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The trailer was fabulous but Foxcatcher is out for Oscars 2013. Sony Pictures Classics announced today that the pic isn’t ready yet for this year and will be bumped to 2014. Why do I get the feeling every movie is getting out of 12 Years a Slave’s way?

Foxcatcher is directed by Bennett Miller and stars Steve Carell, Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo. The true story from Wikipedia:

Mark Schultz is the brother of the late Dave Schultz, who also won a Freestyle Wrestling Gold Medal at the 1984 Olympics. The Schultz brothers and the Banach brothers became the first brothers in U.S. history to win Olympic Wrestling titles in the same Olympics. However, the Schultz brothers are the only brothers in U.S history to win Olympic and World titles. The Schultz brothers won more NCAA, U.S. Open, World, and Olympic titles than any American brother combination in history. On January 26, 1996, Dave Schultz was murdered by multimillionaire paranoid schizophrenic John Eleuthère du Pont, the founder of “Team Foxcatcher”. Four months after Dave’s murder, Mark competed in UFC 9 and won.

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  • Jordan

    Well shit. That trailer looked so amazing. Ugh.

  • PJ

    What a tease!

  • Jeremy

    Well damn, friend sent me the leaked teaser and I thought, “Hey, that looked interesting, wonder what AD thinks about this”, and then I’m greeted with this news.

    Everybody too scared of that Saving Mr. Banks juggernaut

  • Future_Filmmaker

    Yes! More room for Prisoners

  • They’re all a bunch of chickens.

  • phantom

    Not ready my ass, it was booked for a November 8 AFI Fest screening almost a month ago. SPC people probably took a long hard look at the Best Actor race and decided to start fresh and hopefully as the frontrunner next year with a Fall release.

    Having said that, if the film will be REALLY better with the extra time, I’m all for the freedom of directors…but in this particular case, it feels like a spin.

    Anyway, at this rate we will probably kiss goodbye to American Hustle and The Monuments Men, too, as far as THIS Oscar season goes.

  • Big G

    “Why do I get the feeling every movie is getting out of 12 Years a Slave’s way?”

    Because that’s what you want to happen.

  • Sasha Stone

    Because that’s what you want to happen.

    Don’t presume to know me.

  • Jon

    Ughhhh what a bummer. So does this become the early potential frontrunner for 2014?

  • phantom

    Interesting tidbit : Foxcatcher wrapped filming this January…American Hustle and The Monuments Men STARTED filming this March.

    So…options :

    1. Foxcatcher has a stunningly meticulous post-production.
    2. Hustle and Monuments people are simply faster.
    3. At least one of the Hustle-Monuments duo will be pushed, too.

    Considering there were whispers that the Clooney-pic is already considered as more of a commercial play by the studio than a viable Awards-contender, I think it is entirely possible they will move it from the crowded Holiday Season to a Spring date.

  • Big G

    Yeah, like you aren’t rooting for 12 Years a Slave to win. I think I know you well enough to know that.

  • phantom

    Harvey must know something’s up this year. He pushed Grace of Monaco and The Immigrant, and though fought tooth and nail for a bunch of festival hits (Tracks, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, The Railway Man, Can a Song Save Your Life), won’t release any of them this year, either.

    Sure, his hands are already full (August : Osage County, Lee Daniels’ The Butler, Philomena, Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom, Fruitvale Station)…OR he may recognize the signs that the Academy will embrace SOMETHING in a huge way…maybe something already screened and loved (Twelve Years a Slave, Gravity), though my bet is that all these contenders bowing out of 2013 might be due to an unseen.

    Maybe Jonze’s Her considered by Darren Aronofsky one of the greatest films ever ? Or Sandler’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty that must be at least good/great if it could get the Centerpiece Gala slot at the New York Film Fest ? The Counselor with a team like Ridley Scott, Cormac McCarthy, Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem and Brad Pitt ? Something a bit more obvious like American Hustle or maybe even The Monuments Men ? Well…my money is on Saving Mr. Banks.

  • Al Robinson

    No offense, but I think if Sasha was going to root for a movie, she’d pick Nebraska. And that’s only because you’ve (Sasha) said as much.

