Just heard the Nerdist exclusive that Jessica Chastain has been offered the role in True Detective 2 but has yet to accept. What could be more exciting? She is perfect for that or any other part. One of the very best actresses working today.


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  • Sandra D

    Crossing my finger! Btw Sasha, I notice you really like Chastain. : )

  • Eoin Daly

    While I want this so badly to be true it just seems Chastain has to much on her plate which is great as she is consistantly working. Currently she is filming Crimson Peak and next she will move onto The Zookeeper’s Wife, The Secret Scripture and also Blonde. I hope she can do this over Mission Ipossible 5 which she is rumoured for because as a gigantic fan of Chastain I would rather see her do brillant work rather then join a big blockbuster because Chastain is the rare star who does quality films that make big bucks because she is starring in them.

  • Jeff

    If another female lead is cast then I’m hoping for Anne Hathaway (going by imdb, she doesn’t have any projects lined up at the moment and I think she’s a somewhat underrated actress).

    If a male lead is going to be cast then I couldn’t think of anyone better than Joaquin Phoenix (I’d like to think that he’d be able to finish his filming commitments on the next Woody Allen movie so that he would be available in time).

  • phantom

    Wow this would be fantastic…but could she have the time to do it ? She starts The Secret Scripture in June, then Blonde in August and The Zookeeper’s Wife is scheduled for a 2015 release, too. She is also expected to be on the campaign trail with The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby and maybe even Miss Julie, and will still have two more films (A Most Violent Year, Interstellar) to promote this year… and True Detective started its first season in January…so I guess something’s gotta give : most likely scenario that one of her films will be delayed to shoot early next year OR if the TD people really want her – and of course they do – they could wait for her a bit and only debut the new season in the spring.

    P.S. And even though I won’t deny Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol was surprisingly good (the Brad Bird touch, no doubt), I really hope Chastain won’t do a fourth sequel if that means giving up any of those great and challenging projects. Then again the most ideal scenario would be if Hermione Granger gave her time-turner to Jessica Chastain so she could do ALL these projects, but oh, well !

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Christmas is here! Please, let this be true!

    She was wonderful in the otherwise mediocre TEXAS KILLING FIELDS.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    My guess is that TRUE DETECTIVE Season 2 won’t premiere in January. There’s just no time anymore — so sometime later in 2015. My guess is that is not what HBO would have preferred, but it’s great to know that Pizzolatto goes at his own pace.

  • Kane

    Bryce, HBO has a habit of waiting to air subsequent seasons a bit later than usual. Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Sopranos sometimes waited 2 years between seasons. If we have to wait a few years for True Detective to deliver another fantastic season, I’ll wait. Plus it’s not like we’re waiting for another season for a story to continue or finish. Having True Detective as their own stand alone stories works perfectly fine with me 🙂

  • Robert A.

    According to the most recent update on Huff-Po, Chastain’s reps are saying she will not star in True Detective 2. HBO denies they ever made an offer to Chastain.

  • Ailidh

    HBO and Chastain have now denied the rumor. Social media went insane about this last night. Our collective desperation for news about True Detective is pitiful.

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