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  • phantom

    I’ve learned the hard way (Riva) that I should probably NEVER bet against the SAG winner (=frontrunner), but I think if DiCaprio delivers a few more of these cool / endearing movie star moments, he might just pull off an upset in the end. Sure, he would probably need a semi-unexpected Bafta win first, still, we cannot deny that sentiment is VERY strong and it could be a great (and only?) way to embrace The Wolf of Wall Street.

  • m1

    Not to be a hater or anything, but this episode was just unfunny and dreadful. It’s strange that SNL keeps giving Jonah Hill crap material to work with.

    As far as the Oscar race goes, if this episode has any impact at all (and I don’t think it will), it will probably do more for DiCaprio than it will for Hill.

  • Aragorn

    He was GREAT (and looked very handsome:). I wish he made a “real” comedy movie…

  • Aragorn

    Ohhh…I meant Leo with my comment above:)

  • WW

    Nothing would make me happier than to see Leonardo DiCaprio pull off a gigantic upset at BAFTA and the Oscars, not just for his tour de force in ”The Wolf of Wall Street” but for his 2 decades of topnotch performances that have been nominated (”Gilbert Grape,” ”Aviator,” ”Blood Diamond”) and not nominated (”Titanic,” ”Revolutionary Road,” ”Django Unchained”).

    In ”Wolf,” Leo carries that movie for 3 hours, with such range, going from the heights of hilarity to the darkest depths of drama. It’s his best work ever and shows you the maturity of the man. The scene of Leo whipping up his office and himself into a frenzy (”Pick up the phone!”) is a classic. So is the riotous Quaaludes sequence, where comes off as the comic cousin of Harold Lloyd.

    Sadly, ”Wolf” is too polarizing and his character is too dark and debauched for Leo to win. And the Academy doesn’t like ”pretty boys.” Matt McConaughey plays a far more sympathetic Texan with AIDS; he lost 40 pounds for the part, and he’s picked up the Globe, Broadcast Critics and SAG, so Matt’s got all the momentum. (He even has a terrific scene in ”Wolf.”) But what I wouldn’t give to see Leo howl with delight for finally winning for ”Wolf of Wall St.”

    (Here’s the beginning of the Quaaludes sequence from ”Wolf” …)


  • Raphael

    Leo’s performance is incredible, i still believe he could win

  • Pierre de Plume

    The bulge in Hill’s pants was so noticeable I thought he was wearing his prosthetic from the movie and was going to pull it out during the monologue. 🙂

    I think McConaughey has his Oscar wrapped up.

  • Jesus Alonso

    Not available for your location. Sh*t

  • Christophe


    this link should work, it’s from the SNL Youtube account for international viewers:


  • Vily

    This was hilarious!!! Leo is really gunning for it!!! LOL!!!! :-))))

  • Bill_the_Bear

    Christophe, that link doesn’t work in Canada, nor does the original video that Sasha posted.

  • Christophe

    Bill the Bear,

    I’ve just googled “snl canada” and this is what I found:


    Doesn’t work for me but apparently this is a Canadian channel, so it should work for you!

  • Jesus Alonso

    Christophe, thanks but neither link work… I live in Spain. None of the 3.

  • Jesus Alonso
  • WW

    Speaking of parodies, ”Crazymoviekid” has re-cut the trailer of ”The Wolf of Wall Street” with scenes from ”Shark’s Tale,” an animated movie that featured Martin Scorsese. Very clever!


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