That sales are down only 6% is not nearly enough to make SeaWorld grow a conscience. But it is a start. Blackfish is now available on iTunes and DVD – if you haven’t seen it, you really ought to. Most people will want to avoid it, especially animal lovers. But I would say that’s the least we could do, considering the worldwide damage to the animal population we humans have caused since we arrived millions of years ago.  Robert Redford said back in Telluride that we are obligated to put something back when we take something away, and I can find no better way to give something back than to, at the very least, watch Blackfish.

Either way, here’s to hoping SeaWorld is forced to making dramatic changes to the way they use intelligent creatures like Orcas for entertainment.  Yes, it’s only for entertainment. It’s not for food, it’s not for preservation of the species, it is so that little Johnnie can have a tiny burst of happiness while he chokes down a corndog and a slurpee.

Meanwhile, SeaWorld continues to make millions on the backs of these creatures.  Their PR machine has convinced families that SeaWorld is a happy place with happy animals. But Blackfish is here to dispute that.

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  • This is terrific news.

    I thought Blackfish was an OK film but a brilliant statement. This is the kind of impact it ought to have made.

  • rufussondheim

    Just read an article that sales are way up in theme parks in general this year, so the decrease by 6% is even more noteworthy.

  • Joey

    I am not sure how it is playing all over, but here in Pittsburgh there was a big reaction. It is currently playing at a small one screen theater downtown, and when I went on opening night, there was crowd of about 30 people waiting in line to get in. I have never seen that theater packed like that. During the entire film, I experienced one of the most verbal reactions from an audience with audible crying by the end. Normally, movies only stay for a week at each of the Pittsburgh Filmmakers theaters, but I just say that it is staying an additional week. I hope more people discover it.

  • I was astounded by the attendance at my local arthouse. I mean, this is here in the UK, bloody far away from SeaWorld, in a notoriously culture-phobic part of the country. They had to switch the screen at the last minute because they had it scheduled in a smaller one and they sold out way in advance. The larger screen was almost full to capacity too.

  • Jpns Viewer

    [My own edited version]


    We some of us might have already heard that a woman, though alive, literally lost her face after being attacked by a close friend’s chimpanzee (reportedly a pet in this case).
    My point: At least if we human beings won’t do it for these wild animals, we could save our own normal lives by letting them be. (I also believe that animals normally won’t hurt us human beings unless they feel threatened.)

    I am also focusing upon monkeys, apes (etc.), as well as dolphins, to name a few. For instance, a chimp is smart enough to make and use tools, at least more intelligent than human babies…. Think about it….

  • Bryce Forestieri

    First reviews of RUSH are all enthusiastic with quite a few raves!

    So mark your calendar and save a few bucks for 2 weeks from now (RUSH + PRISONERS)

    And, seems like we’re gonna be at movies every single weekend in October:

    October 4: GRAVITY
    October 11: CAPTAIN PHILLIPS
    October 12: 12 YEARS A SLAVE
    October 25: THE COUNSELOR

    What a year!

  • Derek 8-Track

    It would be great if they would totally change the way their park works. instead of shows with real animals create simulator rides that take place under water with animated orcas and other sea life. Thrill rides are more fun anyway, and it’d keep the animals in their natural environment and out of tanks. They need to just make it a ride based park and get rid of the shows. It could still be “sea” themed but focused humane treatment of animals and respecting the ocean, and how we should keep it clean and let the animals be.

  • JP

    Who wins best documentary feature: Blackfish, Stories We Tell, 20 Feet from Stardom or The Unknown Known?

  • Bryce Forestieri


  • ^^^^ This.

  • I finally caught up with Blackfish last week and it really is worth seeing. Fuck SeaWorld!

  • Unlikely hood

    Watching it won’t make Marion Cotillard’s legs grow back

  • Krista

    Love it. These animals are far too intelligent, social and massive to be contained in the tiny tanks Sea World confines them to. I wish I could single handedly free all the whales!!

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