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Special Screening Invite for AD Readers in Los Angles for Coherence

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If you want to go on June 19, please click this link for an invite! At the Vista Theater, 4473 Sunset.

Check out this write-up from Jeff Wells at Hollywood-Elswhere:

If you live in Los Angeles or New York, James Ward Byrkit‘s cerebral but quite chilling Coherence is the film to see this weekend. Definitely. Anyone can make an “uh-oh, something’s not right, weird things are happening” movie, but the trick is to make one that doesn’t devolve into the usual screams and shocks and knives and axes. You can call Coherence a sci-fi thriller of sorts, but it’s really about the power of dark suggestion and clever writing and how a talented group of actors can make a preposterous idea feel not just plausible but — this is the really odd part as far as my own reaction was concerned — vaguely threatening.