Reporting on the events she saw on her flight, Jamele Hill witnessed Amy Adams giving up her first class seat to an American soldier, something the flight crew has never seen before but frankly, they should see more often. I’d go so far as to say that any American soldier flying in the US from combat should automatically be upgraded to first class.

“I was on a flight from Detroit to Los Angeles…While I was in the boarding area, I noticed Ms. Adams and she was glancing at an American soldier, who was dressed in uniform. I saw her whisper something to the woman she was traveling with.

“I was upgraded to first class, where Ms. Adams was. I saw her leave her seat and then a flight attendant escorted the soldier to her seat. It was pretty obvious she’d given up her seat for him.

“I later asked a flight attendant if the soldier knew who had given up their seat for him and she told me that he did, and that Amy and the soldier met privately near the cockpit area.

“I just thought it was incredibly generous and thoughtful. I’ve been a big fan of hers, but now I’m an even bigger fan…

“The flight attendant even remarked to me that in all her years of service she has never seen a celebrity do something like that. Regular people, yes. But not a celeb.”

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  • Jordan

    Such a classy lady, that Amy Adams. You know Harvey is wishing this would’ve happened in December to give her campaign for BIG EYES a boost…

  • KT

    Tremendous gesture from Amy Adams. She’s really gaining the respect of people in Hollywood for her talent and film choices, and it seems her generosity also sets her apart from her peers. People love her. When I saw Her, I thought she brought so much to her small role—that was Amy Adams, and I felt a really genuine presence and distinct imprint for what she can add to a film. Something I really didn’t appreciate before.

  • Rob Y

    From what has been said over the numerous reports about this, is that Amy did this and tried to be anonymous—not just a staged anonymous act for publicity.

    I love her. She’s highly talented, and always manages to be passed over for recognition on several instances—Melissa Leo was inferior to her in The Fighter; Jennifer Lawrence sucked out the energy in AH; hell even Lupita Nyong’o seemed to be the only one people talked about dancing with Pharell at the last telecast.

    I hope she gets an Oscar soon. This year seems that there are a lot of deserving actresses fighting for it; Moore and Chastain leap to mind.

  • Andre

    Top marks to Ms. Adams for her deed, but that last paragraph just about sums up all that is wrong with society right now. A “regular person” is a separate thing from “a celebrity”. That notion is absolutely appalling to me. The idea that courtesy is something that famous people are exempt from just disgusts me.

  • I wouldn’t give up my seat to a member of the military. I find the notion of armed forces reprehensible, and the principles and practices of them equally so. Not to suggest that the soldier in question was guilty of any moral offences, but he did choose to join this most violent, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, sectarian institution, which in itself is an act that I cannot endorse.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Tremendous Amy Adams. The definition of role model for all women in our country. One of the few actors we know with 100% certainty will win the academy award and it will be already overdue. I’ve given her already twice my top citation for her supporting turns in JUNEBUG and THE MASTER.

    Off topic: I caught up with BAD WORDS. It was a lot of fun and heartfelt. Maybe a little mean a few times, but enjoyable throughout.

  • B moore

    Paddy – and you are allowed to speak those stupid, ignorant remarks because of soldiers like him! He put his life on the line so ignoramus , classless idiots like you can voice your opinion

  • g

    How cool of her to do that, and on delta airlines! Amy is filming the new batman/superman film here in Detroit. I’ve heard nothing bad about her while she has been out and about around town, Ben Affleck on the other hand has been thrown out of Caesars and the MGM grand for counting cards.

  • Lucas

    @Paddy – A shame that you have to turn such a lovely story into a personal tirade. Even if you don’t agree with war, those men deserve our utmost honor and respect for their sacrifices.

  • Igor


    I agree with you. I believe there are other much more important professions that should be honored such as teachers, nurses, firefighters. I’m sorry but the Military kills other human beings and don’t “they are fighting for democracy” on me because this is bullshit. They are fighting for economical interests. That’s all.

  • Rob Y

    Regardless of the motivation of the politicians who send these young people in harms way, the soldiers, the Marines, the sailors, etc., have sacrificed a lot for their country. Ms. Adams recognized that, and she gave up her seat as her way of saying thanks. I say kudos to her. And that—as they say—is that.

  • @Paddy

    I was in the military for 5 years, and have recently separated from it. But to demean everything that we do is appalling. Regarding your statement the “most violent, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, sectarian institution, which in itself is an act that I cannot endorse” is grouping us all together into one stereotype that does not even fit 95% of the military. As far as being homophobic, I think the military has actually been more progressive than civilians, especially after repealing “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell,” and recognizing same sex spouses of military members to have the same benefits as heterosexual couples.


  • @Paddy and Igor.

