Fargo is the best show on TV no one is really talking about. It’s a slow burn, admittedly, which hasn’t caught the same kind of zeitgeist fire that True Detective or House of Cards caught. But that’s probably because it’s an acquired taste – and besides, so many other TV shows have people talking, like Game of Thrones, of course.

Fargo probably has another strike against it – people don’t quite know what to make of it. They wonder, is it the movie? Is it not the movie? It is partly the movie but it departs greatly from it. Martin Freeman plays Lester, a kind of William H. Macy character who is far more diabolical. Colin Hanks is fantastic as one of the deputies, and of course, here is the one show with balls enough to cast a normal looking woman in the lead Allison Tolman as Molly. She’s kind of a Frances McDormand character but younger and more wet behind the ears. And finally, Billy Bob Thornton as the shape-shifting bad guy very nearly steals the show.

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  • Al Robinson

    I keep forgetting to watch this show. But, then again, when it comes to television, I’ve always been a little, or sometimes a lot behind. I only a week ago finished watching the first season of True Blood. I bought True Detective on Blu-ray because I didn’t want to wait any longer to be able to know what everyone else is talking about.

    The television shows I’ve mostly been watching lately have been:

    1st 2 seasons of Scandal
    1st season of True Blood
    1st 2 seasons of Homeland
    1st 2 seasons of Shameless
    1st season of True Detective
    5th season of Glee

    They have all been great. I’ve also seen a little bit of The Bridge. That show is great as well. I don’t have HBO, so I’ve been seeing True Blood now that HBO has offered their shows on Amazon Prime. I am also planning on finally seeing shows like Boardwalk Empire, Six Feet Under, The Wire, and of course, The Sopranos.

    But, yes. I will have to check out Fargo.

  • Rich

    Although Fargo has been great so far, I would have to say Hannibal is the best show no one is really talking about (or really watching). For it’s fantastic tense storytelling, terrific performances (especially Michael Pitt’s last season), very artistic direction, and really going beyond anything seen previously in a major broadcast network in terms of violence and gore. Here’s hoping this year gets it some major awards consideration.

  • Anju


  • Kane

    I watched the 1st episode of Fargo and haven’t revisited. There’s so much great television it’s just hard to keep up with anything. But I loved what I saw and really should finish watching it.

  • Kane

    Al, been thinking of getting into Shameless and Scandal. How are they? I didn’t watch season 3 of Homeland and stopped True Blood after season 2. True Detective is amazing though.

  • evelyn garver

    The film FARGO is so exceptional that I was reluctant to watch the show, but I am now hooked. The spirit of the film and its theme [evil in the midst of the most ordinary lives] are in tact. The acting is superb. I highly recommend it .

  • Bryce Forestieri

    I haven’t seen and probably won’t be able for months. Is Billy Bob Thornton a lock for a Best Supporting nom? I hope so. Yeah I know I haven’t seen I just like the guys (that’s my being an AMPAS voter).


    “I would have to say Hannibal is the best show no one is really talking about (or really watching).”

    Really? Doesn’t seem the case to me. I mean nothing will ever beat GAME OF THRONES in terms of noise, but I’ve read great takes on the show from amny outlets. A LOT of people like it. You make it sound like it’s RECTIFY. Only *I* watched that, and I laugh at everyone else because they haven’t.

    But yeah. It’s pretty good!

    I mean. Mads Mikkelsen is getting a Best Actor nomination, right? RIGHT?!

    Locks should be

    Bryan Cranston – BREAKING BAD (w)
    Matthew McConaughey – TRUE DETECTIVE
    Woody Harrelson – TRUE DETECTIVE
    John Hamm – MAD MEN
    Mads Mikkelsen – HANNIBAL

    I can’t see any of these not getting in, right? Cuz otherwise I’m not watching — and they will be the laughingstock.

  • Al Robinson


    I’ll start with Shameless. Are you easily disgusted or offended? If not, then you would like Shameless. It’s about a family full of degenerates, especially the dad, ironically, played by William H. Macy. This family has no angel on their shoulder, just a devil. I’m not easily shocked, but some of the things they do, is absolutely shocking.

    Next, Scandal. I gained interest in seeing Scandal after I had seen Homeland, because for a while, I was having a “Washington, DC politics” interest. It’s obviously nothing like Scandal, as it’s more about the president, and a team of people who fix problems, led by Kerry Washington. It reminds me of Grey’s Anatomy, if Grey’s Anatomy was a DC politics drama instead of a hospital drama.

    Sorry, I don’t want to describe more, because I don’t want to give away any spoilers. I think you might like both Kane. *Fingers crossed*

  • Al Robinson

    Oops. I meant to type: It’s obviously nothing like Homeland.

  • Jerry Grant

    True Detective and House of Cards don’t even belong in the same sentence. House of Cards is trash pretending to look like good television. True Detective upped the caliber of writing, directing, and acting on television in a huge way.

    VERY curious about Fargo and Hannibal, neither of which I’ve seen.

  • Jerry Grant

    Now VEEP — that’s a great show about DC.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Jerry, I agree.

    Season 1 was at times solid, and though there’s been some A-level acting in the show, like Corey Stoll in the first season and consistently, Robin Wright, the balance 2 seasons in the can amounts to mostly garbage. Season 2 was significantly weaker…as they went “crazier” and “trashier” and more “outrageous!”, but for that I already have AMERICAN HORROR STORY, which is superior in all departments.

    and even though Fincher directed a couple of episodes at the very beginning I’ve always thought the direction was near-subpar.

  • brian

    No way Jon Hamm gets nominated for Mad Men. Billy Bob Thornton will take that spot easily.

  • Rich

    Bryce, based on your praise, I will watch Rectify (so that way you’re not the only person whose seen it) The premise seems interesting.

  • Kane

    Thanks Al! I don’t get offended easily.

  • Al Robinson


    You’re welcome! 🙂

  • J

    Brian, there’s no way Billy Bob takes Hamm’s slot because Fargo is going in Miniseries and Mad Men is a Drama. They don’t overlap.

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