I am sorry now that I skipped the screening at 2pm of Ryan Gosling’s debut film, Lost River. I may see it later at 10pm.  Either way, in case you’re interested, here are some of the reactions, mostly dividing critics.  Jeff Wells says it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be and compared it, continually, to Beasts of the Southern Wild. I don’t see how this is possible given the very specific, very strong theme of Beasts, given the lead performance, and given the overall message of that film.  I don’t see how, given what I know about Gosling’s casting, this could be anything like that. But that, along with David Lynch comparisons, is where the critics are going with it, meaning, they don’t see it as original but rather a replicant. I don’t mind them going there with Refn, have at it. But David Lynch is in a category all his own. No one can compare.

Watch the first teaser for “Lost River” here.

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  • dan

    wow wild stuff both ways. i’m not always a fan but wesley’s comment cracked me up

  • Kane

    I can understand why people would want to compare the style, not talent, to Lynch (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I really want to see this and I’m hoping it turns out great. There are many Lynch/Refn/Korine name drops and I’d rather read blurbs where they take his product as his own.

  • dan

    not sure about “divides critics” anymore. 0/5 on RT and they are very low scores.

  • Kane

    Dan, “divided” means split down the middle. Even if one of the critics felt divided (half liked it and half hated it) that still amounts to maybe a score of 50. That 50 translates to a “rotten” review on RT, which is why it’s a site I barely like to view anymore. Also judging from what Sasha and other bloggers have said, there were boos and cheers. 5 reviews from RT don’t make up the crowd that saw Gosling’s movie.

  • dan

    that’s incorrect, Kane. “divided” would be be say 5 positive reviews and 5 negative reviews. all negative reviews means the movie is being panned… at least so far.

  • dan

    headline from “variety”… “Ryan Gosling Directorial Debut Leads to Critical Drubbing at Cannes”

  • Kane

    Ok if you’re strictly going off the 5 reviews from RT and not the many more reactions Sasha posted, then yes Lost River is an absolute dud. But Sasha made a note on how split the reaction was from those who saw it, not the 5 critics who happened to post their reviews so quickly.

  • dan

    yeah that’s strictly what i’m going off of….rotten tomatoes. it could definitely rebound and improve or become more balanced/divided. i know rotten tomatoes isn’t perfect but i trust it to weed people out and get an honest critical reaction a heck of a lot more than twitter reactions or applause at cannes–

  • Alan of Montreal

    Well, I guess ya gotta start somewhere. Maybe it’s going to turn out like Johnny Depp’s one and only directorial effort, but I don’t think he can be faulted for trying. Maybe he shouldn’t have started with something smaller. In any case, I guess the wider reception still remains to be seen.

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