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The Blackfish Problem for SeaWorld – Sales Down … 6%


That sales are down only 6% is not nearly enough to make SeaWorld grow a conscience. But it is a start. Blackfish is now available on iTunes and DVD – if you haven’t seen it, you really ought to. Most people will want to avoid it, especially animal lovers. But I would say that’s the least we could do, considering the worldwide damage to the animal population we humans have caused since we arrived millions of years ago.  Robert Redford said back in Telluride that we are obligated to put something back when we take something away, and I can find no better way to give something back than to, at the very least, watch Blackfish.

Either way, here’s to hoping SeaWorld is forced to making dramatic changes to the way they use intelligent creatures like Orcas for entertainment.  Yes, it’s only for entertainment. It’s not for food, it’s not for preservation of the species, it is so that little Johnnie can have a tiny burst of happiness while he chokes down a corndog and a slurpee.

Meanwhile, SeaWorld continues to make millions on the backs of these creatures.  Their PR machine has convinced families that SeaWorld is a happy place with happy animals. But Blackfish is here to dispute that.