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  • murtaza

    Spare yourself two hours, this movie sucks, despite its very interesting premise, it comes down to nothing.

  • Jeremy C.

    It does come down to nothing but I still enjoyed the journey.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    [spoiler-ish] Saw it some time ago via imported Blu-ray. Very rewarding in its visual storytelling, tonal shifts, and all things considered, a satisfying riff on the genre(s). Tilda Swinton in fine show-stealing form. Fans of the microcosm/vessel devices in both ensemble and setting will rejoice in the execution; never losing sight of the absurd, and never going into the facile, partial, or patronizingly didactic (aka ELYSIUM). There is a refusal at the end that speaks volumes about contemporary big-picture leadership, and apparently nothing(?!) too according to the comments above me, but how about you decide that for yourself. The plot is simple so I’d rather not be descriptive and let you enjoy the layers being impetuously peeled — also because I’m not even sure if I already raved about it here at AD so I don’t want to repeat myself(★★★★/5) Makes it two for two for Chris Evans this year, and when you take BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU’RE DEAD into consideration, you can’t but from now on be mindful of Kelly Masterson’s undersold screenwriting career; with eyes on GOOD PEOPLE coming out sometime this year.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    [spoiler-ish] SNOWPIERCER too belongs in the great tradition of films that almost-nearly lost me when certain hot dude either dies or rather arbitrarily ceases to be on screen. Misty-eyed memories of Orestes in LANDSCAPES IN MIST, Sergei in LETTER NEVER SENT, Cop 223 in CHUNKING EXPRESS, and Astinos in 300.

  • I need–I say NEED–to see this.

  • Sato

    I saw this a couple of times and yes it was very rewarding. Made me have faith that this genre fiction is still possible in Hollywood… Perfect combination of deep storytelling and entertainment…

  • Philipp

    I don’t understand the complaints, it’s a great movie. Tilda Swinton for best supporting actress. The rest of the cast is remarkable, too.

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