Selma has an upcoming release date of Christmas Day.  Ava DuVernay is updating her Facebook page with news.

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  • Eoin Daly

    I know no one likes to talk oscars but I feel confident in this film and this year with this and Unbroken we could have two female directors nominated and Ava being the first non-white women. I still have not seen Middle of Nowhere and seek desperately to find the film.

  • Didn’t this just start filming recently? I didn’t realize the release date was so close…this might sound extremely naive, but isn’t a couple of months a very short time to go from mid-production to a release on Christmas Day?

  • Kane

    Joey, it’s tough but not impossible. Spielberg, I believe, had a smaller window of time with Munich.

  • murtaza

    Does anyone know why Middle of Nowhere never got released on DVD???

  • @Kane Hmmm, really? Quite a feat to have gotten a film like Munich done in such a short amount of time…I have complete faith in Ava DuVernay, though. I’m really excited for this film.

  • SallyinChicago

    I’m really excited for this film.
    ^^ Why?
    I have a feeling that Hollywood is going to over-do the whole “civil rights” movie genre to the point that the public is going to turn off. Isn’t there a MLK movie filming?

  • I guess I’m a real weirdo for my weird ability to remain excited about things despite what the dumbass public think or fail to think.

    How dare Hollywood have two so-called “civil rights” movies underway in the same year.

    Hopefully this version of MLK’s story has him be a vampire hunter or gives him superpowers or giant robot friends or something similarly original to satisfy the public’s need for heroes that don’t turn them off.

    If Hollywood is smart they’ll make MLK white because I worry the public is being oversaturated with all these movies with “black guys” in the lead. Seth Rogen as MLK might keep the public from turning off.

  • SallyinChicago

    Ryan, sorry for the post just anticipating what the public might feel. Last year we had quite a bumper crop of “civil” rights type movies. But, IMO the public will start to tire of the whole civil rights era genre. I just read a cnn opinion
    Why I’m tired of hearing about ‘that’ civil rights movement
    By John Blake, CNN
    and had to nod my head a bit because I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way.

  • Seriously, what happened to Middle of Nowhere? No DVD or Blu-Ray? That and Consuming Spirits are my two big AWOL films of the last couple of years.

  • Melissa

    If the public is that is beyond ridiculous. I mean how many WW2 movies do we have every year? If they are turned off by 2 movies about slavery and 2 movies about Civil Rights then I’m sure they are beyond tired of the over 200 movies about WW2 and the Holocaust. What do we have Fury and Suite Francaise this year oh and Helen Mirren just got casted in another one.

  • Jonny

    I am so excited about this film. I really don’t understand why people think there is ever enough films about the civil rights era. I think there are hardly enough. Its disrespectful to think it’s all the same. Look at how many incredible, individual, and unique stories there are to be told about the people involved and that lived through the era.

    There has not been a major motion picture about Martin Luther King. One of the most interesting and fascinating American’s of the last century. What is there to complain about? The fact a black woman is able to get a film like this going is a miracle in itself.

  • Isaac David Quesada

    It`s the Zeitgeist, this themes have something to say about what we are living right now, not just what it was at the civil rights era. Still, I may be very wrong, I am very far away from the Academy and anyone with some kind of influence in Hollywood, but is Ava Duvernay being noticed by anyone outside of Awards Daily? I mean, I know she is very beloved here but I have fail to see info about her in other blogs or media.

  • Cradle

    I’ve seen her in the NY Times and LA Times. She was just quoted in the article about Roger Ebert’s movie last week because she is interviewed in it and apparently was a favorite of his. I want to see that Steve James doc. Anyway, People are watching her. I learned about her from a CNN interview she gave for her first one which I believe she had a hand in distributing somehow. I wish her good notices with Selma. Her Instagram pictures of her process are pretty damn great I must say.

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