hey, studio focus group marketing committee — top this. Artist Alex Fellows creates a poster for Inherent Vice. Setting the bar high for whatever the studio comes up with. Full-size after the cut.


*thanks for the link, Bryce!

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  • Al Robinson

    That is of course, freaking awesome!!! I wish I could draw like that.

    Nice find Bryce!

  • Al Robinson

    I guess the question has to be asked though, WHY is Bugs Bunny in the picture??

  • Niles

    That is pretty awesome, lol. What the hell is Bugs Bunny doing there, that shit is random! lol. I guess its because the times of saturday morning cartoons in the 70s or something. There is a part in the book where one of the characters kids is watching cartoons. Who knows lol.

  • The Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner Hour TV show (1968-1978) figures in a scene from Inherent Vice!

  • Al Robinson

    When I see this picture and think of the 1970s, I think of funky bass sounds, like from the theme song to Shaft.

    Music that sounds like it’s in a porno video.

  • Al Robinson
  • Bryce Forestieri

    You’re welcome!

    Off the top of my head

    Inherent Vice, check
    The Fault in Our Stars, check
    Gone Girl, check
    The Maze Runner, check
    Serena, check
    Noah (graphic novel), check
    Unbroken, I got it but haven’t started it
    Palo Alto, queued
    The Giver, no motivation whatsoever

    What else is there this year?

  • wait, what? are we talking about high-profile eligible adapted screenplay candidates?

    Carol (The Price of Salt)
    The Homesman
    A Most Wanted Man
    Suite Francaise
    Into the Woods
    The Drop
    Child 44
    Far From The Madding Crowd
    Miss Julie

  • Is Exodus based on anything?

  • Al Robinson

    “Is Exodus based on anything?

    Um…. I know this one…. 😉

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Nice. Mostly just making a COOL to-read list based on this year’s adaptations, so yes?

    Read Miss Julie, check, but other than that, nada. I do need to make an effort to get as many of those in on time — and The Price of Salt and Far from a Madding Crowd sure look like the highest priorities.

  • The Giver is actually pretty decent as far as YA literature is concerned.

  • moviewatcher

    That is such an awesome poster!!!

  • Igor Sousa

    I haven’t read so I have a question: could we compare it to the Bad Lieutenant movies from Herzog (loved) and Ferrara (haven’t watched)?

  • Hi guys,
    I made this poster. Glad you like it. It’s inspired by a scene in the novel. I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you, though… (Bugs is there in his own way).


  • Shubha Ghosh

    Pynchon rumored to say he has Bugs Bunny teeth, so perfect!

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