Craig, Ryan and I talk a bit about the current race, including any recent developments with the AFI Film Fest.

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  • Agree completely with the screwjob that ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ took on the chin that you guys mentioned here. I would like to write something about that one day (I’ve talked about it enough on my own site here and there), and even more telling is that as soon as the Oscars were over, the government investigation and probe into the film (with all the controversy surrounding it and what have you) ended immediately.

    A damn shame, because for me, ZDT was hands down the best film of 2012.

  • Chris

    Will someone tell Ryan we all know by now how long he’s been overseas? 😉 With all my love..seems to me like every podcast has to have that line talking about living in Thailand to be completed!:p Ps. AMERICAN BEAUTY is the best of the 90’s decade movies to ever win, period!:D

  • Philipp

    You’re right, the investigation was ridiculous.

  • CMG

    Don’t even get me started and that ‘investigation’ and the rumors of the possible Oscar players who had some very convenient contacts in the US Senate to get that going.

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