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The Reinventors Series Continues with The Audience

Reinvent Hollywood: The Audience — a sneak peak

A roundtable discussion hosted by Ted Hope, moderated by Anne Thompson tomorrow, “How will audiences and their involvement with cinema evolve with increased digital access – from crowdfunding to social engagement?”

The Reinvent Hollywood series continues on June 24 with The Audience. The 90-minute episode — the third part of a six-part series — will feature great thinkers from the world of cinema discussing exciting new ways to reach and involve film-lovers in new ways and on a global scale.

“Increasingly, audiences are built, not found,” said series host Ted Hope. “It’s a new collaborative era. The barrier between creator and audience is dissolving. Film-goers will not only applaud from their seats, but participate in the creation of the movies and the buzz-building that happens later.”

With: Ivan Askwith (Associate Producer, Veronica Mars (film)) Gillian Robespierre (Writer & Director) Tim League (CEO, Alamo Drafthouse) Marc Schiller (CEO & Founder, BOND Strategy) Sheri Candler (Director of Digital Marketing, The Film Collaborative) Marc Hofstatter (Head of Film, Indiegogo)