    I haven’t commented on this site in a very long time (for no particular reason aside being focused on other things), but your rather uniformed, self-righteous comments have inspired me to jump in again.

    For the most part I agree with your sentiments that the wars in the Middle East over the past decade have been little more than shameless cash-grabs and ruses designed to distract from locating the actual perpetrators responsible for the attacks on September 11th, 2001. However, I deride your sweeping generalizations about the U.S armed forces involved in these conflicts; our military no doubt has issues pertaining to homophobia and sexual assault, but to espouse pejoratives towards an article about a soldier you mostly likely aren’t acquainted with only accentuates your own virulent ignorance.

    And finally, my biggest qualm with your comments: so many of these men and women who join the military and risk their lives to protect this country do so because they believe it’s the right thing to do, and to doubt their intentions with no concrete evidence aside from the extrapolation of your own opinions comes off as just plain stupid. If I were in Amy Adams’ position I would’ve undoubtedly done the same thing she did: provide a few hours of relaxation and luxury to a soldier who probably rarely experiences it.

    And not to be too forward, but why aren’t Sasha and Ryan involved in this thread yet? Even I’m a bleeding liberal and I’m surprised that they haven’t either deleted or reprehended these users yet.

  • superkk

    @ paddy really? such a dumb post which is sad because you usually write bright comments. guess not this time, huh?:/

    the military is very diverse and many different people from different walks of life join for various reasons. dont be so ignorant and try to group everyone into one stereotype just because you have your own insecurities.

    and like mike above…i know alllll about the military so its not like im talking out of my ass lol. like any other job it has its good and bad and theres always room for improvement.

  • Kane

    I’d hate to think most of my family members who have served in the military are part of the most violent, sexist institution in the world. My grandfathers both served in WWII, one was on Normandy Beach, my mom was a nurse during the Vietnam War, dad was a helicopter mechanic during the Vietnam War, my brother in law is a green beret who goes on 6 month long missions that he can’t talk about. It’d be a real shame to think they all have been supporting killers and sexists and blah blah blah. That may be true but generalizing everyone into one big insult isn’t the way to go about commenting on a lovely story.

  • ‘to demean everything that we do is appalling’

    I didn’t demean everything that the military does. I disagree with the concept and the purpose of armed forces, but I believe that they have been responsible for both good and bad.


    I have done research. Discrimination is rampant in the military. Whether or not it has made progressive steps toward stamping it out, it remains an often-inherently homophobic institution.

    ‘dont be so ignorant and try to group everyone into one stereotype just because you have your own insecurities.’

    I’m not trying to group everyone into one stereotype. I wrote that I cannot endorse a certain decision made by a certain man and that the military is, as an institution, a force of violence and of prejudice. My own insecurities have nothing to do with this.

    Do note that I did not personally insult the soldier about whom this article was written. Unlike some of you, who have attempted to personally insult me. There is more classlessness and ignorance in some of your comments than in my entire mind. Perhaps it’d be wise of those users to consider trying to tolerate different opinions without resorting to rude remarks.

  • Joseph

    Good for Amy Adams and the soldier, but this doesn’t need to be a news story that trends on social media and is then reported by every newspaper and magazine across the country.

  • @Paddy

    By you saying he chose to join an institution that tolerates those disgusting acts to take place is actually judging the character of the person, even though you may not think so. A lot of companies and organizations deal with the same issues, and I don’t see you calling out the rest of corporate America. The military stands for something greater than you made it out to be. People don’t enlist because they are in search of fellow bigots to gossip about similar intolerances, but because they believe in the strength of its main purpose. You may want to focus on the negative instances you choose to search and read about, but I’ve seen beautiful things taking place within the military: where young men and women manage to develop love for other cultures and people with different sexual preferences because of their exposure to different types of people around them. I’ve seen people come in carrying the hate that their parents passed on to them, then ultimately having their views changed after striking friendships with the people he was originally told to hate. So, please try to show a little more intelligence before you call out my fellow posters who have chosen to call you out when you are the only one being judgmental.

  • and my comment above is also for @Igor

  • Igor

    I was not mocking the people who work on the Military forces. Not at all. But I believe that the population in the US believe the Military are more important than those who work on Education or Health Cares. That’s all.

  • Kudos to Paddy Mulholland for standing up to all this patriotic American flag-waving the world cannot stand anymore.

  • Rob Y

    Thank you for speaking for the entire world. I must have missed the global referendum where there was a unanimous decision of the 6.7 billion non-US citizens saying they cannot stand the American flag-waving patriotism. I was probably watching the Honey Boo-Boo marathon that day.

  • I can testify that it’s not just non-US citizens who get sick of American flag-waving patriotism.

    Hardcore self-proclaimed ‘patriots’ are America’s worst scourge and biggest embarrassment. Patriotic fervor is thisclose to nationalism and it’s too easy for nationalists of any nation to blur the boundary between ‘defense’ of one’s own country and disrespect for other countries.