  • Al Robinson

    Is it time to start rooting for…..????

    I honestly don’t know anymore which movie I want to see win Best Picture. I’ve already predicted Inside Llewin Davis to win, so I should pick that one. I just feel a little defeated at the moment. 🙁

  • phantom

    She may think ‘Twelve Years a Slave’ is a juggernaut that will be impossible to beat, she also loved the film…that doesn’t mean she WANTS it to win. I’ve read her recent reviews and State of the Race articles, and my impression was that 1. she may not have her Lincoln this year just yet and 2. she would be probably most satisfied with Gravity going all the way. Sorry, speculation OVER.

  • Big G

    Then why does she have 12 Years a Slave at #1 and Nebraska in fifth place in her Gold Derby ranking?

  • Al Robinson

    I think it needs to be said about competing against 12 Years a Slave:


    Remember 1998? Everyone thought that Saving Private Ryan had it in the bag, and then Shakespeare in Love came in and said “I’ll take that Oscar….” And they did.

    So, 12 Years a Slave still may not win.

  • Gautam

    We all like mystery. But sadly, there isn’t any.

    As much as I am waiting for Her and Walter Mitty, I know both films even if they are exceptional aren’t going to make serious dent in the race. [though I have Her @ 9 and Walter Mitty @12 in my predictions].

    The truth is 12 Years A Slave is going to sweep through everything. I am a big McQueen and Fassbender fan, and even though I would like this to happen, I want some real competition too. [I don’t think we will get to see a year like last where no film was a frontrunner till late January].

  • david

    Yes!!!!! More room for ‘short term 12’

  • Al Robinson

    david, your persistance will pay off some day.


  • phantom

    What cannot be emphasized enough at this point is that Twelve Years a Slave is the EARLY FRONTRUNNER. Sure those go all the way every now and then (The Artist, The Hurt Locker, Crash) but more often than not they do NOT (Zero Dark Thirty, The Social Network, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Atonement, The Aviator, The Hours etc.). This year is especially tricky because the early frontrunner doesn’t only have an early runner-up (Gravity), it could be overshadowed instantly if a late unseen hits it big (Her, Saving Mr. Banks, American Hustle, The Monuments Men, The Counselor, Out of the Furnace).

  • Al Robinson

    Great point phantom! Like I’ve already said tonight, I think a December movie will win BP. 12 Years a Slave will still be in the mix though. No doubt about that.

  • Al Robinson

    Okay, so unless The Wolf of Wall Street figures itself out this year, then I am unofficially predicting a year with 9 Best Picture nominees:

    12 Years a Slave
    August: Osage County
    American Hustle
    The Butler
    Captain Phillips
    Inside Llewin Davis
    The Monuments Men

  • Bryce Forestieri

    way to kill my RUSH high

    this is bullshit !!

    p.s. You will not believe how sexy Chris Hemsworth is in RUSH, I could not believe my eyes. Daniel Bruhl must be nominated or I’ll be pissed.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Suddenly this year doesn’t seem so great, after all. I’m expecting masterpieces out of 12 YEARS A SLAVE and GRAVITY, but other than that…some pundits are already insinuating fare like THE BUTLER and PHILOMENA to be Best Picture Locks. And AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY still has a solid chance? That is three(3) Best Pic spots right there!? Just shoot me already.

  • Al Robinson

    I know. I think we are all sad right now. Foxcatcher looked amazing, and I think we were all thinking the same thing:

    If at the end of the year, something seems to be missing, that was what Foxcatcher was going to take the place of and fill in the gap. Oh well, there will be be a LOT of good movies coming out this fall.

  • Koleś

    Don’t presume to know her, Al. Just don’t.

  • Steven Kaye

    SPC will now concentrate on Blue Jasmine. Good.

  • Q Mark

    So that’s the Fox and the Wolf both off into the wilderness of the 2014 Oscar race. You wonder if they’re moving to avoid “12 Years A Slave” specifically, or just to avoid this seemingly jam-packed year altogether. It says something that the race can lose major films by Scorsese and Miller and still hardly miss a beat.

