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  • Kane

    Arcade Fire is my favorite band, Spike Jonze is one of my favorite filmmakers and Greta Gerwig is a fearless and very communicative actor. Who didn’t think this was a good team?

  • I absolutely adore Greta. She’s captivating in whatever she does.

  • glimmer

    *not even* greta, could me interested in arcade fire.nope not even close….

  • Sam

    Wonderful music video created by one of my favorite directors.

    That acting and face of Greta Gerwig after his love leaves her, completely fits these lines “Afterlife…oh my god what an awful word”

    This is what’s called a great music video for a meaningful song which performed live by Arcade Fire

  • Kholby

    I would love to see what Spike would do with an actual music video as opposed to a performance. That being said, this video is fantastic. But imagine what more could happen! Hopefully the working relationship was good and they will work together again very soon. Maybe on ‘Here Comes the Night Time.’ Yes, please!

  • Mike

    This was a lot of fun. I love Gerwig and Arcade Fire.

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