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John Ridley Wins Scripter for 12 Years a Slave

John Ridley brought some of Solomon Northup’s descendants as he accepted his awards, choking back tears. He thanked honoree Robert Towne, “without you I would not be here.” He beat the writers of Philomena, Captain Phillips, The Spectacular Now, and What Maisy Knew. Ridley said he was significantly moved in reading and writing the memoir for Northup.

The USC Script awards are being held tonight.  They are going to be held live on webcast here.

The nominees are:
What Maisy Knew
The Spectacular Now
Captain Phillips
12 Years a Slave

The Scripter has changed their practices recently to not really so much honor both the source material (as in, novel or non-fiction book) – not the source material doesn’t matter as much as the adaptation, hence Argo’s win last year. That they did not choose the collaboration of Doris Kearns book, which took ten years to write and Tony Kushner’s screenplay, which took six, is one of those great mysteries of awards season.  That’s why I really don’t know what will win here. I could see it going to any of the three Best Picture nominees – Philomena, Captain Phillips or 12 Years.   The judges listed here.