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  • Christophe

    “Turning Benedict Cumberbatch into the thing he most fears: a star”

    Could that cover be any more cringe-inducing? Dude, some (most) people in this world have real problems: being a star is not one of them! Seriously, there’s nothing more insufferable than hearing celebrities complain about how succesful they are…

  • Without having read the article or knowing what Cumberbatch himself said — that cover text sounds like an editorial invention, not an actual quote.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Ever since seeing HEADHUNTERS I’m back onboard with THE IMITATION GAME. It confirmed the director’s firm handle on the craft. The script has glowing reviews.

  • James

    What Ryan said.

  • Tish

    Already read his profile from this and yes that is pure editorial invention.

  • Luke

    If I have to hear one more actor saying I don’t want to be a star, I will explode. First step, don’t be on cover of magazines. Second step, don’t sell yourself cheap for parts in popcorn summer movies.

  • Tish

    Read his profile, he never mentioned fame at all,9171,2154986,00.html
    It’s just another editor having fun with the headline.

  • Tish

    Read his profile, he never mentioned fame at all,9171,2154986,00.html
    It’s just another editor having fun with the headline.

  • Devon

    What’s up with those bangs? His Scavullo moment. Thank you for posting.

  • SeattleMoviegoer

    gee, Daniel Day-Lewis never even made it on the cover of TIME…let alone ROLLING STONE.

  • Christophe

    Point taken!

  • Patrick Mulholland

    Love the bangs!

    Cor. Been watching his career since Atonement. He just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

  • Evelyn Garver

    Wasn’t DDL on the cover of TIME’s international edition? If I recall, it titled him “world’s greatest actor.” That’s a phrase the world’s greatest actor would never use about himself. Also, love Cumberbatch-smart and interesting.

  • Fivus Viener

    Yes. He was on the cover about this time last year.

  • Jpns Viewer


    In fact, last year I saw at least two different covers of the talented actor, one, I believe, being American edition, with him as the late US President, side-viewed close-up, pondering the meaning of something at the back of his mind, the black and white contrast mystic and beautiful, the other, unknown to me if it be of American or other English-speaking worlds but at least in the same vein of portrait a la Cumberbatch, only looking better than the latter as well in my honest opinion.

    Anyway, Madam, you’ve made it sound like RS is that baaad. [lol]

    (Not to bully Benedict C., but I’m also with Devon about the bang situation. Just saying.)

  • That’s a nice picture of Benedict. I’m going to have to read that article.

  • Right before the photographer took the photo, she mussed up his hair and then decided to use that particular photo for the cover. She said this in an interview. This is not the way he normally wears his hair.

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