  • Ligaya

    Since the end of the draft, a lot of people join the military because of the economic draft – regardless of whether they want to do the right thing (& however they define what the ‘right’ thing is). My dad & many of his friends joined after WWII for a good job. WWII is probably the last war where I felt good about the U.S. military’s role as a whole – not so much before/after. It’s complicated. I think Paddy & Igor’s points are worth considering. We need to separate the institution fm the people who serve, and the people who serve are just as good/bad as those who don’t (i.e., epidemic of sexual assault against servicewomen AND men, & impunity for the perpetrators).

  • We need to separate the institution fm the people who serve, and the people who serve are just as good/bad as those who don’t

    Here’s what I do. I decide whether somebody deserves my respect based on what I hear them say and how I see them act — after I get to know them.

    What I don’t do is decide if a stranger I see way across the room is cool or not based on what sort of governmrent-issued hat he’s wearing. Is that weird of me?

    I will say this. I know 9 different guys in the military. 7 of them are gay. 6 off them are black. Both the straight white soldiers I know are jingoistic jerks and I wish I never met them. (One of them is a cousin).

    3 of the gay soldiers I know turned out to be strange characters too — strange to me because they’re scarily ignorant about world affairs. As fas as I can tell, the army seems to be nothing but a job to these 3 guys, something they chose to do because they have no better option. And apparently part of being good at their job seems to involve letting themselves get brainwashed. (Although CNN does a pretty good job of brainwashing people too, all their lives, so I can’t lay all the blame for that on Army basic training.)

    I can show you exactly what one of these guys believes. I can quote him verbatim because this is part of an email he sent me a few months ago:

    You never appreciate what you have until the threat of lossing it arises. 12 Years Ago a malicious tyrant threaten and took 2,983 American lives at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field near Shanksville Pennsylvania.
    Little did they know the destruction that would come to their own people due to their actions! You should remember in your daily task those who were loss to a tyrant thousands of miles away!

    Broke my heart to get this email because up until that moment I was thinking I might really like this guy. We had clicked on the first date because I hadn’t yet discovered his wrongheaded attitudes (or, to put it more gently, I didn’t yet know that his wrongheaded beliefs were the opposite of my own wrongheaded beliefs).

    The soldier who wrote that is a gay black 23-old guy who had been to Iraq and made it back alive — and I guess nobody ever told him that Iraq had nothing to with 9/11. In fact, whoever it was that told him what he was doing in Iraq had sold him a pack of lies and that’s how he justified whatever it was he did over there. (Maybe hopefully all he did was drive a truck or cook meals. I have no idea. I don’t even want to think about it.)

    I’d already had a great weekend date with this guy before he sent me this email. I never replied. Never saw him again. I wasn’t going to argue with him or try to mess with the illusions in his head. Illusions that maybe he needed in order to sleep at night.

    I wish I didn’t know that guys like this are given guns and then shipped off to other countries so that billionaires can get richer. I wish I never met this guy, wish I could unsuck his dick.


    This guy I quoted is not atypical. Surely we all realize that people like him exist.

    But I also want to make clear that I know 4 other army guys who are smart, kind, compassionate, sincere and devoted to trying to make the world a better place.

    So maybe the soldier who got to sit in Amy Adams’ first class seat for 4 hours was one of hundreds of thousands of good soldiers, and hopefully he’s not one of the thousands of soldiers who likes to stack up prisoners in a naked human pyramid at Abu Ghraib. But who knows? Who knows?

    I believe that I know this: I admire and respect our readers here at AD and I trust every word that all of you say about your own friends and family in the military. If you tell me that you respect those soldiers that you know and love then your word is all need for me to respect and admire them too.

    Here’s what I think about Amy Adams giving up her seat to a soldier. I wish when things like this happened that it didn’t turn into headline news, because then it becomes a story about “how cool Amy Adams is” and it makes me itchy this time of year. Or any time of year, to be honest.

    I don’t need to hear how amazing it is for Amy Adams to sit in a normal airplane seat for 4 hours. Of all Amy Adams’ talents, her ability to sit next to somebody who’s not a millionaire is the least impressive part of her skill set.

    You know what would make this Amy Adams story interesting to me? If Amy Adams were to reveal that she decided she didn’t want to sit for 4 hours surrounded by the sort of assholes who probably populate First Class. It would be cool if Amy Adams simply figured she’d rather breath the same air as the “regular” people in coach for a few hours.

    Here’s one thing I think I know about recent wars though. Not everyone will agree with me, I’m sure. But as far I know, nobody has had to fight for my freedom since 1945. Nobody in Korea died for my freedom. Nobody in Vietnam died for my freedom. Nobody in Iraq died for my freedom.

