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  • Eloy

    Very beautiful… Better Than “Diana”. Nicole Kidman is so charming in the teaser.

  • She is stunning. The trailer does not make me want to see the movie, however.

  • Chris

    Kidman comes across beautifully.

  • phantom

    WOW, charming teaser for sure, although I’m still skeptical about this film, it suspiciously skipped the festival circuit but then again if it were ironladybad, Weinstein wouldn’t release it until the last possible moment so the November release gives me hope it will be at least My Week with Marilyn quality a.k.a. an unspectacularly good film featuring spectacularly good performances.

    Best Actress is shaping up to be very competitive, it’s still September and it does feel like we have four near-locks already (Blanchett, Bullock, Dench, Streep) and then my guess is the fifth slot will come down to the three buzzy unseen performances (Thompson, Kidman, Adams in that order) but that still leaves us with Winslet, not to mention The Weinstein Company may add a fourth Best Actress contender to their 2013 lineup (Cotillard and/or Chastain) if they indeed release The Immigrant this year as it was planned all along, plus Harvey is probably fully aware that Chastain is the best shot of The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby at Oscar recognition and since she has Liv Ullman’s Miss Julie next year, he may release at least Her in 2013 even if Him only in 2014.

    Oh, and who knows what the Weinstein/August category confusion will result : will Streep stay in lead and Roberts go supporting, or latter accompanies former in lead, or former goes supporting and latter tries to make the cut in lead ? If Wells indeed changes the Roberts-centric ending back to the original featuring Streep (according to an LA Times interview, a strong possibility) , my bet is on Streep staying in lead and Roberts going supporting. Urgh, the possibilities…

    And these contenders are only the most high profile ones, all are previous winners except Adams and Chastain who are previous nominees…this could be a fact worth emphasizing considering the last time there was NOT a first time Oscar nominee in Best Actress was 1994 (!)…and that’s why Felicity Jones, Adéle Exarchopoulos and Brie Larson shouldn’t be counted out just yet. In my opinion, the category is down to 14…I think.

    1. Cate Blanchett (early frontrunner)
    2. Judi Dench (career Oscar ?)
    3. Sandra Bullock (lead of the potential BP frontrunner )
    4. Meryl Streep (the usual streepian category confusion)

    5. Kate Winslet (if the Academy LOVES the film…)

    6. Emma Thompson (most likely to emerge as a frontrunner)
    7. Nicole Kidman (most likely to emerge as a nominee)
    8. Amy Adams (most likely to switch categories in the last minute)

    9. Felicity Jones (high praise for an Academy-friendly role)
    10. Brie Larson (high praise for an Academy-related film)
    11. Adéle Exarchopoulos (high praise for a controversial foreign film)
    12. Chloe Moretz (the wildest of wild cards)

    2014 ?
    13. Marion Cotillard (if TWC releases it this year, she’ll have a good shot)
    14. Jessica Chastain (ditto)

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Ahh yeah. Doesn’t looks like something between DIANA’s terrible and MY WEEK WITH MARILYN’s mediocre. Love both Kidman and Roth, but skipping this one, even if it turns out being a Best Actress lock.

    p.s. Nicole Kidman was robbed of a nomination last year for Best Supporting Actress in LEE DANIELS’ THE PAPERBOY she would have made a worthier nominee than Anne Hathaway and Helen Hunt…perhaps even deserved it more than the delightful Jacki Weaver.

  • Selena

    Nicole Kidman looks stunning in the film. I hope she can get to Oscar because she is more talented than many of actresses in competition.

  • geremy

    As someone who does not know what this movie is supposed to be about, this was a pretty boring and uninformative teaser.

  • david

    Phantom I totally disagree with you about their being 4 locks!!!!!! There’s probably 2 (blanchett,streep) I see the rest of the field as having a shot I don’t think Bulllock will get a best actress nom for a sci-fi movie

  • Christophe

    Like you’ve never heard of Princess Grace? The storyline actually sounds pretty dreary so I guess they’re trying to attract viewers by focusing on the glamourous lifestyle of an international icon:

    “The story of former Hollywood star Grace Kelly’s crisis of marriage and identity, during a political dispute between Monaco’s Prince Rainier III and France’s Charles De Gaulle, and a looming French invasion of Monaco in the early 1960s.”

  • Amanda

    Wow Nicole Kidman looks exactly like….Nicole Kidman. I mean she looks beautiful, but when you look at her you only see Nicole Kidman you dont see Grace Kelly.

  • Christophe

    France selects Renoir as Foreign Language Oscar Entry… well, I guess we won’t win this year either, and I have no idea why we’re not choosing The Past, unless we’re actually leaving it to Iran.


  • phantom

    I don’t think there are four locks. I think there are four NEAR-locks. Difference ? Huge.

    We can start talking ‘locks’ after A) Saving Mr. Banks, Grace of Monaco, American Hustle had been reviewed B) early precursors give us an idea of which contenders have the industry support…or more importantly, which contenders do NOT.

    For all we know, Blanchett’s film could have been too early for the Academy to remember, Dench’s could be too light for their taste, Bullock could face serious genre prejudice and backlash for her earlier victory and Streep could quietly move to the supporting race as it has been already widely reported yet somehow completely ignored. For those random reasons – and simply because it is still only September (!) – I consider these four contenders NEAR-locks.