    I wonder if we’ll get any more high-profile shifts out of this year’s race. I somewhat doubt it’d be Monuments Men since I think other posters are right, it seems more like “entertainment” with its somewhat caperish story than a capital-letter Oscar Contender that needs awards buzz to be viable.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Wow. Despite the trailer being taken down shortly after I got to see it, I woke up to it being shared nine(9) times on my Facebook feed? That is the first time that’s ever happened for an “Oscar movie”. As dark as it might be, is FOXCATCHER destined to be for wrestlers what CADDYSHACK is for golfers and comfortably displace VISION QUEST? Let’s face it, that movie has been on shake ground for 28 years.

    I guess now we wait for an extra year because Sony isn’t releasing this until next fall. Devastating.

  • david

    The wrestler was for wrestling what caddyshack was for golf

  • Joseph

    SO sad. Two of my most anticipated – Wolf and Fox (ha) are now 2014.

    Not to add to the hyperbole but 12 Years A Slave and Gravity are instant iconic masterpiece films that will be remembered for years to come.

  • MirNic

    I just noticed that the Adapted Screenplay race is getting really short and thin since Foxcatcher is out of the Oscars race. Right now it’s between 12 Years A Slave vs Before Midnight. And I say 12 Years A Slave is going to win the Oscar.

  • KT

    Foxcatcher looks really good. Is there precedent for this happening? Films being bumped to the following year due to strong competition in the Oscar race? Or taking a step further, studios and distribution companies thinking one or two films have the Oscar in the bag and wanting to get out of the way? What if there is an even bigger Oscar film next year?

  • Bryce Forestieri

    It’s only September, and already feel terrible awards hangover.


    looking at

    -THE IMITATION GAME (I recently saw HEADHUNTERS, and dug it, so I’m back on track with this one!)
    -BIRDMAN (Michael Keaton nuff said)
    -22 JUMP STREET (Channing Tatum)
    -DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (the director is still a suspect, but let’s start with optimism and let’s not forger it stars rising star Jason Clarke)
    -QUEEN OF THE DESERT (Is it 2015?)
    -FURY (Let’s hope Ayer delivers something with the stature of LEBANON)
    -TOMORROWLAND I trust Brad Bird almost blindly (director of the best American animated film in I-dont’-know-how-many-decades: THE IRON GIANT), but Reality Check: Written by Damon Lindelof
    -THE MAZE RUNNER (I know, I know, forgive me)
    -PARADISE LOST (I know who cares, and that unknown director, but subject matter is fascinating, and I enjoy Josh Hutcherson, he singlehandedly makes the Katniss Everdeen films watchable)

    Also, LOUDER THAN BOMBS was scrapped or something, but it sounded soo good –from the director of OSLO, AUGUST 31ST. The financiers must have gone “Isabelle Huppert speaking English? Nooooooooo

    Am I missing something? Prob’ly a ton. I totally ignored Asian cinema.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Great movie, david, but not exactly what I meant

  • Bryce Forestieri

    I know throwing such tantrum here. Let’s remain positive:

    GRAVITY IMAX 3D Ticket for Thursday 10:00 pm night? Boughten

    No reason to despair.

  • Christophe


  • david


  • Christophe

    And as Phantom reminded us a few posts earlier, Weinstein is keeping a slew of movies to be released next year:

    -The Immigrant
    -The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby
    -The Railway Man
    -Can a Song Save Your Life

    There’s also Snowpiercer that doesn’t have a US release date yet, though it’s not really an Oscar movie.

    JP Jeunet’s The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet doesn’t have a US release date either

    Tim Burton’s Big Eyes is also in Post-prod so it should be released next year in the heat of Awards Season.

  • Isaac David Quesada

    Why you not save Mr Banks?

  • steve50

    Maybe this is the start of a good thing? Major releases throughout the year?

    In the past, movies would die on the vine because they would be forgotten, but with the number of bloggers now, that’s less likely to happen. Plus. more films would be seen by more people, and not in a 6 – 8 week binge.

    Imagine an Oscar season that lasts longer than hockey playoffs or a World Series. Works for me.

