moments of violence and terror.

Oscar voters have, of late, shied away from the hard core stuff, for better or worse. I’ll have to catch up with Prisoners to see for myself before I hop on the splooge bus headed for the Kodak. Something the matter with forplay?

Being touted right now are Melissa Leo (supporting), Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman – but Best Actor is jam packed right now. Never say never, however.