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I’m a gamer, always have been.

Kat Dennings “loves the ladies” and Jessica Chastain “went to some strip clubs.” Why not. “There’s nothing taboo about it.”

Yaya DaCosta, Jennifer Lawrence, Greta Gerwig, Kat Dennings, Jessica Chastain, Emma Roberts, Zoë Kravitz and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Left to right, side by side, face to face. W knows we need know Hollywood’s New It Girls think about sex, talk about sex and think about talking about sex while having sex. Together probably maybe.

Plus a couple of articles about fashion in this fashion magazine. A fashion article about breasts and a fashion article about lips. Breasts and lips together probably maybe.

Mary Elizabeth prefers love scenes with someone she just met. Zoe likes love scenes to be as uncomfortable as possible. Next let’s go Inside the World of a Gender Bender. Bonus photos of George Clooney. In the Raw. Why not. There’s nothing taboo about it. So don’t be giving me any grief about this headline. I’m only quoting the cover stories.

Just one question: How can we ever expect to have sexual equality until two guys can almost kiss on the covers of mainstream magazines the same way two girls do?

Click here to supersize. Why not. There’s nothing taboo about it.