  • Jeremy

    Maybe the first few months of the year won’t be a wasteland anymore

    because I tell you what, Before Midnight aside, there’s a 99% chance my top 10 movies of this year are gonna come from the second half. It’d be nice it they could spread the love a bit.

  • rufussondheim

    expect Anna Kendrick to have a knockout year and potential two nominations for musicals.

    The Last Five Years as lead and Into the Woods in supporting.

  • Christophe

    What is/are the most iconic song/s of Into the Woods? I don’t want to watch the whole thing before the movie but I’d like to have an idea what it sounds like.


  • I have one thing to say.


  • rufussondheim

    The most iconic song is probably Children Will Listen, but it’s not a complete song, it’s in fragments throughout. A full song exists out there but it’s been cobbled together from the fragments. And it won’t make any sense outside of the context of the musical.

    Songs that I suggest to give a listen to are Agony which is sung by Cinderella’s Prince and Rapunze’ls Prince and On the Steps of the Palace which is sung by Cinderella. They won’t spoil anything and they show the wit and rhyming of the show. Or you could go with Little Red Riding Hood’s I Know Things Now where she’s reflecting on her experience after the who Granny/Wolf story has ended and shows how the material is not just a musical version of some of the more popular fairy tales.

    There are other, more iconic songs, but Sondheim is challenging and his songs are way more complicated than you find in a typical musical. There are better songs, like Last Midnight and No One is Alone, but those come at the end of the musical and should best be savored in the proper context.

  • Christophe

    Thx! I’ve found this short medley performed at the 2002 Tony Awards:

    It mostly features Into the Woods and Children will listen. It sounds very much like a Disney Parade! Not sure I’d want to watch this on stage but it might turn out all right as a movie, especially with Streep et all.

  • KT

    With moves like this, maybe Before Midnight and Enough Said have a chance of getting key Oscar nominations. Both have mid-high 90s on Rotten Tomatoes. Enough Said has the bigger stars–the always wonderful James Gandolfini in his final screen performance and the extremely talented Julia Louis-Dreyfus–I wouldn’t be surprised if one or both makes some headway in the Globes at least.

  • Christophe

    Apparently the HFPA screening of Enough Said went very well so it wouldn’t be surprising if it gets in for Best Picture – Comedy/Musical. But it could be more complicated in the acting categories. Keep in mind the Globes noms are geared toward having as many celebrities as possible at the ceremony, one eminent member allegedly said that they might be reluctant to vote for Gandolfini since he cannot possibly be present at the ceremony… As for Julia Louis-Dreyfus she will be nominated for Veep in the TV categories, so they might consider it a waste of space to nominate her twice.

  • david

    What about “Short Term 12” its at 99% on rotten tomatoes and 85 metacritic both better than before midnight and enough said

  • Bryce Forestieri


    Thanks, I’m adding THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ELEANOR RIGBY to my list. The rest of Weinstein’s slate doesn’t appeal to me.


    The first PARANORMAL ACTIVITY is a great example of how to perfectly craft horror with a very low budget, another example? THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. I didn’t find anything worth my time in part 2 so I quit.


    I’m not over the moon with every single choice she’s made -or rather been able to make- but I’m proud to say I’m a fan of hers since ROCKET SCIENCE. That performance is every bit as impressive as Joseph Gordon-Levitt in BRICK.

  • superkk

    im liking this year. my favorites and the movies and actors i want nominated will probably make the cut. i hate when people rush a movie for a quick one week december limited release only for it to “qualify for the oscars”. id rather the movies that have been out for weeks and even earlier in the year get the credit they deserve.

  • KT

    Not having any stars or notable names will hurt its chances, despite good reviews. That’s what I think.

  • Al Robinson

    I think because I keep forgetting about that one. I don’t know why.

  • JP

    Well… with Foxcatcher and most likely Wolf going to 2014… Best Actor race seems set in the stone.

    Ejiofor (wins)

    The only one that could take Hanks is likely J. Phoenix. Forrest Whitaker or Idris Elba I don’t believe have a big shot against the top 5.

