After finally seeing Book of Mormon recently I wondered two things. The first, wouldn’t it be great if Broadway was infused with this kind of originality again? Instead, it’s become a wasteland of remakes of movies – the same thing is happening to Hollywood, of course, and so many production companies are too scared to take a chance. Book of Mormon stands out for its originality and risk-taking overall.  What a great, great play. The creators behind the stage show denied any film in the past but have recently said they were considering it.  The person they want to play Elder Price is Justin Bieber.  Parker and Stone wanted someone younger for the camera, they said, instead of the show’s big star, Andrew Rannells (who most certainly could do it, now that he himself has become a star).

If not Rannells, however, please let it be Zac Efron.  Pretty please? Lupita N’yongo for the lead female.


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  • Bryce Forestieri

    “please let it be Zac Efron. Pretty please? Maybe Jonah Hill for the other guy. Lupita N’yongo for the lead female.”

    My Gosh, Sasha. Umm let me think…YES, YES, and YES.

    I recently re-watched LEE DANIEL’S THE PAPERBOY and that film is destined to become a first-tier cult classic.

    In other news, this thing is screening at Critics’ Week this year at Cannes, and the premise is the most riveting I’ve seen in a long time — also not helping me, those wonderful stills! Really consider checking it out, Sasha.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    I see you retracted on Jonah Hill (too old by now on second thought?) Still think it’s a great call. Or just do that same guy from JOBS. I do agree with the creators about another lead tho.

  • rAr

    How about J G-L?

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Oh deff^

    Didn’t he play Mormon too already?

  • Matt

    I actually would love it to be an animated film. It’s already a wonderful send-up of the Disney-fication of Broadway, that presenting an animated film, in true Disney style, would be a lot of fun.

    For live-action though, Lupita as Nabalungi is spot-on. We all know she can bring the true heart amidst the goofiness. And to hear her sing? I am ready.

  • Justin Bieber would be great. The kid’s really talented. I know he’s everyone’s favorite whipping boy but that’s getting old. I have the soundtrack to the Book of Mormon but didn’t get to see it on Broadway.

    Broadway has original shows all the time and they’ve been doing this remake of movies crap for a couple of decades. It’s not a new stupid thing, but it keeps Broadway going when middle America comes into the city and will plunk down money for something they’ve heard of, but not something they haven’t. I think it might be a necessary evil.

    Can Lupita sing? I’ve only seen her in 12YAS.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    “presenting an animated film, in true Disney style, would be a lot of fun”

    Bad idea?…the worst idea? They haven’t done anything that is very good since 1992, and nothing near “great” since 1967 (hey, like Godard)

  • Bob Burns

    Daniel Radcliffe could do it. His comic timing in How to Succeed in Business was hilarious. He deserves half of Larroquette’s Tony, IMO.

  • Al Robinson

    How about Darren Criss? Glee will be ending soon enough.

  • steve50

    Big “yes” to Efron – it may be the only role he was born to play, although he’s trying hard to stretch himself. Radcliffe is also a good choice, but Bieber?! I doubt he can sing well enough, has zero acting chops, and without some stealthy CGI would be the first tattooed singing Mormon.

  • SallyinChicago

    Instead, it’s become a wasteland of remakes of movies – the same thing is happening to Hollywood, of course, and so many production companies are too scared to take a chance.
    My thoughts exactly. And the reason why so many shows are not “hits” like the Book of Mormon is because of their unoriginality. It’s either a remake (book to movie to Broadway musical) or a jukebox musical, which aint bad, depending on whose music.
    But Broadway needs writers really bad. The dramas seem to be the only original stuff coming off the stage.

  • Yogsss

    Based on what I know of Parker and Stone, I’m pretty sure that Bieber comment wasn’t serious at all. Other than that, a movie version of this play would be a freaking dream considering all the talents behind it (Scott Rudin anyone?)

    By the way, Trey Parker has won an Emmy, Grammy and a Tony. The Oscar can’t be far away to make him an EGOT, in my opinion. Robert Lopez won the Oscar for Frozen this year and became an EGOT himself. He won the Tony and Grammy for Book of Mormon.

  • Eric P.

    I urge all if the NYC readers to check out Will Eno’s “The Realistic Jonses” on Broadway. The most original drama I’ve seen in a while. A fantastic night in the theater.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    ME AND ORSON WELLES remains the most wickedly underseen and underrated Linklater. Honest question: Did Broadway/NYC types not approve of it? And why did it not make an awards splash? It has Oscar movie written all over it, except it’s really really good, sort of like Stephen Frears’ best film, THE QUEEN.

  • SeattleMoviegoer

    the songs for Elder Price are for someone who can’t just sing, but SING really well, like Rannells. Efron had to be dubbed for HAIRSPRAY because the songs were out of his HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL league. Bieber is a douche, or so says Seth Rogan. Bieber would also have to have a spectacular comedic ability for the role and that’s asking a lot. i just want Rory O’Malley to repeat for the movie.

  • Watermelons

    ok I’ll do it


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  • MJ

    What about Jonathan Groff – can definitely sing it. Maybe not a big enough name?

  • LSUduck

    Bieber would be a disaster. Not only does he likely not have the acting chops but a large portion of his fan base would not get BOM. At all. The word-of-mouth would be horrendous outside of the musical fans and already established BOM fanatics.

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