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Ryan Gosling’s Debut Puts itself up as Cannes Sacrifice, Divides Critics

I am sorry now that I skipped the screening at 2pm of Ryan Gosling’s debut film, Lost River. I may see it later at 10pm.  Either way, in case you’re interested, here are some of the reactions, mostly dividing critics.  Jeff Wells says it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be and compared it, continually, to Beasts of the Southern Wild. I don’t see how this is possible given the very specific, very strong theme of Beasts, given the lead performance, and given the overall message of that film.  I don’t see how, given what I know about Gosling’s casting, this could be anything like that. But that, along with David Lynch comparisons, is where the critics are going with it, meaning, they don’t see it as original but rather a replicant. I don’t mind them going there with Refn, have at it. But David Lynch is in a category all his own. No one can compare.

Watch the first teaser for “Lost River” here.