    I believe I know why all the the millions of people have died in wars in the past 70 years. But it’s really too depressing to say out loud. I bet I don’t have to say it for you to guess what I believe.

    Another thing I think I know is that no American soldier died so that Paddy could speak freely on the internet, because Americans who went to Iraq were not fighting for the freedom of speech for anyone who lives in Scotland.

    I believe I understand that much about the conflict in the Middle East: It wasn’t being fought so that Paddy could be free to voice his feelings. Nobody went to Iraq to fight for Paddy’s freedom of speech. He was born with that freedom.

    People in 1945 fought for the freedom I have and I’m grateful for that. I’m so in awe of those soldiers in 1945, I’m speechless.

    But anyone who thinks he’s fighting for my freedom by killing any more Iraqis can please save themselves the trouble. I’m free already, thanks. 500,000 dead Iraqis didn’t make me any more free and it sure as heck wasn’t any generous favor we bestowed on those 500,000 slaughtered Iraqis.

  • Ligaya

    Amen, Ryan – speaking as a Navy brat, with dad, blood/marriage/village uncles in military, brother who escaped the USAir Force Academy as soon as he could, friends serving past & present; part of G.I. anti-Vietnam war resistance movement.

    IMO, the best/real way to support the troops is to NOT send them in harm’s way to war in the first place. Having done so, the best, most meaningful way to support the troops is giving them the best medical/psychological/social care possible when they return so that the suicide epidemic & domestic violence stop, and they stop being the majority of the homeless.

    In few cases is war about freedom, it’s about power & controlling resources like oil.

  • Ligaya

    At the end of this month – Today – unemployment benefits expire for an estimated 285,000 veterans because Congress won’t renew the program. I think about what politicians SAY with their mouths & supporting the troops, and compare it with their actions/lack of it.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Great words from Ryan. My brother who is a couple years older than me is a marine. A Navy alumni. Obviously he’s amazing, and every one of his friends that I’ve ever met is pretty great too. I have other military friends and acquaintances outside of that relation too, and I appreciate their service and let them know every time I can. I’ve never had a bad experience with a member of the military, *but* I have to admit I don’t ever engage in world/national affairs discussions unless I know them relatively well. Also, I don’t find it particularly hard to interact and even be good friends with people who have views similar the guy’s you went on a date with, Ryan — even when I profoundly disagree with him.

    Also deeply closeted military guys sometimes have very hot physiques and are freaks in bed and I mean should-be-locked-up freaks, and sometimes you’re just in the mood for that kind of adventure.

  • Also deeply closeted military guys sometimes have very hot physiques and are freaks in bed and I mean should-be-locked-up freaks, and sometimes you’re just in the mood for that kind of adventure.

    If anyone wonders how a liberal elitist like me could ever end up associating with 7 different gay army guys, then Bryce has just solved the mystery. It’s not something you stumble across. You have to seek it out. We highly recommend these adventures into treacherous territory. It’s worth all the emotional stress and inevitable bad endings.

    In the past few years the “deeply-closeted” thing has ceased to be any impediment. Hashtag #armygay is the new #DADT, am I right, Bryce?

    Also, I don’t find it particularly hard to interact and even be good friends with people who have views similar the guy’s you went on a date with, Ryan — even when I profoundly disagree with him.

    The tangible advantages and extenuating circumstances these kinds of guys carry can sure help me overlook the ideological differences. Especially in the short term.

    Wait, are we still talking about ‘giving up our first class seats’ to them?

  • Bryce Forestieri

    “In the past few years the “deeply-closeted” thing has ceased to be any impediment. Hashtag #armygay is the new #DADT, am I right, Bryce?”

    Absolutely. You can even find the marrying type among those whose subjugation ended with DADT, if you’re into that kind of thing — but in the meantime the hot head-cases with biceps and freckles won’t be hearing the word out even if congress approves reparations.

    Anyways. The plane.

  • the hot head-cases with biceps and freckles won’t be hearing the word out…

    headcases make for great sex
    headcases make great actors too
    headcases make great directors

    some of the greatest art and books and movies of all time were borne out of turbulent headcase repression

    hashtag van gogh, hashtag hemingway, hashtag hitchcock

    hurray for headcases.

  • ‘Wait, are we still talking about ‘giving up our first class seats’ to them?’

    I said I wouldn’t give my seat up to this guy. He could sit on my lap, I mean sure! That’s what the booths in first class are for, right?

  • Mik

    Well, this thread took a strange turn…for the better.

  • “I think this is my best goal ever,” Lamela admitted. “I wasn’t thinking about doing something like that, I just wanted to score and it was the most effective, comfortable way of making it happen. It’s something I’ll always remember, because it’s something different from the other goals I’ve scored.”

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