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Who Might Play Elder Price in Book of Mormon Movie?

After finally seeing Book of Mormon recently I wondered two things. The first, wouldn’t it be great if Broadway was infused with this kind of originality again? Instead, it’s become a wasteland of remakes of movies – the same thing is happening to Hollywood, of course, and so many production companies are too scared to take a chance. Book of Mormon stands out for its originality and risk-taking overall.  What a great, great play. The creators behind the stage show denied any film in the past but have recently said they were considering it.  The person they want to play Elder Price is Justin Bieber.  Parker and Stone wanted someone younger for the camera, they said, instead of the show’s big star, Andrew Rannells (who most certainly could do it, now that he himself has become a star).

If not Rannells, however, please let it be Zac Efron.  Pretty please? Lupita N’yongo for the lead female.