Variety reports that the new Coen brothers film will star George Clooney and Josh Brolin. It will be about a movie fixer in the 1950s (probably Clooney). I’m imaging Brolin as the big time movie star. Am also betting that the Coens satirize the movie business of today by diving into the movie business of the past.

Either way, how great that there will be a next Coen brothers movie.

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  • murtaza

    God please no George Clooney, he brings nothing to his character. He has this ability to act out every character in the same way, with minimum variation. And then he gets nominated for those performances at the Oscars taking away that slot for nomination from at least five better actors, it devastates me.

  • knee play

    Lost me at Clooney.

  • Koleś

    In what kind of a sick world does the fact that a movie stars Clooney outweighs the fact that it’s written and directed by the Coens?

  • The Pope

    “George Clooney, he brings nothing to his character.”
    Yeah, that’s exactly how he ruined Syriana. Michael Clayton. O Brother Where Art Thou? Good Night and Good Luck.
    It’s exactly why the Coens, who really have no clue how to cast their pictures, decided to go with “minimum variation” guy (MVG®©). My guess is that the brothers are just going to have to do what they always do… get really lucky.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    George is pretty good. He’s a little old school, and this crowd tends to favor the post-1980 technical stunt performers. You know, the “omg-he/she-was-born-to-play-that-part-NOBODY-else-could-give-her/him-the-awards-woof-woof-woof” bollocks. Pertinent to recall that just last year he gave a mammoth performance in the film GRAVITY. Every line made sparks. Definitely left an impression in my seasoned cineaste self.

  • steve50

    I can totally see Clooney in the role. Hell, it’s practically typecasting, all set in the quirky glow of the 50s, Coens-style.

    Do we know yet who is shooting it? (this is where you start chanting: Bruno, Bruno, Bruno…)

  • Connor

    What-da-fuq-ever…Clooney can really shine with Coen material…he has in the past. Anyone can really shine with material and direction from this duo.

  • Igor Sousa

    I prefer one million times to watch a Coen’s film with some shitty George Clooney than all those crap films with good Merryl Streep

  • Eric

    Smirking Clooney in a 50’s Jimmy Stewart role? Yes, please.

    Funny Coens may not be as good as the serious Coen, but I welcome both, and can’t wait.

  • DaneM

    I hope this movie turns out somewhat like “Sullivan’s Travels” (one of my all-time favorite classics). I really hope that’s what they’re going for.

  • Ailidh

    Oh, no. Not Clooney. The guy runs the acting gamut of emotion from A to C. He is always the least compelling feature of any scene (potted plants are more vibrant). Brolin’s OK but his schtick has worn very thin. So, maybe too, have the Coens…

  • murtaza

    @ Igor
    I can watch shitty Meryl Streep movies at least once for her performance which deserves one viewing. Whereas Clooney, hahaha, watch any one film of his from any decade and you’ve seen all that he has to deliver. Even if he plays Gandalf, he’ll do it in his same usual style.

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