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Yaya DaCosta, Jennifer Lawrence, Greta Gerwig, Kat Dennings, Jessica Chastain, Emma Roberts, Zoë Kravitz and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Left to right, side by side, face to face. W knows we need know Hollywood’s New It Girls think about sex, talk about sex and think about talking about sex while having sex. Together probably maybe.

Plus a couple of articles about fashion in this fashion magazine. A fashion article about breasts and a fashion article about lips. Breasts and lips together probably maybe.

Mary Elizabeth prefers love scenes with someone she just met. Zoe likes love scenes to be as uncomfortable as possible. Next let’s go Inside the World of a Gender Bender. Bonus photos of George Clooney. In the Raw. Why not. There’s nothing taboo about it. So don’t be giving me any grief about this headline. I’m only quoting the cover stories.

Just one question: How can we ever expect to have sexual equality until two guys can almost kiss on the covers of mainstream magazines the same way two girls do?

Click here to supersize. Why not. There’s nothing taboo about it.

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  • I thought that was Lady Gaga.

  • Kristin

    A bit confused- didn’t this issue come out years ago as an up and comers issue of W. I know they’re always trying to make Zoe kravitz happen…..

  • Natasha

    I almost feel like Brie Larson and Shailene Woodley are missing from this. And Lupita N’yongo too.

    I’m neither condoning or condemning these magazine covers. Just a thought.

    What KIND of lips are you talkin’ about, Ryan? 😉 Breasts and lips together….

  • Aaron

    I seriously thought Greta was Lady Gaga. Whoa.

  • Amanda

    Why was this posted? This cover came out years ago. We all know what has come of all of them, especially Lawrence. Am I missing something? Or is this missing a headline?

  • Natasha

    This is from September 2010. What’s interesting is what has happened since. I’m not going to do a play by play–but in reference to the making Zoe “happen” remark above –Zoe Kravitz is Christina–a prominent character in the Divergent Series which is projected to be made into four films as the first one approached the 150 mil mark…..so she “is happening” at least for now….and what is also interesting is that two of the eight have mega famous relatives–whatever you want to make of that.

  • Is this part of a retrospective series or is it traffic-baiting? lmao

  • Ran across this cover, I’d never seen it. We never posted it. I liked the shoot, I liked the styling.

    Wasn’t wild about the fact that all the pull quotes revolved around sex — does W think the only thing on the minds of women is sex and or what an actress has to say about sex?

    It just struck me as very pretty very stylish and very silly, so that’s what I focused on when I posted this.

    There’s no expiration date on things I find attractive, interesting or curious.

    Heck, I’ll sometimes even think about things that happened a month ago! I’ll talk about things that happened last year! I don’t give a fuck, I’m a wild man when it comes to finding things that catch my attention.

  • Talie

    It’s always interesting to revisit these New a Hollywood covers. Vanity Fair’s used to be so iconic.

  • Based on this cover, it seems W is a little more astute at predicting big stars than Vanity Fair, which goes with actors who are already happening or have happened. Doesn’t take a genius to put Brie Larson, for instance, on a magazine cover for “Stars of Tomorrow.”

    All W had to go on with Jessica Chastain is that she just had a non-entity open at TIFF, she had a film in the can with Terrence Malick, and she just wrapped The Help (which is enough, but still). Vanity Fair didn’t get to her until 2012, as awards talk was happening for her. lmao

  • See there, Cinesnatch? You found a way to process this post, parse it out, and say something meaningful about the intentions and consequences of machine cover choices.

    Selling magazines, selling star image, grabbing attention with playfully salacious headlines on blogs and magazine covers – it’s all woven together, and I don’t apologize for aiding, abetting and capitalizing on the interplay.

  • Raygo

    It seems like Emma Roberts has been “happening” for a few years now. I enjoyed her in “We’re the Millers”, but there always seems to be a sense that she’s aching to fill Julia’s shoes, and they just don’t fit. You might think she’d have natural charisma, but it seems mannered and stiff. Compare her work in American Horror Story with Lily Rabe, another second-generation actor. Rabe was luminous and stole the light from everyone else she shared a scene with on that show. A natural.

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