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What it Means to Blame Violence on Art

Above is Ann Hornaday’s video explanation — which needed to be clarified since so many completely missed the point but they did the clicktivism we’re so inclined to do now: have a fit, think rationally about subject later.

An important distinction needs to be made, apparently, since many of the accusations thrown at Washington Post’s Ann Hornaday include the following words, “she’s blaming the shooting on Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen.”

Let’s be very clear. Here are some famous instances in which art was blamed for violence in recent memory, off the top of my head:

The White Album –>Charles Manson murders
Catcher in the Rye –>John Lennon and Ronald Reagan shootings, countless other acts of violence
Taxi Driver —>Ronald Reagan shooting
Marilyn Manson music –> Shooting at Columbine High School
The Dark Knight —>Shooting in Aurora
Newtown, Aurora, Isla Vista —>World of War Craft video game
Old Boy —> Virginia Tech massacre

The list goes on and on and on. What Hornaday was doing WAS NOT “blaming” these childman movies for the shooting – that has been grossly distorted for what ends? What Hornaday wrote about is a much bigger cultural ideology that has all but stamped out women in film overall – women are devalued therefore why wouldn’t any some sick men think they are worth shooting?

That is HER point and it had NOTHING to do with “blaming” the film.

Just so we’re clear.