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AwardsDaily Exclusive Gone Girl Photo #2 – The Diary

As David Fincher’s new film Gone Girl readies for release, the director is planting a few key bits of evidence on the internet on the key date of July 5th. Readers of the book might remember why that date is significant. Photo #1 is found over at Huffington Post entertainment and features the couple, Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck toasting at a party. This image is a clue to what will be in the film and how the story will go. The Photo is placed inside the evidence bag.

Here is Photo #2 – Exclusive to Awards Daily! Happy Anniversary evidence bag. Look closely at it and see what you can find there. For instance, note the date. Note what’s happened to the paper. This is clearly a page from Amy’s (Amazing Amy played by Rosamund Pike) diary. THERE ARE ONLY FOUR evidence bags. You’ve now seen two. It’s your job to find the next two. Please report back when you do.


Photo Number 1 – The Wedding