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Cast Your Vote: 5th Annual Simulated Oscar Ballot


For the 5th year in a row, to help us better understand the Academy’s voting system, we’re running a Simulated Oscar Ballot devised and constructed each season by our own accounting wizard, Rob Y. We’re well aware that AD readers represent a demographic that doesn’t match the AMPAS and many of us have different taste that most Oscar voters. Thus the purpose of this ballot is not to try to predict what the Oscars will do — Marshall Flores is developing a stats model for that. Instead, this ballot is intended to lift the veil on the process used to tabulate votes in the preferential voting system and to give us a clear sense of how the internal numbers shake out.

Here’s the link to the dropdown menus for Rob’s Simulated Oscar Ballot. I can’t improve on Rob’s instructions:

“Pretend you are an honorary member of the Academy, and you are asked to nominate films in their respective categories. Make your selections accordingly.”

If you change your mind, submit an updated nomination form. Your last submission in each branch will be used. Voting will be closed on Monday. January 13 at 10:00 PM PST.