The Hollywood Reporter’s Actresses Roundtable:


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  • Craig

    No Sandra or Cate? Amy and Octavia have had a go already…

  • Bryce Forestieri

    “I played an Argentinean, and I just didn’t want to be English ever again.” –Emma Thompson

    Did me. Riot. She must win Best Actress.


  • KT

    Amy Adams has been putting up with these things for years. And they are ridiculous, and the questions mostly uninspired or probing on the actor’s process. No wonder Meryl never does them.

  • John

    Just watched it. Those 54 minutes just flew.

    Emma, hysterical.
    Oprah, insightful.
    Lupita, adorable.
    Amy, better than last year.
    Julia, very down to Earth.
    Octavia, fascinating about why shes going to TV for a while.

  • Visalia

    Julie Delpy was robbed of the round table . It hurts my head that Oprah may be nominated for an Oscar this year but Delpy won’t. Or that The Butler will gets several nominations and Before Midnight will be lucky to get a screenplay. I knew it would be forgotten by everyone but it still sucks. No respect.

  • Not Harrison Ford

    Is the video of this not up? I cannot find it anywhere

  • KT

    Well, to be fair, this was a much better conversation than some of the past ones.

    Lupita really held her own, elevating this conversation. So composed, well spoken, beautiful. And what a performance in 12 Years. From my reading, I think she really impressed Emma Thompson, who was very interested in what she was saying. Julia got a few praises in for Oprah, and we know Julia has really helped people in the Oscar races.

  • Antoinette

    I’m going to have nightmares about being stuck in an elevator or snowed in with Emma Thompson or something. She’s just too much.

    This was the best of the roundtables in terms of the chemistry between the participants. The others seemed pretty awkward. I think maybe they did these too early in the game. They could have had much better combinations this year.

  • Jerry Grant

    This is a great roundtable. The only other one I saw was for Directors, and that was thoroughly awkward. Octavia Spencer is so thoughtful; I hope she gets in for “Fruitvale,” she was pretty extraordinary in it. Oprah is funny being Oprah. And Emma Thompson is thoroughly amazing. Nice vibe throughout.

  • Jake Bart

    Emma Thompson owns this so much. I love how opinionated and witty she is without ever being grating. Thompson for Oscar host, 2015.

  • Tony

    Very different from last year when Charlize Theron was dropping F-bombs all over the place.

    Is Cate not really campaigning much?

  • TOM

    Hope this isn’t an Oprah lovefest.

  • RobMiles

    Worst Roundtable Ever!

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