  • JP

    Best Picture Prediction after the changes

    12 Years a Slave
    American Hustle
    Captain Phillips
    Saving Mr. Banks
    Inside Llewyn Davis
    August: Osage County
    Lee Daniels’ The Butler
    The Monuments Men

  • ScottD

    Sasha I just lol at comments like that directed toward you. Even if 12YAS is your favorite so far this year, it doesn’t negate your experience in seeing moves like that happen every Oscar season. Do people think you aren’t savvy to the politics and games the studios play? Obviously you’re only allowed to tow the com

  • ScottD

    Sasha I just lol at comments like that directed toward you. Even if 12YAS is your favorite so far this year, it doesn’t negate your experience in seeing moves like that happen every Oscar season. Do people think you aren’t savvy to the politics and games the studios play?

  • Natasha


    You had me at PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.


  • Natasha

    It sounds like such an amazing year even with some of these subtractions that we might get 10 BP nominees anyhow. Then again, some have implied that “mathematically” with the way they do things that such a thing is quite hard even though they have up to ten slots and that nine seems more likely. I don’t want to sit down and figure out why that’s the case.

    I’m going to root for ten…..

  • rufussondheim

    Oh, Christophe, it’s not like that at all! Act 2 is some of the most dark and tragic material I’ve ever seen in a musical. It’s definitely not Disney.

  • Watermelons

    Three of 2014’s most promising titles:

    A Little Chaos (Dir. Alan Rickman!)
    Divergent (Dir. Neil Burger)
    The Dressmaker (Dir. Jocelyn Moorhouse – her first feature in almost two decades!!)

  • I mostly know “Children Will Listen” from Johnny Mathis. I think there have been a lot of covers by normal singers who weren’t in the show.

  • Some of you guys sound like you’re already calling it for 12 Years a Slave. Dude. It’s so early. It takes the fun out of everything earlier and earlier every year. Let it play out. Almost nothing’s been seen by normal people.

  • rufussondheim

    But it appears that the writing is on the wall, and part of the predicting game when the frontrunner becomes the winner is being able to say “I was there first.” So everyone is saying it a lot and early so they can win their non-existent gold medals.

  • Al Robinson

    You have my same list, only I didn’t have Saving Mr. Banks. I only had 9, like last year. Awesome!!

  • Al Robinson

    That is a great analogy. I think part of us does want to take some kind of non-existent credit. A sort of “I was the first” kind of thing.

  • Jonny

    That clip is not a good representation of Into The Woods. Into the Woods is an adult musical that touches on subjects such as death, pedophelia, adultery and abuse. I don’t know if the film will do justice to what the work is REALLY about but I hope so. The music is very beautiful and haunting and extremely complex. Sondheim is a master of language and words. He wrote the glorious line “We’ve no time to sit and dither while her withers wither with her” for this musical. My favorite songs from the show are No One is Alone, Moments in The Woods and Children Will Listen

  • rufussondheim

    Moments in the Woods is probably the best song of the musical, and what makes the Baker’s Wife the best role in the show. I’d have mentioned it earlier, but, really, can one see its greatness in one listen out of context? It’s best to hear it first when you are supposed to hear it.

  • With Foxcatcher out, Sony will push Blue Jasmine harder, so that makes it more likely that Woody’s wonderful film gets in. I’m all for that. If WOWS really doesn’t come out this year either, I actually have a strange feeling that it makes way for The Butler to secure its spot. So with those two movies getting pushed, this is my updated prediction for Best Picture:

    American Hustle
    Saving Mr. Banks
    12 Years A Slave
    The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty
    Captain Phillips
    Inside Llewyn Davis
    Blue Jasmine
    Lee Daniels’ The Butler

  • Christophe

    American Hustle and Walter Mitty are pretty high on your list, have you seen them too or part of them?

  • Dang it! I was looking forward to Foxcatcher this year. Honestly speaking, I was more curious to see if Channing Tatum was going to “bring it” for awards season than Steve Carell {yeah, go ahead & laugh,who cares? 🙂 }; but man that sucks. I hope the studio doesn’t kill it by a release in “dump month”. That would totally put the cast at risk for no awards consideration at all. Oh well, I’ll still be seeing it regardless.

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