Kristen Stewart told the Wall Street Journal, “The reason this movie was made was not to make a statement about how superficial media can be, but it was a lot of fun for me to be the one to say it. Obviously, I’ve had more experience with the media, so it makes it funnier.” It’s great to hear her speak on the topic and mostly that she’s come out the other side with a healthy perspective.

Meanwhile, Stewart received rave reviews for her performance out of Cannes, along with Juliette Binoche and Chloe Moretz.

Indiewire’s Eric Kohn: “Maria heads to the sweeping getaway of the Swiss alps with her trusty assistant Valentine (Kristen Stewart) to rehearse the part. Buried in glasses and tattoos, Stewart fully inhabits her role as a credible young woman riddled with self-doubt that nicely complements the fears of aging that plague her employer.”

Hitfix’s Guy Lodge: “Delivering the film’s most touching, textured performance, Stewart plays her gradual self-assertion beautifully, her signature underplaying building in light and shade, her sullen body language opening up as her co-star’s turns appropriately tight and uncertain. There’s a rueful twinkle, too, to her delivery as Valentine muses on the relentless pettiness of contemporary celebrity journalism. La Binoche isn’t the only actress whose own career is under the magnifying glass here.”

The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw, “The relationship here is quite beautifully drawn, with Stewart again demonstrating what a terrific performer she can be away from the shadow of Twilight. She’s sharp and limber; she’s a match for Binoche. Sitting down for dinner, in one telling scene, Val dismisses her boss as a snob and claims that blockbuster fantasies can be just as valid, in their way, as social-realist dramas set in factories or on farms. Maria arches a delicate eyebrow. Yet again, she’s unconvinced.”

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  • Rob Y

    I do not have a positive opinion of Ms. Stewart, but I am willing to see this with an open mind in hopes that she can break free from the Twilight mess.

  • phantom

    I remember the pre-Twilight days when she was widely considered a very promising young actress thanks to roles in films like Fincher’s Panic Room and Penn’s Into the Wild. Then Twilight happened and suddenly she was considered a bad actress, embarassing even. It was probably due to a combination of the horrible role and people’s disturbing thirst to tear down young actresses, and he had that harder than most because the shitty franchise and her low-key off-screen persona were very easy to mock and attack even though from time to time she was still able to prove her worth (Adventureland, The Runaways, Welcome to the Rileys). Seeing her recent career choices, it is pretty obvious that she not only started out as an indie actress, at heart she always remained one…only one temporarily stuck in a BAD franchise. It also seems she wants to learn from the best : just this year she will share scenes with Juliette Binoche (Clouds of Sils Maria), Glenn Close (Anesthesia) and Julianne Moore (Still Alice). She is set for life so now if she wants she can pursue exclusively grest material without ever again worrying about Box Office and bankability so hopefully she will keep up the good work.

  • Kane

    I generally don’t like her at all these days given the few Twilight films I had seen, along with Snow White and the Huntsman which I thought she nearly ruined. But I do think she did fine work in Into the Wild and was okay in Adventureland and Welcome to the Rileys, nothing spectacular. That all being said after watching the trailer for Clouds, she does look like she owns the role and I’m pretty eager to see what she does with it.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    You can now stream CHILD’S POSE on Netflix instant.

    “Thank you, Bryce”

    You’re welcome.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Kane, I didn’t like her in ON THE ROAD either, actually, I didn’t like that movie very much save for Hedlund and Dunst’s turns, but yeah, I really liked her in ADVENTURELAND. I would like that movie much, much more if it weren’t for the soft ending.

  • Kane

    I haven’t seen On the Road yet and I’ve heard mixed things. But I like Walter Salles. Maybe I’m just hoping for another Motorcycle Diaries, one of my favorite foreign films (definitely my favorite road movie) ever.

  • JPNS Viewer

    Sasha’s Oscar poker partner HE’s own pro blo . . . , sorry, I meant, Samurai poet and online columnist J. Wells reportedly – as far as Cannes context goes – for the time being has rated KStew’s performance as no. 1 for Best Supporting Performance for either gender.

    To relate that to my thoughts re KStew and in all honesty, I’ve never been exceptionally impressed with her feature-film thesp performances. HOWever, it seems, people (critics, pro bloggers, J. Wells [he’s not a pro/amateur blogger; he’s a Samurai poet and online columnist] et al) really admire her pro efforts in Sils Maria in particular.
    I’m interested. To see how she is going to deliver.

    On the other hand, with such a talented actress as Ms. Juliette Binoche, you just can’t go wrong checking out her films and movies. She just didn’t know how to svck. (And I’m glad she’s got a chance to shine in a lead role once again.)

  • Bill W.

    Check yes for Juliette

  • Igor Sousa

    I don’t get it why the spotlights goes to Kirsten Stewart instead of Juliette Binoche.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Sweet Mary! Steven Knight will be writing the next WORLD WAR Z installment in addition to J.A. Bayona directing. I really enjoyed the first one, but with this talent behind the camera we should get a superior sequel.

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