Twins Maggie and Milo have been estranged for a decade but a surprise reunion has them re-examining their lives and relationship in this R-rated dramedy. Saturday Night Live colleagues Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader star as the The Skeleton Twins, which won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award for Craig Johnson and Mark Heyman. Johnson also directed. Luke Wilson, Ty Burrell and Boyd Holbrook co-star.

It’s not a Stefon movie, is it, sheriff?
No, but it’ll do till a Stefon movie gets here.

Thanks to Jon Pace for the tip! Trailer after the cut.

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  • Jon

    Looks very, very good despite potentially familiar territory. Hader and Wiig look tremendous. Could be a screenplay contender with an outside shot at acting nominations if the studio decides to do one of those ridiculous things and campaign either of them for supporting instead of lead (to get them a nomination). Despite the contradiction I am about to make I am happy to see Hader get a lead performance for a change.

  • Kane

    And boy would a Stefon movie be glorious…

  • JPNS Viewer

    I like it when Kristen Wiig’s character’s mimicking Grace Slick’s vocal part in bearing witness to the here’s-your-sigh sight before her. This larger lip-sync scene, where everyone (Wiig, Hader and Wilson) is seen enjoying themselves, looks like a lot of fun, too.
    [quite a random part] And on personal level (another deeper stratum, I mean), this very number’s brought back some relatively fond memories of mine during, perhaps if my mem’ serves me far too well, the grade school days or secondary, too: Mannequin (for sure), #Andrew McCarthy (and, naturally, Kim Cattrall), Rob Lowe and the then beauteous Jacqueline Bisset [she’s by all means still beautiful for someone of certain age, now], etc. #Andrew Mc for his lead role in the first irrelevant film, Lowe and Bisset for their co-starring roles in Andrew Mc’s first major feature Class.
    By the way, I’ve caught British 80s band OMD’s Secret in the air, too. (Looks to me, we also have well-versed 80s pop-culture students in the crew, presumably, the writers and/or the director [one of them, right?] et al. Good on them.)

    (Oh . . . sorry . . . : #the film . . . . ) Not sure, though, about the promoted film, given the overall teaser here. Will wait and see.

  • JPNS Viewer

    “here’s-your-sigh sight . . . .”

    I mean, here’s-your-sign sight . . . .”

  • casey chapman

    looks absolutely fantastic

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