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One of our most anticipated films of the summer has the apes giving a well deserved ass kicking to humankind. The visual effects are off the charts, naturally.

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  • SeattleMoviegoer

    at one point i thought GODZILLA looked really good. oops. but now, THIS looks really good. hope it holds up.

  • SallyinChicago

    @Seattle: disagree. This looks over-the-top unnecessary.Just another excuse to expand the series. Because by now the apes should be somewhere in their habitat living in peace. 🙂 But Hollywood has to drag them out again and this time they have multiplied 100 times 🙂 Just an observation from one who saw two of these movies.

  • steve50

    The original series of films weren’t very good but had some smart moments and some imaginative writing. Judging from the first reboot (and it’s not even a try reboot) they seem to have gotten it right, so I’m on board.

    This will be the first 2014 tentpole whose tent I want to enter, and I think there is a small audience segment of the same mindset.

  • Josh

    I have absolutely zero interest in this movie. I saw the last one and thought it was ok but nothing great. This looks ho hum at best.

  • murtaza

    Meryl Streep will play Maria Callas in Mike Nichols’ HBO project. An Emmy for her on the way.

  • SallyinChicago

    Paula Wagner, the stunt double for Fay Wray, dead at 103. I loved King Kong the movie as a kid. Now if Hywd wants to reboot, they can reboot KK.

  • The Great Dane

    Do people not see what I see?
    The apes (like in the first won) simply look fake. They’re well-made, of course, but they still look fake. Considering King Kong is, what, almost 10 years old, I can’t believe that the effects haven’t advanced more.

    In “Rise…” they looked fake as well. Don’t get me wrong, the effects are not bad. I just can’t see that they’re as “realistic” and “ground breaking” that everyone else seems to think. The animals still have that “too soft and fluid movements” thing going on. It’s just not photorealistic. It LOOKS like special effects.

    Remember, “Rise” didn’t even win Visual Effects. It lost to a Best Picture nominee (surprise, surprise). So unless the film is BETTER and an even bigger SUCCESS (a la “Spider-Man 2”) it won’t win either.

  • The Great Dane

    *first won = first one
    (don’t know what happened there)

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