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  • Josh

    No thanks. Had some hope for this but think it looks ho hum at best.

  • SeattleMoviegoer

    well, let’s give this 2-time Oscar winner for best picture and best director the benefit of the doubt. and before the legions of Awards Daily opinion givers attempt to burnish their “cool” status and claim to hate musicals and admit they don’t “get” them, it is good to acknowledge that this show isn’t some unknown property. tens of millions have loved it around the world. many are anxious to see the movie. and it doesn’t hurt that the story and script originated with no less than Marshall Brickman–Oscar winner for ANNIE HALL and MANHATTAN.

  • Dave L

    Looks good. Clint’s excellent – it won’t disappoint.

  • Al Robinson

    I’m not sure about Oscars, but I think I will see it this summer. I love music, and movies. I’ve never been huge on musicals, but this doesn’t look like a musical, it looks like a movie with music in it. Either way…. 🙂

  • Anna

    I love musicals. I love Clint Eastwood. This, however, just looks like a cliche’ biopic. This will be a pass for me, unless the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Oh c’moooooon! Doesn’t look terrible to me. The leads look a bit stiff, but it’s just a trailer. I liked everything else about it. J. EDGAR was indeed junk, but other than that Clint has been near solid. I know INVICTUS and HEREAFTER wouldn’t make mine or anyone’s citations, but they had some interesting stuff in them. This looks more consistent -in quality- with MILLION DOLLAR BABY, CHANGELING, GRAN TORINO, and I liked all those movies. He will never make another UNFORGIVEN, but if I enjoy this movie as much as the trailer suggests I will, then I’ll be hopeful Clint hasn’t completely lost it and could still surprise with AMERICAN SNIPER. He’s currently shooting with the great Bradley Cooper, and if he’s done with everything by some time in the summer, and he will, we can still see that film make it out this year — and to be perfectly honest, I’d be content with something as magisterial yet visceral as a MYSTIC RIVER. Just trying to be optimistic. I wish I could erase my soft spot for Clint, he’s just not cool these days.

  • Brian S.

    It’s interesting to see Clint directing a musical after the disaster of Paint Your Wagon (’69) which he starred in, not directed. But this was going to be a movie eventually, so it’s worth a view for my money.

  • robert L

    This is the best written Broadway musical I have ever seen. My history goes all the way back to My Fair Lady. The story alone holds up without music. Did wonder why Martin Scorsese did not opt to direct. It certainly feeds his genre of film.

  • Christophe

    Stills and early impressions from MacBeth’s filming with Marion Cotillard and Michael Fassbender:

    So psyched abt it!

  • Bryce Forestieri

    ^^^From the director of THE SNOWTOWN MURDERS so we’re in good hands! (phew, it won’t be another CORIOLANUS) The images are striking; so glad he’s reunited with rising cinematographer Adam Arkapaw who already has under his belt TRUE DETECTIVE, ANIMAL KINGDOM, LORE, and the aforementioned!

  • Jerry Grant

    Wow, I actually think this might be good. Eastwood’s formalist austere direction works well with the liveliness of these performances and the music (from the trailer). This is going to appeal to lots of people. Big box office if nothing else.

  • Igor Sousa

    Well, I can’t tell much about it but I loved the other musical Clint had made, Bird

  • joe

    Clint never disappoints. This will be something spectular although Eastwood be on the downward these days. Trouble with the curve was a flop but I believe this will be a comeback for populist Eastwood.

  • Diego

    Eastwood didn’t direct Trouble with the curve…

  • filmboymichael

    This looks good. Dare I say, really good. I will admit, I love a good musical but I find this to look slick, exciting and well directed and shot. I even like (in the trailer anyway) the breaking of the fourth wall. That technique has been something that has prevented me from liking a lot of movies/shows. I love that Sex and the City phased that out and I found it jarring on House of Cards. This is a player, for sure. Not sure how big of a player, but a player nonetheless.

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