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(We’ll keep trying to nail down an embeddable trailer that can stay alive on the site but for now 20th Fox keeps killing it. Eventually they’ll stop playing whack-a-mole. Until then you can find the trailer at iTunes).

Carving this poster down to a more ambiguous sliver works better for me, but I understand that teasers need to appeal to a broad audience who need things spelled out.

gone girl pl

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  • Andre

    I like it!

    gonna buy the book today on my way home from work.

  • Alex

    I haven’t read the book but everything about the movie makes it look EXTREMELY like O’Brien’s In the Lake of the Woods … which isn’t a bad thing, and I’m surprised the latter hasn’t been turned into a movie itself

  • Al Robinson

    Perhaps this is a cliche, but, that poster’s wording reminds me of this song:

  • Bryce Forestieri

    I’m hoping for a film that deserves to be part of an unofficial trilogy with SE7EN and ZODIAC

  • Alex

    @Bryce aside from it being in its own trilogy, I feel that Dragon Tattoo would end up fitting better with Se7en and Zodiac …. or not idk

  • Al Robinson

    Just watched the trailer now, and I am very excited for the movie, but the trailer actually didn’t do much for me, at the same time. I didn’t care for that choice of song, and it reminded me of the same way that the teaser trailer for American Hustle used Led Zeppelin, and had very little dialogue.

  • Al Robinson

    Bryce, since Se7en and Zodiac were about murderers, (without going into any detail) are you saying that Gone Girl’s story-line is similar to those 2? I haven’t read the book, so I know pretty much nothing yet about the story-line.

  • Jeremy

    That was the most David Fincher-esque trailer of all time.

  • Alex

    Obligatory frustrated smashing of glass/porcelain/ceramic aside (seriously, has nobody made a movie montage of this yet?), the trailer is BRILLIANT!

    My anticipation just skyrocketed

  • Daniel B.

    The story of Gone Girl has nothing to do with these movies – neither storywise nor tonally.

    I was really surprised that the trailer didn’t do much for me. But I am sure that it is just the trailer. Even if the movie is half as good as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, it will still be great.

  • Ra S.

    that Cinematography though

  • Radich

    I’m actually disappointed with the trailer. High expectations do kill. But I’m still gonna see this one, because of Fincher.

    I have the book on Kindle but I haven’t gotten the chance, or the urge, to really put my mind into it and read. Good that I still have time for that.

  • wwe films

    Its good to see wwe films “Occulus” was #3 at the weekend box office

  • Bryce Forestieri

    I mean aside from all the green (and it is green) if it weren’t for the aspect ratio this looks like another HOUSE OF CARDS episode. I mean, I *CAN* dig it, I guess.

    And who knows about the acting. Rosamund Pike? I guess we’ll have to wait and see (as we should, right?)…wow.

  • olive is the new noir

  • Corvo


    If you didn’t read the book you cannot really like this masterful trailer. Read the book, then watch it again. You will understand how good it is.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Apostles of the Red Epic?

    Well, *that* color was as consistent as you can get with the atmospherics (in the most physical sense of the word) of the city of Tampa, I thought. Like the air they were breathing was palpable — but -and thank God- he gave us visual levity inside the “club”.

    I don’t want to obsess over this because who cares, but I can’t wait to see what Fincher’s cooking here.

    Al, it’s the mystery/crime trilogy (I knoww). If I explain more I get into spoilers.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    I mean based on the book and the revelations that Fincher isn’t going to be very faithful the movie might end up being more appropriate of a double feature with FIGHT CLUB so just ignore everything I just said. Lazy speculation.

  • Remember how Fincher and Steven Zaillian took the rather flat ending of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and cranked it up a few notches past the point where Larsson’s novel left us.

    When adapting a thriller that’s a widely-read best-seller — and relying on readers of the novel to be a core target audience — I think it’s incumbent on filmmakers to do more that recite the book verbatim.

    A who-done-it or how-they-done-it or why-they-done-it mystery hits readers in the gut when they discover how everything fits together. Any movie that quotes the book without adding anything new is going to lack that gut-punch.

    In Dragon Tattoo, Fincher and Zaillian gave us a better ending than the book provided. I’m confident Gillian Flynn has twistier twists in store for us, so she and Fincher can be sure the movie will deliver the same impact for moviegoers as her novel gave her readers.

    (This is just a long-winded way of saying: In Fincher We Trust)

  • TB

    This looks interesting… But if people here believe this is an Oscar movie your fooling yourselves. This has no chance at nominations… Maybe cinematography but I doubt it.

  • Robin Write

    With the likes of Nolan and Payne, Fincher is a director I rate highly. But doesn’t everyone now?

    It makes me think if Se7en was released now would the Academy just lap it up?

  • Kelly

    I don’t know why you think Fincher gave The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo a better ending than the author…. he didn’t change that much. I prefer the ending in the book. Then again, that novel was the first of three (and really was intended to be the first of 10 but Larsen died) books that I’m sure was going to have lots of twists and turns…

    This trailer looks good, but I just don’t get all the constant hype about Fincher here at AD. Yes, he’s brilliant more often than not. But you all act like he shits gold and can do no wrong.

  • joe

    It looks good but I don’t know about Oscars yet. I can see it getting picture director actress supporting actor-nph adapted screenplay soundvmixing

  • Bryce Forestieri

    I secretly wish the spelling of the book/film’s title were GONE GAL…somehow it seems more fitting…and fun to say

  • Clint


    Agree re: Zallian/Dragon Tattoo, but would also add that Fincher’s editing team really knocked it out of the park with that sequence, giving it a kind of fluidity and momentum that was lacking in the book. The editing in that film is even more impressive, at least to me, than their Oscar-winning work in The Social Network because Zallian is really a screenwriter that writes to thematic structure and story structure as opposed to the actual specific cuts and dialogue beats the way that Aaron Sorkin does and did on TSN (a contrast that is really highlighted in their collaboration on Moneyball, where you can get a sense of the clarity that Zallian provides thematically throughout while Sorkin keeps the film moving scene to scene). And, given that Flynn is a first-time screenwriter, and (with the exception of Gone Girl), a pretty messy writer, structurally speaking, the editing is going to be pretty important with this one. Though, given Gone Girl’s impressively cogent and inventive structure and Fincher jumping in with her on the HBO series she’s written, maybe she’s worked out her quirks and is hitting her stride. Say what you will about Fincher, but he does not work with shitty writers (even if James Vanderbilt/Jim Uhl’s script credits are a little lean, their respective scripts for Zodiac and Fight Club were quite good given the degree of difficulty of adapting those books).

    If we are going to start playing the prognostication game for Gone Girl this early, I think the easiest bets for recognition, regardless of whether the film ends up playing to audiences, are Editing and Cinematography. Jeff Cronenweth has been nominated the last two times he’s worked with Fincher, and his work is the kind of established, unmistakable visual style that the branch tends to reward. Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter have each been nominated the last three, winning the last two times they’ve been nominated for a Fincher film, and this is another project that demands a lot of precise, sharp cuts to really sell the story. I’d be surprised if we weren’t talking about those three guys come January.

  • Al Robinson

    Okay, thanks Bryce. šŸ™‚

  • Jerry Grant

    Reminds me of the trailer to _The Social Network_, in which the Radiohead cover played over gloomy curious images, foretelling moods and themes that wouldn’t be evident from a plot-based trailer. It’s a better way of doing trailers in general, and works here like it did then.

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