  • phantom

    It doesn’t bother me that Kidman doesn’t look like Grace Kelly, mostly because I still believe that as a great actress she will be able to capture the icon’s essence the same way Williams did Monroe’s in spite of not looking like her at all. The fact that they seemed to opt against the ‘lookalikecontest-route’ hopefully in favor of a deeper, more complex character study, makes this look even better sight unseen.

  • Manuel

    Looks like a flashy and glamorous tv movie = boring but beautiul

    And yes, I only see Kidman, not Grace Kelly

  • tr

    Movies about celebrities or the royal family hold zero interest for me.

  • Joey J Glover

    Nicole Kidman is a sublime actress, but I think what I find a bit jarring is that, as a movie star, she is iconic in her own right – she’s a glamorous star, so seeing her playing a glamorous star looks just like her being a glamorous star. If that makes sense?

  • Watermelons

    Wow, so much fine home decorating in this teaser. The only way this film could be more royal is if Queen of Cinema, Kate “The GREAT” Winslet (The Frighteners, All the King’s Men) were in Nicole Kidman’s shoes playing Princess Grace of Monaco, bringing us another fully nuanced screen performance of intelligence and elegance.


  • dela

    I had always hoped that Natasha Little (Vanity Fair mini series), who looks so much like Grace Kelly, would one day play the role. But Nicole Kidman would more than do as long as the movie is not a superficial biopic.

  • dela

    I hope you are right. Since Kidman’s beauty is every bit as iconic as Kelly’s, this trailer leaves me in awe of Kidman.

  • PJ

    This looks like it could win Best Picture….in 1998

  • ScottD

    Hmmmm well I’m anxious to see it, but really only because I’m a die hard Kidman fan.

    It does sorta come across as a glossy, glamorous, boring looking film, and I get the feeling that even if her performance is a home run, it will be overlooked. She’s missed out in the past on nominations, I feel, because she’s almost seen as so beautiful and effortless (plus she’s won already) and not necessarily relatable, that there’s no good “story” in nominating her. She had her swell of success in the early to mid 2000s, and I think that she won’t really click with the Academy again until she ages a bit more, and starts playing the older roles.

    Anyone else feel like she should have skipped the botox over the last decade and just aged into better roles (a la The Paperboy)? Seems like she’s only able to play women who, themselves, would have work down. ::shrug::

    I’m rambling…

  • ScottD

    You’re so right. If this came out during her post-divorce career swell, it would be that Erin Brockovich-esque type of movie that lands half a dozen nominations on her star power alone.

  • James

    I agree to an extent with those that can only see Kidman as Kidman and not Grace. I think Kidman is just too recognisable herself. But, personally, I didn’t think Williams as Marilyn and Blanchett as Hepburn failed to capture the “look” and found it difficult to not see these women as their famous characters, but both performances impressed me immensely. I think Kidman will either sink like Watts in Diana, or get positive reviews for a good embodiment of Grace’s spirit..

  • Devon

    Is this a silent film? I am so wary of this film and “Diana.” The glossy perfume look is so wrong.

  • GoOnNow

    The more I think about it the more I feel like Winslet might be entering Sarandon/Pacino waters with her incredibly hard-earned & over the top proud 6th-time lucky Oscar win.

    She is definitely not getting rave reviews for her performance based on what I’ve read so far. Yes, people like it or really like it but there’s nothing more than that. What is worse, the movie is practically bordering mediocrity at the reviews section.

    There is absolutely zero chance of her beating Blanchett (all has been said and done and it’s a MONUMENT), Streep (no need to explain), Dench (Legend, Strong reactions, Harvey) for the nomination. And I am not sure she will be able to battle with Bullock, Kidman, Adams, Thompson for the remaining 2 slots.

  • Natasha

    Like actressception?

  • SallyinChicago

    WHY. Would anyone want to see a movie about Grace Kelly?

  • Rob Y

    That was my thought exactly.

  • rafael franken

    Roger Friedmann after pre-screnning today:

    “The performances got the highest praise. Kidman is sensational as the Hollywood star turned princess gives the performance of her life”

  • kookee

    ummm … no, you’ll only end up with Winslet playing a plump and short version of Grace Kelly no matter how nuanced – unless she does the reversal of Renee Zellweger and starves herself. Even then, she’ll be Winslet playing Winslet playing a princess. The thing that’s distinctive to an audience about Grace Kelly is her very iconic ice princess beauty (just as Hepburn was distinctive for her voice, mannerisms and twitches). You just can’t pass this off with only great acting, but you need someone with an approximate appearance of Grace Kelly. Kidman is too iconic herself for an audience to see past her own celebrity to believe she’s Grace Kelly. She’s tall and slim and beautiful but nowhere near as devastatingly beautiful as Grace. Only person with the acting chops as well as the looks to really pull off a near convincing Grace Kelly would be Charlize Theron.

  • Derek

    it just feels like Nicole of the Monaco…

  • julian the emperor

    When you work with someone so devoid of talent like Lee Daniels you are hardly robbed of anything, except your good fortune and your precious time.

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