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Screening in Cannes a few hours from now:

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  • I love it. This is the sort of period drama I can’t resist – one which doesn’t feel like a traditional period drama. It’s not stuffy and staid and stilted and staged. It’s lively and animated, and thoroughly realistic and believable. Mike Leigh understands that life in bygone eras, pre-cinema, was not inherently different from today in terms of how people relate to one another. They don’t speak as though reciting cues from a stage play, like in so many period dramas. They speak like this. And I think the music in these clips is great, and signals a definite departure from the style of Leigh’s other films.

  • Bob Burns

    Sir John Soame, indeed! Brilliant artists.

    Thank you very much for these clips. Good to see that an overtly visual subject brings attention to Leigh’s visual insight.

  • JPNS Viewer

    Thanks for embedding.

    I fancy Mike Leigh’s directorial style in general and depending upon my days, that is, good- or bad-hair days so to speak, I especially like very much or love Topsy-Turvy (my usual grade: A- . . . ).

    That said, the two featured clips (“Extrait 1” and “clip/Film 4”) somewhat didn’t sit well in my book. It seems to me to have missed, if you’d like, the usual tempos rendered by Leigh despite the beautiful British feels about this film, commendably, just as usual as his other pieces.
    However, with Mike Leigh’s name […] to it, I’m in, despite the currently AD-featured, embedded clips.

    At the end of the day, I reckon that I for one just #couldn’t see him possibly go sooo wrong that I regret paying for a ticket. (Worst case scenario: with Leigh-directed film, at least it could be an average good time, I believe.)

  • Michael Herbertson

    Finally, an example to actors of how to play period. Thank You Mike Leigh. Can’t wait. Looks fantastic. Thx Sasha:)

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