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Fluffers Unite: Star Wars Cast Announced

If you’re in the fluffer business you aren’t really allowed to gripe about the lack originality in Hollywood anymore, the dependence upon tent poles and franchises – we’re just supposed to stand back in awe of the double rainbow — look at all that money fly by. But this is supposed to be good because it’s JJ Abrams and it’s supposed to be good because look at this cast, just announced by Badass Digest:

John Boyega
Daisy Ridley
Adam Driver
Oscar Isaac
Andy Serkis
Domhnall Gleeson
Max von Sydow
Harrison Ford
Carrie Fisher
Mark Hamill
Anthony Daniels
Peter Mayhew
Kenny Baker

Cool cast! It looks as though you will be entertained so why not sit back, relax and enjoy the show? I’ve seen this hype machine a-rolling for about ten years now so it doesn’t exactly float my boat. Sure, when I was ten I would have been blown away. And of course, I was. When I was ten. But hey, movies aren’t for people like me anymore — they are for the ticket buyers and the ticket buyers will LOVE this. It could be so good it might earn a Best Picture nomination even.